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As everyone who reads here knows by now I truly do consider this MY lighthouse


Ok, I KNOW it’s NOT MINE but, like my hubby, it’s a Constant in my life and I’d do anything for it.

For the first time in my whole life I got to TOUCH it and to go INSIDE!! I went all the way to the top and the view was spectacular! I almost cried I was so happy! I never thought I’d ever get to go inside…never. I’ve stared at the beauty for nearly 47 years!!!

OK, a little backstory….now that I can catch my breath.

The Patch had an article yesterday on how the Customs House now owns the lighthouse and they’re trying to raise money to fix it. I read the whole article and when I got to the list of things they’re raising money for one of them was scaffolding. I stopped reading and thought; Hey! That’s US! That my Union! We can do that!! So I emailed my boss and by the time I got into work he already printed out the article and was trying to figure out how to go about it. So he secured the scaffolding…donated! We’re making this a Union Event so MY guys will erect and take down the scaffolding FREE for the Customs House! OMG! This is HUGE! For us and for them it’s just….huge.

I got in contact with the director….she broke down in tears on the phone when I told her what we wanted to do! My boss met with her today and finalized all of the details and it’s a GO! We’re going to be a big big part of restoring and preserving the Harbor Light! Can you believe it?

She had me go down there this afternoon to have my picture taken for their newsletter!!!! How do you like THAT?

I scooted out of work 10 minutes early, barreled home, brushed my teeth, brushed my hair, changed my clothes and zipped down there. She was soooo nice and wonderful and HAPPY. She was crying today when I met with her she’s so darn happy! Oh it feels so freakin’ awesome to make another person that happy. There’s nothing like it in the whole world! The nice lady just couldn’t believe anyone would go out of their way to do something so wonderful for the lighthouse.

Let me tell you, just tell me when and I’ll show up with my own scraper and paint brush! Yes, I will.🙂

This takes a massive weight off her shoulders and strain off their budget. And, yes, yes, it’s really good publicity for my guys. It is. BUT I know they’ll want to do it too. Everyone loves the light. So it’s not like it’s something they’re getting ‘stuck’ doing or something like that. Like I told my boss, it’s completely non-political, no bullhorns, no screaming, no foot stomping, it’s just the Union coming in to help the community and to preserve a very special historical landmark. Let’s see some idiot non-union person say something bad about that, huh???

I get to go to a press conference on Thursday when the Customs House takes ownership of the Race Rock Lighthouse and they’ll announce our involvement in the preservation/restoration of the Harbor Light. Did I mention I get to be in their newsletter???? hahahaha I thought for sure she’d want my boss in the newsletter but she insisted that without me this would not be happening. That’s why she wants me at the press conference, right along side my boss. She’s going to give us both credit!

I think I will take Tony Stark’s advice and give myself 12% of the credit…I might even make an argument for 15.🙂

This is totally AWESOME! I love that light. I never thought I’d be able to help preserve it in any way and I certainly never thought I’d get to go IN. We were standing there and she’ll telling me about the light and the history and all of this wonderful stuff and she looks at me and said; Would you like to go inside?

HELL YEAH! Ok, I didn’t say it that way but it took just about every ounce of reserve I had NOT to say it that way! LOL

I wish I was still in charge of the company web site, I could do this up so killer, I really could. This and we have another huge event coming up in July and then, with just a smidgen of luck, we’ll have something GIGANTIC to tell the world about in just a few months. Oh! Darn! They never should have taken that away from me but…oh well. I guess I’ll just have to do-up our newsletter to the best of my ability and use it the way I would have used the site. The whole world won’t have a chance to get in it on and see how wonderful we can be but our guys will know.

I hope their newsletter is electronic. I’m gonna make sure it goes out to our mailing list. Even if it’s not then I’ll make a PDF out of it, upload it to my own damn site, and direct our members to download it. No, I won’t send them to my site, just an easy-to-use “download here” link. Won’t they be surprised to see my picture? LOL

The BEST part is….I got to go in the lighthouse!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. it’s a joy to read about all this happiness. it’s always amazing to see a community pull together when something really matters, even if it’s and “old history” building. it’s permanent feature for you guys and admittingly it’s a very nice one!!!

  2. so awesome and so jealous, that’s MY LIGHTHOUSE!!! I want the house next to it too and that little deck that goes over the water.

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