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Yep, it sure does.πŸ™‚

I know. I shouldn’t strut too much or show my pride so openly but…..I think I’ll risk it.

I started hearing back from the nice folks who are going over the first bit of “Kingdoms of War” for me. I could have sworn we were hopelessly lost in the woods but we’re not! Woot-Woot! They loved it. They can’t wait for more. It makes sense to them (it wasn’t started to sound like baby babble to me!) and they’re not lost I think cohesive and everything is running smoothly. Well, not ‘smoothly’, this is MY story. Nothing runs ‘smoothly’ in my stories…LOL. They had some good tips on a few small phrase turns, caught some typos, and between them hit every point I was really worried about and they called it golden.



Which we did. We did some writing yesterday. Now that I have proof that I don’t have to tear the whole fucking thing down and start again…all is well and it’s Forward Ever Forward once more.

Friday night hubby and I celebrated the coming of summer by taking our first trip to Dairy Queen this year. Yep, going to DQ and/or Fred’s Shanty always means Summer Has Begun. We took a drive and looked at the moon and ended up at Ye Olde Home Depot looking for a new belt for the mower. He went to look at belts I headed straight for the plants.πŸ™‚

I got several new babies; a shasta daisy, an English lavender, a sweet basil and a Greek basil. Yeah, you know I couldn’t pass the one up, right? I also got another of those hanging gardens. These things are AWESOME! I LOVE them! I’m going to get MORE of them! If you have limited space or just a nice spot to hang one of these…get one. Check it out

Look at the petunias I planted on Mother’s Day weekend! Woot!




There’s our Sweet Basil, Greek Basil and English Lavender.

Now my deck looks like this…..


Not too shabby, huh????

My plants managed the rain. Calla and Impatient are doing very well. The Calla has all kinds of new flowers opening up.


Rose bushes weathered all the rain



And look at my Rosie! Look at her! Ain’t she gorgeous???
I’m so thrilled with that plant I can’t even describe it.πŸ™‚

Here’s my new daisy


I figure if all goes well and the Gods are with me then I’ll make my son-in-law till up the land around The Toilet…

about two tiller-widths wide and I’ll try that lasagna gardening method a friend told me about so many years ago. I’ll plant the rose bushes, the lavender, the daisy, and maybe even dig the pinks out of the boat. We’ll have a nice little flower garden down there that we can enjoy from the deck. If the deer stay away it could be very nice. The Nectarine and Apple trees are doing very well. The nectarine even has a few on the branches that look like they might actually become near-full-sized nectarines this year! I might get one.πŸ˜‰ The apple put off good flowers and, hopefully, will have a few near-full-sized apples this year.

The tomatoes hung in and we have a few tiny ones on the vines

The stray Sugar Bush Cherry is doing the best out of the three. Really need to move those other two out of the deep shade. Maybe I’ll put them in the new flower garden? This one is doing fine.

Pots out front are doing well too

We even picked up a nice new little table torch to keep the bugs away and bring us light

I cut the grass yesterday and all is well out in the yard. Hubby fixed the lawn mower, he found the belt. The darn thing cooks now! LOL It zips around, chops up grass without threat of cutting out, it even STOPS. I told you the damn thing was supposed to have brakes! hahaha

After he did that he got back to the bike. It’s DONE baby! All the mechanicals are fixed and it’s roaring down the road as I type this. He’s such a happy boy. All that’s left is to pay off the back taxes and register it. I already got the insurance…got a nice ‘multi policy discount’ too! For once, in the 30 years we’ve been together, neither of is cringing at the thought of paying the taxes. Well, 1-all of our vehicles are over 20 years old so taxes are (fairly) cheap and 2-we actually have money. How the fuck did that happen? I dunno, but I’ll take it. His next paycheck should be sweet since we don’t have any insurance for the next 2 months or so. We won’t be paying that huge chunk out of the check for a while. So….I think we’re gonna get a new couch.

What do you think?



I think it’s seen better days! LOL Well, it is 20 years old and it’s been through 2 kids so…. Yeah, I think it’s time to break down and get a new one. A nice sectional would be good. We’ll head to Bob’s Discount Furniture next week and start shopping. Believe me, I never thought I’d be able to say that ALL my bills are PAID AND there’s extra cash!

Ok, so hubby came back and asked me to ‘go out and play’. I just came back from my FIRST RIDE on the bike in years! WOOT! Thing is still totally awesome AND I can still get my leg over the seat. Yep, hopped right on like it was nothing. BUT, well, gonna have to get flat boots I think. My left hip is too old to ride that way for long AND gotta remember not to rest my foot on the header. Yeah, that’s bad. Shoe melts, foot gets hot, makes smelly steam. PU. hahahaha

We’re riding down the road and I kept thinking; It doesn’t sound right. Why doesn’t it sound right.

Just as I was about to worry the shit outta my hubby and ask him I heard;

It has a new header, you idiot.

Oh yeah. New header. New sound. Got’cha.

We had one small problem on our ride hubby forgot to tighten the front brake so it fell off.

No worries, obviously we’re ok and made it home safely. He was over-excited that’s all. A few bolts and it’ll be good to go….again.

Can’t wait to go screaming down the highway at 120mph again. Nope, I certainly can not.

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  1. i’m reading but we have an overload of cuteness at the moment, we got our kitties today. making notes as i read along, i promise i’ll work on it better next week, i have more time then and nothing plannedπŸ™‚
    beautiful plants!

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