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If you read here regularly you’re probably aware that there are several items in ‘The News’ that I’ve purposefully avoided talking about. That’s mostly just because ‘The news’ still pisses me off. No matter who’s bringing it to me. They make me angry. I miss Jon Stewart! How dare he abandon us at a time like that!


All right, so I’ve waited all damn day for the Supreme Court to get up off its fat wrinkled ass and make decisions where Gay Marriage is concerned.

They didn’t do it.


I Hate Those Guys. So very very much.

Ok so they told me that maybe possibly someone is 3/256th Native American maybe doesn’t really actually count as Native American. In the same case, they sort of said that, yeah, no, it’s not cool to go around IGNORING your unborn daughter and the woman carrying her, stake no claim, give no support, just turn your back like a little pussy and agree to give up your parental rights THEN when said child is about 2 months old and your ass is hanging on the line for other legal matters you CANNOT lay claim to the baby to keep your ass out of hot water by claiming that you and she are Native Americans.

Sort of a no-brainer on all counts but I guess the country is dumber than I thought if we have to have The SUPREME Court decide this common sense issue.


In another decision they decided that, yep, basically, if it’s your land then it’s your land and you should probably be able to do what you with it without having to like…replace…that same amount of land in another area of the state/town/country.

Another no-brainer. Another black eye for the American People for being so moronic that they had to bring this to The SUPREME Court.

Lastly, I was told about a Voting Rights decision.

Look, on this count, since voting is a RIGHT, I think we need a Federal Law. One freakin’ law for every freakin’ state so every freakin’ person who wants to and is entitled to do so can go fill in the dot then slide it in the ballot. Why shouldn’t their hanging chads be thrown out with everyone elses? You know, next the circle wasn’t filled in ‘enough’ to ‘count’.

I don’t know about you or your parents but this is the way my parents voted.

1-Go to polls
2-Wait in line
3-Tell Registrar your name and address
4-Listen to them shout it out (I don’t know why)
5-Wait for them to find your name and cross it off the list of Registered Voters
6-Go fucking vote
7-Get on ice cream on the way home


Oh and to Register to Vote…at least when I did it back in the dark ages, I just went to City Hall, showed them a piece of mail, my Social Security Card, and my Baptism Certificate (yes, I do have one of those! LOL) and signed up. I can understand requiring a Birth Certificate to be shown when you register but after that I’d like to return to the above way of voting. If it isn’t too much trouble.

BTW, believe it or not there is no federal law requiring a person to have ID (yet). A person, theoretically, still has the right to just disappear in this country. You know, so long as they’re not attempting to defraud or running from the law. You can still just walk away from your life and start over…theoretically.

Not with NSA looking over our shoulders. Yeah, goddamn ‘Finch’ made that last bit a lot more difficult, didn’t he? He’s in on with Google, isn’t he?? Yeah. Freakin’ ‘Finch’ wait ’til that guy returns in the fall, I’m gonna give him a piece of my mind.😉

Yeah, that’s a nice lead-in to our pal Mr. Snowden. I love this guy. I do. You can hate him if you want but I think they ought to pin the Congressional Medal of Honor on his chest. I’ll give a little, I’ll let Gary Shandling do it and he can deliver his ‘little prick’ jab. How’s that? He didn’t turn out to be so damn crazy after all, did he? I told you the smartest thing he did was to splash his name and his face ALL over the freakin’ place. I bet Michael Hastings wishes he’d done the same, well, ya know, if he could still make a wish that is.

Yes, it’s true, it’s true; “Right Now your government IS doing things you think only OTHER people’s governments do”. (I hate Van Haggar but, good tune, great video)

What I loved the most was us trying to threaten China. That was hilarious, wasn’t it? Oh my! Oh yes, do let’s try to pretend we’re still the big dog and scream out; “Respect My Author-a-tah!”


To the people who purchased our soul.

Yeah. Great idea, guys!

How’d you make out with THAT?

Awww…not so, good, huh? Total bummer.

I can’t help but say it; We ARE Eric Cartman. You know that, right? We are thee Eric Cartman of the whole planet. Think about it. You’ll see.

You know, in the end, I think the BEST thing the government could do for itself is just let him go. If they bring him back here…alive (cough, choke) to stand trial, I think there are enough people who feel as I do on both ‘sides of the aisle’, that he’d either be acquitted or if he was convicted it would make the LA Riots look like a day at Disney Land.

That could be fun. In a wicked, nasty, evil, Get The Man kinda way. You know. I’m a writer. I love that shit.

Actually, I think just putting him on trial would be enough to light the fuse in many ways. Again…could be interesting.

Next up…Texas. Freakin’ Texas. (Yeah, ok, that’s all I’m gonna say on that subject. I think it covers it. LOL)

Lastly we have Florida. Freakin’ Florida whom everyone is hoping and praying to whatever God they may believe in FINALLY gets something RIGHT. If they don’t, I think we should annex them…don’t you? They’ve had their 3 strikes. If they don’t convict George Zimmerman I think we should send them a nice but straight to the point note that their presence is no longer required and they have 30 days to leave quietly. We’ll find someone else to fill their vacant position. Thank you very much. Been nice knowing you. Best wishes for the future. C-YA!

Apologies to all of my transplanted friends, you’re welcome to come back to New England at any time before the 30 days notice is up.🙂

There’s my Rant for the Day. Maybe tomorrow the SUPREME Court will make a decision that belongs being before them.


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  1. When I registered to vote I went to the BMV and they asked me. Sent me paper work to fill out and send back and I was registered. I agree with you on the laws.

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