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This is has been a very ‘charged’ week…well couple of weeks. Lucky us, huh? Woot…woot.

In case you couldn’t tell from the title this post is going to be very political in nature. As always, read on or click out at your own discretion but don’t be stupid and keep reading if what you’re reading is pissing you off. Just go away. My rights end where your nose begins and this be dat point in space n time.😉

Let’s go from the fairly reasonable premise that in 2013 no matter who you are or what you do you’re ‘nobody’ if you don’t have at least one account on one of the following websites. The more sites you belong to and the more active you are on them makes you ‘somebody’ or at least ‘somebody who wants to be somebody some day’.

Blog…any site any blog
Site…don’t forget that
Might wanna add
MySpace (I hear it’s making a big come back and I kinda liked MySpace I blogged there for years)
Also helpful if you’re writer:
Amazon/Author Central/Shelfari
Nook…now has new platform offering new features that I haven’t checked out yet
Riddle (or it was it something else? i can’t remember)
Other Seller Site (iBooks, Kobo, Smashwords, All Romance Ebooks if that’s your thing and yada yada yada)

Are you tired yet? I’m freakin’ exhauted! I hate that crap and if I actually DID all that crap a often as ‘they’ say I should I’d never have time to WRITE A STORY. Yeah. See how far THAT gets ya, huh?

Being that us Indie Writers tends to travel in the same circles and gravitate to even smaller…sub…circles within our larger group we see a lot of each others crap on all of those sites. Some of us post A LOT and some of us hardly ever say anything. That would be me, except HERE and on my PERSONAL Facebook page. Other than that, the stuff is automatic, if I make a blog Twitter and Amazon and GoodReads automatically know about it and relay that information on to my ‘fans’. Yes, yes, I still hate that word when applied to me. I will never get used to it. I will never like it. I have Readers. I have Friends. I have Known Associates. Do you see the difference?

But I do have fans and so do my author friends. My artist friends have them too. There may be 1 or 100,000. Who knows. Who cares. The point is they’re out there.

At this point I would like to recommend to any business person/artist/writer/seller of goods & services using one or a combination of the above networks do themselves a big favor and have two accounts on each. One account is for your ‘fans’ where you post….well…bullshit. Fluffy stuff. Mostly happy/silly stuff. Maybe some ‘thought provoking’ stuff but, on the whole, nothing incendiary. It’s bad for business. All the way around. On your personal account, the one that’s CLOSED OFF to everyone but those you know/love/trust and who know/love/trust you and you let it all hang out.

Over the last year or two I’ve tried very hard to implement the above model and to fine tune it and hone it as best I can. My personal FB page is almost anything goes but I do try to be mindful if I find I’M about to post something others could consider incendiary if I’m not careful. I try to be mindful of things like that, not because I want to censor myself, but because whatever I’m spouting off about probably isn’t worth losing a friend over. BTW, I’m a Libra so my life is ALL about Beauty & Balance right down the proverbial line. However whatever I’m considering posting may be so ridiculous/funny/absurd/just plain whacked that I can’t help myself.

AND, of course, I have this blog. THIS is MY space and you’re all invited into it no matter who you are or where you are….Welcome. Pull up a Rock and let’s have a good pow-wow. Be forewarned; this is MY space and here I say whatever the hell I want and I don’t give a fuck who’s reading it or what they think. Actually, I’m probably hoping that some things I say will make you think. That probably doesn’t work either but I try.🙂

Here’s your last chance to click out….

Let’s chat a bit about George Zimmerman and the Texas Abortion Vote and what some ‘celebrities’ and those of us who just swimming in the same very big pool with them say on their FAN pages.

I think George Zimmerman is guilty as hell and I’m praying to all of the Gods that Florida finally gets something right. That state really needs a ‘win’ here.

I think women should have the right to choose and have all of the power in the world over their own bodies.

Others disagree.

That’s fine. I live in America. We’re allowed to disagree. We’re allowed to disagree in a verbally heated manner as well. We can’t shoot anyone over it or harass them or…well…just be a fucking asshole. I have seen more dickish behavior this week than I have in a long long time. It’s driving me crazy.

If you want to post on your FAN page that you think George Zimmerman is innocent and you hope he’s found not guilty, that’s your right. Go for it. I don’t expect, on your FAN page, to read a bunch of the “N” word….written by YOU as you’re trying to make your point. I don’t expect to read an outlandish amount of vulgarity nor do I expect to read that, in your opinion, by killing Trayvon Martin George Zimmerman ‘did the world a favor and saved us from another n____ gansta runnin’ the streets’.

If you want to post on your FAN page that you believe abortion is wrong that’s fine, again, it’s your right. I don’t expect, on your FAN page, to read a bunch of crap about ‘babykillers’ ‘whores’ ‘welfare bitches’ and ‘women who cry rape after’. Again…written by YOU.

Keep that shit on your PERSONAL page, huh? Face it, this is NOT helping you to grow or maintain your audience/readership. From the return comments I was stupid enough to go over and read….people are morons. That’s it. They’re just idiots bickering back and forth more interested in proving that they’re ‘right’ and you’re ‘wrong’ then they are in finding solid answers to real problems.

Sounds like Washington, DC, huh? Probably sounds like your State Capitol and City Hall as well.

I read so many posts like that in my FB feed and was treated to so many utterly thoughtless and degrading memes that I actually considered REPORTING people. I NEVER do that. But some of it was really really bad. Instead, I ‘unliked’ and ‘defriended’ a few people/pages because I just couldn’t go along with the vile manner in which they were expressing their opinions. Beyond that I really couldn’t take the high levels of ignorance and arrogance they went to in order to defend their original posts.

In the case of George Zimmerman, I discovered that the overwhelming majority of people don’t even seem to know anything about the law. They have no idea how the Judicial System even works. Yet they’re bitching about as though they’re the World’s Foremost Authority. That goes for posts on FB, Twitter, of course, the articles on Yahoo! News that always so intrigue me. (It’s horrible I know, it’s like waiting for the latest edition of ‘The Enquirer’ to come out but…I can’t help myself. LOL) When someone tries to enlighten them they get told they’re ‘stupid’ or ‘liberal’ or ‘libatard’ or ‘dumbocrat’ and all kinds of absolutely childish names. Here look, the whole ‘not allowing Trayvon Martin’s text messages thing’ is because Trayvon Martin is no longer here to put those texts in context. He isn’t here to give his side of the story of how those texts came to be or the circumstances surrounding them or his state of mind at the time he sent them. He’s not here to do that because George Zimmerman killed him. Therefore the ‘evidence’ is ‘inadmissible in court’.

Get it now?

I hate ‘unliking’ and ‘defriending’…just the terms alone are soooo stupid & childish! But that’s the world we’ve come to. Ain’t that a kick in the head?? I honestly didn’t know what else to do. ALL of those I ‘unliked’ or ‘defriended’ weren’t FRIENDS of mine. I don’t actually KNOW them in the Real World. We haven’t been CyberBuddies for years or anything like that. They were just Known Associate that’s all. There was ONE who teetered on the line for several hours. I can’t say we’re ‘friends’ but, I thought, we were a bit more than Known Associates. As such, I kept giving the Benefit of the Doubt to her. Eventually, whatever was bugging her subsided and she settled down but for a while there it was very close. I would not have liked to click ‘unfriend’ on her page.

The strange thing is; she was the only female.

That’s right, the rest were all men. How weird is that??

Some of those men have been my heroes for a very long time. These are men that I grew up adoring or admiring, wanting to be like or even be with, are tried and true assholes. I bet they believe Pat Robertson was right and every now and then a ‘disobedient wife’ really does ‘need a good spanking’. I also bet Pat enjoys the perverted hell out of it.🙂

Mind you none of these ‘celebrities’ are ‘A Listers’ in fact they never got on the ‘A List’ most of them hardly made it to Kathy Griffin’s ‘D List’. Still you’d recognize the names if I told with a; Oh, yeah I remember that guy wasn’t he on_______________. Hey, whatever happened to him anyway?

Oh well, whatareyagonnado?

I guess politics and religion always bring out the worst in people. Probably why our Founding Fathers tried to keep them separate but what the hell do I know?

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  1. Suzanne Geer

    I kept reposting that meme about how I don’t post to change someone else’s mind, but to encourage and support those who already agree with me? You know the one? Yeah, well, my brother kept arguing with me. So lucky me, I discovered a button that hides all my stuff from him, and that’s where he’s gonna be for a little while. Time out for you, little Jefferson Sunshine. Pthttppp. Meanwhile, hang in there girl! You rock, and I support both your opinions!!! Of course, I’m a bleeding heart liberal, so go figure. ❤

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