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That’s the theme of today’s post; Progress.

We’ve got a lot to talk about and I doubt we’ll get to half of it. Sorry about that.

First Up—The Bike Project





Yep…there she is! She’s ALL DONE! Got her skins on and everything. After 5 years (or so) The Bitch is finally getting back on the road. VROOM-VROOOOOM! There were just two things left; pay the back taxes and get the registration. Aunty Moon trotted right downtown this afternoon to pay off the whopping $58.00 in back taxes.

Do you know…my Tax Assessor’s Office now has a DRIVE THRU? Yeah. It does. (Oh bother.)

Oh well.

Know something else? Not that long ago, the Pitiful City of New London was hitting us up for anywhere between $300-400.00 when it came to this. BUT someone somewhere passed some law and NOW if your vehicle is unregistered it gets taken off the tax rolls until you register it again. Currently we’re only paying taxes on 1 20+ year old vehicle.

Yeah…$58.00 for a 20+ year-old Explorer.

Oh well. Whatever. I’m not bitching. I can handle the $58.00 with a very grin so….who cares?

Whenever he’s ready to brave the perils of DMV hubby can get it registered! I’m hoping for…ya know…Friday. He can take a day off from work and get the plate. Then with any luck at all we’ll be zipping around all weekend long. Oh yes, there is NO HELMET LAW in the Great State of Connecticut so when I start posting of us zooming around sans headgear….I don’t want to hear dick about it…ok?

Hubby’s a little skittish about getting back on her now that she’s got an even bigger engine and he’s been off her so long but I can’t wait to take some long corners and do a little knee draggin’. Yep, I’ll be 75 and still whooping for him to go faster! LOL There are no Harley’s in our future…sorry honey.


I had FOUR fan-fucking-TASTIC days off!

We wrote and we wrote and we wrote…didn’t we, Precious?

Yes, Precious, we did

Killed a 12 pack of Coors Light in the process! LOL What can I say? It’s SUMMER and it’s freakin’ HOT! I drank 5 of them YESTERDAY. We were so zipping around in The Zone yesterday. Just flying at Mach 10 and, well, we weren’t even looking out the window or at the radar. We could have flown into anything at any moment and…BOOM!

But there was no Crash and Burn, was there Precious?

Bless us and Splash us, no there wasn’t, Precious

Over the course of 4 days we were from somewhere around page 105 to page 123. There was a bit of One Step Up and Two Steps Back but not too much and what there was expanded and expounded and made things much better. Brought them into a little sharper focus. But most we went FORWARD. At first, I admit, it was a little difficult finding inspiration but I came across a few things







I admit there is ONE in there that I did just happen to stumble across while I was at work. I’m so glad I was alone. It made me freeze. It made my heart pound. It made my nails sink into the nice material supporting my wrists on the keyboard and, yes, oh yes, it made me growl. A long low very quiet guttural rolling at the back of my throat that made me wonder if someone let a dog into the office. Then I realized it was ME and felt the heat.

Yeah baby.

Anyway…the second blast of inspiration came, oddly enough, from the nasty, sticky, sweltering, break-out-in-sweat-just-breathing weather we’ve been having lately. At first we hid in the AC but can’t lay in bed forever! Then I was handed an idea…

Why don’t we use the heat?

Oh! Yes! Let’s do that! Since I got this beer to cool me off when needed….Damn the Torpedoes and Full Speed Ahead!

I let the heat wash over me, make me sweat, and be uncomfortable.

Worked pretty well, yes, it did, Precious.

We’re getting ready for The Big Guy to explode, erupt, with Major Falls, now he’s showing all the signs and symptoms including that massive fever.

But I always burn with fire

I know. That turned out to be the genius in it really. Elegant in its simplicity.

We likes it.πŸ™‚

Of course we used the sultriness of the heat for some dastardly deeds and the introduction of a new character; Snake. He probably won’t live long. Then again he might. We don’t know yet. He’s a sadistic little bastard. Very nasty stuff indeed.

We likes it.πŸ˜›

As we were coming to this whole building/exploding thing we’ve got going, we needed a setting. I figured DC would be good. Symbolic and all that happy-crappy. Besides, I haven’t had a good battle on the steps of the Capitol Building in nearly a decade! I thought it was time. But Precious didn’t agree.

What about Fort Trumbull?

What about Fort Trumbull?

Well, I like that place…

Yeah, I know.

Oh, wait. Hang on. Google Take Me Away! Type in ‘civil war forts Maryland’

Get back Fort McHenry.

Look up pictures of Fort McHenry and location. Nice pics, cool place. And it’s pretty much on our route and….

I like it. Let’s go for it.

Research Fort McHenry and find it’s the birth place of “The Star Spangled Banner” and home to a colossal statue of Orpheus.

This must be the place! LOL

So we ran with it and Snake evolved and Coral came in a bit more and nasty delightfully wicked things started happening and….I love it. I hope my readers will too.

Good shit.

On a bit of a sour note; there won’t be anymore extended sneak peeks. I got oodles of hits on that post today and only 2 people bothered to say anything to me. I appreciate their taking the time to do that! Yes, I do. But at this point feedback is better than gold and if it doesn’t come in and I can’t keep sending the work out. We’ll have a few little paragraphs here and there but nothing big. Sorry.


So this strange thing of having ‘extra money’ keeps happening and I keep liking it, don’t get me wrong. I looked at the bank account and my PayPal account and thought that I could pay for some advertising or buy a few paperbacks to actually bring down to the Monte Cristo Bookshop and put on the shelves or…

You could finally get the last two books in the series properly copyrighted

Oh shit! There’s an idea! Yes, let’s do that!

Ran over to the Copyright Office’s website and submitted “Rising Son” and “Women of War” for formal copyright. What a bad author I am! I never should have published them otherwise but money was tight. We ain’t strollin’ down Easy Street now but we may be rounding the corner between Hard Luck Lane and Relaxed Road. That would be nice.


All Systems Are GO for Nikki and Nate to move out…NEXT WEEK! Woot! It’s been a bit of a stay considering they were only moving in for the ‘last two weeks of March’…LOL. They’ve got their finances in order and their apartment is ready. Soon we’ll have the house again. I’ve already told Rebecca she doesn’t live here anymore and I’m moving what’s left of her stuff out of her room. She said ‘ok’. Woot! So, when Nikki and Nate vacate we’ll rip up the rug, put down a cheap new one, get a TV and some exercise equipment (I’ve been looking on Craigs List) and make it a Game Room/Work Out Room/Plant Room. Yes, I’ve been exercising. I have. I started with the 5lb weights and The World’s Best Personal Trainer in my head. He refused to help at first because I never take his advice but he’s gotten on the bandwagon.

You cheated! You didn’t put your foot all the way down. That one doesn’t count. Do it again.

Good, you’re doing good, come on breathe, don’t forget to breathe

One more, come on, I know you can give me one more

I admit…he does have several wonderful uses.πŸ™‚

I tell you, Thursday and Friday I thought my arms were falling off. Both days they ached so much I bought a tube of Icy Hot. They were KILLING me from shoulder to knuckles. I thought I’d done something wrong. I thought my carpel tunnel had suddenly gone haywire. Until I heard

When you do it right…it hurts a little

Wait…what…Oh! Son of a bitch! The weights!

Yeah…the weights you’ve been lifting

Then I was given a quick Anatomy Lesson on the ripping, tearing, and forming of new muscle. I was reminded to drink lots of water and not to give up.

It didn’t hurt when I did for months with the 3lb weights but two nights with the 5-pounders and I was nearly in tears. Yes, I guess it’s working. I’ll never get my high school body back but if I can tone up my arms and my thighs….leg lifts also seem good for my lower back and abdomen when I do them lying down…then I’ll be happy. So long as I don’t actually turn into the Stay Puft Marshmallow (Wo)Man…I’ll try to continue aging gracefully.

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