A Day in the Sun

It’s good for Hobbitses to come out of their holes now and again to spend a day in the sun and breathe the fresh air. So I did that yesterday.🙂

We went up to our friend Kevin’s house and hung out for most of the day. Everybody say ‘hi’ to Kevin


Cool accordion, huh?? Yeah, I thought it was sch-weet. It’s all handmade and the craftsmanship really shows so, of course, I had to photograph it.




Kevin and my hubby sat around playing a few tunes to keep Kevin’s girlfriend, Diane, and myself entertained.



I found something interesting in Kevin’s lovely yard to photograph



I thought he came out pretty cool although he wasn’t all that interested in having his picture taken.

We sat around outside in the bright sunshine laughing, talking, and eating. We brought up a fruit platter and a Black Forest Cake, they served oysters which smelled very good all covered with butter, garlic, and Parmesan cheese. I almost tried one. Almost. Then hubby scooped one out of the shell and I saw the bottom. No matter how good it smelled it still looks like a snail…I ain’t eatin’ it. Sorry. But they chowed down like nobody’s business so that’s very good.🙂 We had a nice fresh garden salad and rib-eyes on the grill. YUM-EEE. I felt like a little piggy by the time we finished eating. Kevin drew the dining experience out New Orleans style and so we just sat there eating one round after another and gabbing in between. Quite nice. No rush at all, just Cool Breezin’. I like it.

Just before sundown we took a drive to a nearby boat launch and got a few more pics.




To tell you the truth, I’m never sure if this is the Connecticut River or the Lieutenant River which runs into the Connecticut River but it’s one of them. hahaha I really need to get a better lens or a new camera this one is getting on in years technologically speaking. Maybe next time I will go with an SLR. I avoided it for my first foray into digital photography because of the price. Now that I’m getting better with digital maybe I could step up at some future point. Although, you know, I do miss film. There’s just something about digital that’s ‘cold’ no matter how ‘warm’ you try to make it. Something transfers better to film sort of like music is still best listened to on vinyl with a needle and maybe some old Emerson speakers….hehehehe


That was the last pic of the night before we headed back to Kevin’s for a few moments and to say good-night. It was a very nice and relaxing night indeed. I needed that.

Now hubby’s off to play music with another friend. Nikki and Nate have gone fishing. Becca is at work…not that she really lives here anymore…so I think it’s time to get back to writing while I do the laundry. Maybe I will find that my batteries have recharged to a good degree. I was doing very well writing yesterday when I had to stop to go out for our evening. We’ve brought in a new character, I don’t know why or where she’s going but I like her so far. I hope you will too.

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