Almost There

It’s Thursday. Know what that means? That’s right….tomorrow is FRIDAY bitches!!!! WOOT! WOOT!

Since I have no plans for this weekend….it should end up being a 48 hour writing fest! Also a good thing. Yep, I’m just gonna sit here and do the stereotypical writer thing. I earned it. So I’m gonna do it.

Tonight we’re going to our pseudo son-in-laws graduation. Miguel is graduating from a cooking course and they’re having the ceremony up at Connecticut College. Should be fun. Just hoping its not too long. I know, I’m terrible, but I really don’t do all that well at things like that. I just wanna see the person I came to see walk across the stage and get the hell outta there.🙂 I said it was terrible! Geez! LOL

Tomorrow isn’t just Friday, it’s the Anniversary of New London High School’s Class of…1984….Graduation (OY!) I’ll post on our little FB page to say ‘congrats’. LOL This time next year we should have a nice little get-together for our reunion.

I managed to do as I promised on Sunday and sent the first 80something pages of “Kingdoms of War” to those who said they’d help me. So that’s good too.

The rain has finally stopped. No more drowning. No more water in the basement…also a good thing😉 Most of the plants loved it or are loving it now that it’s sunny again but those in the white pots…bummer. The leaves on the cucumbers are all yellow now. I don’t know if it’s going to make it and it was doing so well! It was big and happy and now…it’s not. (sigh) I think at least one rose bush will survive but not sure about the other. I must have gone out 3-4 times a day to dump the water out of those pots. They were little lakes, they really were. Now they’re drying out so let’s hope for the best. The tomatoes didn’t seem to like it either and they 1-love water and 2-have good drainage. Darn. Got lots of flowers but lots of yellow leaves too. I pulled them out into the yard the other day to maximize the sun they’ll get hoping they fill out and perk up. The petunias, however, freaking loved it. The pots out front are big and colorful and that hanging garden is starting to simply explode. The Toilet is also colorful and seems quite happy. Calla did well. The impatience….yeah…not so much but there’s still hope. The grass, of course, went apeshit.🙂 But so did the rosemary…holy crap…I’ve never seen anything like it! I had no idea it was supposed to be that FAT and BUSHY or that it could get that fat and bushy. The smell? Oooooo….heavenly. I love it. It doesn’t look much like we get in the grocery store, the leaves are just bursting they’re so fat they actually look ‘juicy’. Weird, huh? But definitely cool so I’ll take it.

I guess the next few days will tell the tale. I’ll let you know how it goes. Hopefully there are still fresh tomato and cucumber salads in our future.

Also hoping to get some nice pics this weekend but we’ll see. It’s the solstice and a supermoon. Problem is, the moon isn’t at a good angle for me to capture it unless it’s like 3am or some other ungodly hour. I wanted to try to get a pic of moonrise over the lighthouses or maybe the bridge but I don’t think it’s in the right position. Oh well, we’ll see.

Of course there’s lots of shit in ‘The News’ lately but all of it’s pissing me off so we just won’t go there today. Aren’t you lucky? LOL

Before signing off today, I’d like to offer the following little sneak peek just to prove that,

I am still working on it!!

Hey! Classmates…how’d ya like the vid????😛

From the upcoming
Kingdoms of War
by Lisa Beth Darling (that’s me)
Copyright 2013-ALL Rights Reserved

Upon waking the next morning Raven found two new things; two inches of snow fell overnight blanketing the East Coast in its first official snow storm of the season and Coral was asleep at the foot of his bed. She wasn’t on the bed, she was on the floor. Coming around the corner of the bed to look out the window, Raven nearly stepped on her. On the other double-bed in the room, Charlie’s big frame sprawled out as he snored deeply. John opted for the pull-out couch in the parlor and staying by the radios for the night. Crouching beside her, Raven shook her shoulder to gently wake her, “Hey, Coral, what are you doin’?” Raven already knew the answer; she was showing her submissiveness to him, it was the Siren in her, the one that had fallen in love with his Father and paid dearly for it.

Her sleepy brown eyes rolled open and grew wide when she saw him looming over her but then she calmed down and yawned.

“You don’t sleep at the foot of my bed, you got that?” Keeping his gentle but firm grip on her shoulder, Raven helped her up to sleepy sore feet. She stared at him for a moment, her eyes wide and uncomprehending before she toddled off on her blistered feet. The next thing he knew he heard running water and a few moments later his stomach started to rumble as the heavenly aroma of brewing coffee filled the cold air.

On the bed Charlie stopped snoring and started grumbling as he pulled himself up to one elbow, “Is that coffee?”

“I think so.”

The smell was so enticing it even brought Nora out of the adjoining room where they all found Coral in the parlor stoking the dying fire and brewing coffee over it in an old cast iron pot.

“I didn’t know we had any coffee,” John said coming to life as he stretched on the couch.

“Me either,” Raven replied looking at his Sister who was transfixed by the flames and holding her hands out to them as the water boiled. “I guess we were wrong.”

Outside the temperature stayed at a steady 30 degrees and the snow kept silently falling. Ordinarily, when the Mortal World was up and running, such a small amount wouldn’t really matter but now there was no one to man to snow plows or to salt the roads. No matter how much they might bundle up to stave off the cold the bikes were no longer useful. The roads were already clogged with dead people and dead cars, add a layer of snow that could quickly turn to ice and they’d need a bulldozer to get through. “When you’re done with your coffee, I want you two to go loot this town. Get everything you can find. Snow’s falling already means it’s gonna be a hard winter. Maybe we should see if there’s a National Guard or something nearby, stock up on weapons and get some new vehicles. The bikes ain’t gonna make it in this.”

John and Charlie nodded their agreement as John pulled out his laptop to power it up, “Fuck,” he muttered looking at the battery level, “hey, my man, would you please?”

Raven snorted laughter. “Sure,” he touched the computer. His hand glowed blue and transferred some of his energy to the battery bringing it up to full.

“I never get tired of that,” John cracked take a hearty sip off the fresh coffee, “let’s see what we got.” He popped open a program containing information on every military base within the jurisdiction of the United States, those in the country and those outside of it. “I miss my fuckin’ GPS, man, anything you can do about that?”

“Don’t push it,” Raven advised before turning back to the window noting how the new fallen snow almost made the death and destruction below it seem pleasing to the eye.

“Got one,” John cried in victory, “ten miles from here there’s an Army Reserve.”

“Perfect,” Raven crooned. “I’ll hit that while you two…”

“Loot the town,” Charlie agreed happily and raised his steaming mug of coffee into the air with a wide grin on his handsome face.

Not wanting to but figuring he’d do it anyway, Raven turned to Nora and tried to smile, “Would you mind manning the radios while we’re gone?”

“You really shouldn’t be announcing your plans,” Nora retorted, “not everyone is friendly.” Her eyes rolled over to Coral still sitting by the fire almost as though it were her Lover. “Maybe you don’t want to tell the whole world where you are or where you’re going.”

She had a point but Raven wasn’t about to give it to her, “Can you do it or not?”

Nora knew Raven was on his way to her encampment the night before they arrived. She heard him on the radio talking to Home Base and set a trap for them. Others would do the same. “You’re an idiot,” she hissed, “fine, I’ll do it.”

Bundling up in their warmest clothing, the three men prepared to depart and as they made their way to the door Raven stopped. He drew the gun from his belt and slammed into Coral’s hand. “Watch out for her, Sister.”

With trepidation, Coral took her Brother’s advice and held onto the gun when he let go of it.

I hope you enjoyed my little offering.

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