Picking a Health Insurance Plan or Volunteering To Get Ripped Off

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Yeah, that’s the joy hubby and I indulged in last night; picking our new health insurance plan.


I don’t even know where to start or to continue to I guess.

Let’s try here; the main reason hubby and I have had an influx of ‘extra cash’ lately and we’ve gone and tickled the hell out of the economy is because we were not paying for health insurance. We were ‘between contracts’ and therefore uninsured for a small length of time. Let me tell you it is A-fucking-Mazing what you can do with an extra $200.00 every pay period! It truly is.

That saddens me. Nothing’s changed from the days when we were young and hedging our bets simply because that $100-$150.00 a WEEK actually WAS the difference between making rent and getting kicked out or eating that week, or keeping the electricity on. Yet, as adults we ‘made too much money’ and didn’t qualify for State Health Insurance better known as Medicaid. When they were a little older our KIDS did but we did NOT. How f’d up is that??? Same family, same household, same amount of money but we got told ‘fuck you’ and our kids were told ‘oh sure, we’ll take care of you’.

Ah, hey, buddy who makes up these asinine rules; if something catastrophic happens to ME who the hell do you think is going to take care of my KIDS?


Any-hoo, while it’s not the difference between making the mortgage and not making the mortgage it still is the difference between going out to eat and not. Not means NOT tickling the economy AND, btw, I’m really sick of cooking. Been there. Done that. Don’t wanna go back. It is the difference between getting a new vehicle and not. Again, NOT means NOT tickling the economy. As you well know, our vehicles are each over the age of 20.

I have always believed that Health Insurance is the BIGGEST RIP OFF GOING. It is. Think about it.

Annually we pay just under $5,000.00 for HEALTH INSURANCE. So far this year we’ve used $1,800.00. Last year; maybe $200.00 and the same for the year before and the year before and the year before. Oh yeah, that $1,800…that’s the BILL from the ER! You know when I had a rousing round of food poisoning a few months back. $1,800! Here’s what happened in the ER; they took my name, my ID, and my insurance card. They took me back to a room. They gave me 2 1/2 IV bottles of basically salt water, a shot of Compazine, and 1 cup of ginger ale. I pissed in a .10 cup and they dipped a .50 strip into it.

That’ll be $1,800.00 please.

Are you outta your fuckin’ MIND!

Of the $1,800.00 I’m supposed to pay $200.00 out of pocket when I’ve already given the insurance company $2,500.00 this year alone.

Talk about not getting what you pay for. Geez. On this end BOTH the insurance companies and me are getting ripped off….big time. I don’t want to hear about ‘capitalism’ or ‘free market systems’. There is NO ‘free market’ in health care. You are stuck with whatever insurance your company offers you, if they offer you any. You are stuck with whatever doctors are in that system. More likely than not, you are stuck with whatever hospital is closest to you just out of your financial situation (can’t travel, can’t pay for rooms, yada yada yada). You’re boxed in. Totally. Completely. And they know. And they fuck you as hard as they possibly can. So it’s more along the lines of…localized monopolies than it is ‘free market’. You can’t just say you’re going to a different doctor (may not be in network). You can’t just say you want a different hospital…may not be one anywhere near you! You can’t even comparison shop in any manner.

So yeah something is definitely wrong there and yeah it needs to be fixed. Unfortunately, Obamacare isn’t the answer. Not when I’m told certain companies are being given a pass on having get their employees health care until next year BUT YOU…YOU you sonofabitch…you must have it NOW. So if you work for one of the companies being given a pass and you ‘make too much money’ to buy into these State-fucked-up-things and you have to go ‘outside’ to get health insurance you’re looking at well over $600.00 a MONTH. Can’t afford that? Oh, that’s ok, you can go without insurance BUT we’re gonna fine your ass at the year of the year! WTF!

I hate politicians. I really do. Can’t stand ’em. Not a single one.

So, last night, we our noses to the grindstone to pick out a Rip-Me-Off Plan. Again I say; WTF?

You can have a $4,000 DEDUCTIBLE and still pay $300.00 a pay period…which comes to $600.00/month now that we’re being paid bi-monthly (another rip off!). You’d think THAT would be the ‘cheapest’ plan, right? You can have a $500.00 deductible and pay…nearly the same rate! UGH! It wasn’t like that plan covered anything ‘extra’.

I was also given an education in the ‘marriage penalty’. Example; one plan was for $90.00/pay period for a single person. BUT it was $286 for a couple BUT it was $236 for ‘children’ and $266 for ‘family’ (whatever the hell that means)….WHAT????? That was across the board for all of the health plans offered, if you’re just a couple you’re not just paying out the nose you’re paying out the ass too. I don’t know who comes up with this shit. Must be the guy who came up with the State guidelines. What an asshole he is.

I should of had more kids!

I’m almost 47, my hubby is 48, our children are 27 and 21, you’d think we’d be rewarded, somehow, for this achievement not punished for it. Let’s face it, the insurance company has 0 chance of repeatedly putting out for vaccines, ‘well child visits’, ear infections, pink eye, ring worm, empantiago, unknown fevers, and all of that happy-crappy that comes with having kids. So why make the ‘couple’ rate higher?

I was stunned and amazed by that.

In the end, we picked a plan that would cost us just OVER $5,000/year. FIVE GRAND. For health insurance.

Instead of ‘fining’ people maybe the guberment might like to look into giving those of us paying for this crap a tax credit or deduction for paying $5,000/year for health insurance! I’ve always thought that. Always. Let’s face it, that’s NOT ‘income’. That comes right off the top, you never see it, and most of the time you never even get any ROI whatsoever. Especially if you’re a middle-aged couple.

Oh yeah, and it’s an extra $20-30 per pay cycle if you’d like any dental coverage…at all. With a $1,500/year max…for the family no less. Not the individual.


Yeah, there’s nothing wrong with this system. It’s not broken in the slightest. It works perfectly fine.

If you believe that, I have a wonderful old bridge in Brooklyn that I’d like you to take a look at it. It’s going real cheap and has tons of historic value. You’re gonna love it. Not into New York? I got some wonderful land in Florida with open water views😉

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  1. After I took my daughter to the dentist for a cap (bad cavity couldn’t be fixed with just a filling), I received my insurance statement. Now mind you, we pay out of hubs paychecks about $400 a month in premiums. Anyways, the health insurance company paid $48 and stuck me with $469 of the bill. Way to go, insurance because you know that $48 would have just blown my budget, had I had to pay it. Ugh. My parents have to pay $1,100 a month for their insurance. At 67 and 65 years of age, they should be retiring. Nope. How could you retire, pay your bills, and pay $1,100 a month just for insurance? That’s a mortgage payment on a $140k house. And now, a stupid law is supposed to force that upon them? Insurance companies in all forms, home, car, health, suck and are only out to do one thing: make money for their stockholders. Hospitals are just as bad. The hospital I had my daughter in charged me $10 for one diaper that I didn’t even want to use. I knew they did this, so I brought my own, but the baby nurse came in at like 2am and before I could stop her she ripped open the bag and used a diaper. $10 for a flipping diaper!!! That they probably got for free from Huggies as a promotion.

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