Playin’ Catch-Up

First, for those of you left completely confused by yesterday’s post, if you know the addy go hit the private blog for clarification.๐Ÿ™‚

Now on to today’s post.

I was feeling angry and funky yesterday, not angry anymore just bitterly disappointed with myself for not knowing better. Oh well, Fool Me Once, Shame On You. Fool Me Twice, Shame On Me. Let’s see if twice rolls around.

Hubby decided we should go out for a drive. We haven’t done that in a while and it was a lovely evening so I grabbed my camera and we headed out. This is the first time we’ve seen a good stretch of sun in many moons. We’ve had pouring rains and my poor plants were drowning out there! Those rose bushes are going to die from root rot, I swear. I must have dumped those pots twice a day because they were nothing but little lakes. I hope they make it.

Anyway, we made our usual round down by the beach and stopped at The Wall. We were greeted by this sight


One of the beach houses destroyed by Hurricane Sandy has been rebuilt! The other two are still waiting.๐Ÿ˜ฆ


Of course my favorite lighthouse in the world is still there.๐Ÿ™‚ For those of you who may be wondering; no, that’s not the light keeper’s house…hahaha

I wanted to get a different angle on things so I laid down on The Wall and then hung over it with hubby holding on to me. The pic’s ok but check out the lighthouse.


That’s ok, I’ve always been a little off-kilter anyway.

We headed over to Mystic on our way to Stonington.


We don’t often stop at the Scenic Overlook because THIS the is the REAL view from there


Yeah every time we stop there I find myself wishing they cut some of that shit down. BUT there’s a whole mass of wild honeysuckle growing there too and I love standing there breathing it in. I think it’s one of the best scents in the whole world but if you’ve read my series you probably already know that.

I stood there ranking on the light house


That didn’t make hubby happy….the Mystic Brat. Let’s face it, the boat is bigger than the lighthouse. So, what good is the stupid thing? LOL

We hit Stonington



I’ve been there a million times and never once managed to photograph the Stonington Light until yesterday. I told hubby that I didn’t realize the setting in “Hope Springs” was Stonington until Tommy Lee Jones stood in front of this lighthouse. He laughed at me. Oh well, Welcome to Maine…Hollywood style. It’s not the first time Stonington has represented the Great State of Maine in a movie and it probably won’t be the last. However, thanks in large part to the title and the hoopla, I did immediately know “Mystic Pizza” was shot in the area but not too much of it actually in Mystic. And, no, do not go to Mystic Pizza if you come and visit it is not the one in the movie only the names are the same. I think Hollywood had to pay to use it cuz the pizza parlor was there first.

I never photographed this lighthouse either mostly because it’s far out there and I don’t have a powerful enough lens on my little camera.


Yep, I do believe New London has the tallest lighthouse in the immediate area. There’s a nice one up in Old Saybrook(?) We’re heading up that way later today to go hang out with Kevin for a while so I’ll bring the camera with me. It’s nice out that way so maybe I’ll get some good shots. The area hasn’t let me down yet whenever I photograph up there I always walk away with a bunch of good ones.

OK, now…to those who said they would beta “Kingdoms of War” for me I do plan to get it to you TOMORROW. Everyone who said they’d do it is getting a copy. I’ve just been trying to tie up those loose ends before I sent it to you nice folks. That hasn’t been easy since I haven’t been in a very creative mood due to current circumstances which are draining and infuriating. You will get it tomorrow even if it’s not where I want it to be. I’m very sorry for the delay!

Oh well, my big consolation thee is that this crap I’m going through is gonna make a hell of a story one day. It is. Nice back drop for murder and intrigue, don’t you think? Just a whole bunch of dastardly deeds by dastardly men. Be like, ya know, “Scarface” meets “The Godfather” meets “Hoffa”. Maybe we’ll throw in a little “Casino” and “Goodfellas”. That sounds good, right?๐Ÿ˜‰

I hate those movies! I do! UGH! LOL All except “The Godfather”, I hate each one of those flicks with a passion but this story should still be ok we’ll leave out the baseball bats and chain saws instead we’ll have ingenuous ‘work place accidents’ and really amp up the sex๐Ÿ™‚

Off to work on the story some and then to go take some pics and eat some good food and hang out with some good friends making good music. Yes, it’s true, I’m not the only Hippie left on Earth. heheheh This will help get some of the creative juices flowing again. Kevin asked to go see Aaron Neville with him tonight for free but the show is up in New Haven on the Green and…nah. If it’s was in the Wolf Den at the Mohegan Sun or something I’d go but Pooh-Bahs don’t like big smelly cities….even though they’re dying to get to New York City, yes, I know. I realize the two are at odds. I do. Don’t worry. I don’t want to rid all the way up there and all the way back, I won’t get home until after 11 or so. Pooh-Bahs like to be snug and warm in their beds by no later than 10pm. Yeah, I don’t love the nightlife. I do not love to boogie. LOL!

Tomorrow hubby is going out to play music with another friend and I should have the house to myself for a good part of the day to get down to business. That will be very good.

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  1. Great pics!

    When you go to NYC, let me know and I’ll meet you up there! We can take on the city together.

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