Florida….Can They Do ANYTHING Right

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I’m guessing the answer is ‘no’. Yep, I certainly am.

That’s three strikes for that state and they just got crossed off my list of Places to Visit Before I Die. They weren’t near the top of the list to begin with but I did think it might be nice. Not anymore.

From all stories and testimony this is how I understand George Zimmerman came to kill an unarmed teenager named Trayvon Martin;

George Zimmerman began the situation
George Zimmerman pursued the situation
George Zimmerman escalated the situation
Trayvon Martin died because of the situation
George Zimmerman gets to claim….Self-Defense?

Since when does the aggressor and the bully get to claim self-defense? Since when does anyone get to start a situation and then say ‘I was just defending myself’.


If Trayvon Martin had been armed or if he walked up to George Zimmerman out of the blue and acted aggressively I might be able to see the Jury’s warped point of view. But he wasn’t and he didn’t.

Trayvon Martin was tracked by an armed man with no power or authority whatsoever for doing nothing more than walking down the street at night. He ended up dead but that’s ok in the eyes of the Not-So-Great State of Florida. That’s ‘self-defense’ and ‘standing your ground’. Yeah. Right. Sounds more like justification to fire off your guns knowing you’ll never pay a penalty for the innocent life you take. Sounds more like the frickin’ Wild West than a Civilized Society.

It’s mind boggling. It’s disheartening. But it’s Florida, which is now sorta like saying, ‘it’s Texas’. That’s the excuse for the behavior in and of itself. We also use that excuse for New Jersey and California. (Sorry Karen, Freddie, Texxie, Kristina, Cathy, Liz, and anyone else I may have forgotten.) Difference there is I will still visit New Jersey and California.

I’m not one of those people who lowered this whole issue to race but now I do wonder; if George Zimmerman shot Travis Martin….would the verdict be the same? How about if he wasn’t ‘Zimmerman’ (they’re always telling me he’s 1/2 Hispanic) what is he was Jorge Rodriguez who shot Travis Martin? Still the same verdict?


I don’t know anymore.

My world’s getting smaller, did you know that? Yep, the places I can visit, the places I can shop, even the restaurants I can eat at….the lists are dwindling. Bummer.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, and unfortunately it looks like I’ll have to say it until the day I die; You REALLY CAN get killed just for livin’ in your American Skin. And nobody will give a shit.

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  1. it’s very very sad to hear that outcome. to me it says that just anybody can become a vigilante and do whatever the hell they please to whom they “think” is a devious character. he may have thought this person to be one but he should have stopped his personam persuit after he dialed 911 , but then again what would they have done since today they just shoot a dog for no apparent reason ast the owner not turning of his radio during a raid …
    I’m even more sad to say that America is quickly becoming a huge joke with everything that is happening. these mock trials, the police thinking they have all the power and can shoot at anybody , snowden (he got them good tho, way to go!!)

    • I hear you. It’s a travesty. I think my judicial system is turning into a huge joke. I read about the cops that shot the dog! That was ridiculous! Did you read about the animal control officer who shot the kittens??? In front of a family with small children no less and of course ‘the system’ says he did nothing wrong. Hooray for Snowden! At least somebody some where got something right!


      • i heard about the kities, it’s disgraceful, no matter what the ruling standard is for feral cats. you don’t do such a thing in front of little ones!!
        think some americans should really start considering how they want the world to see them cause they’re not doing a good job as of late (not that it was much good in the past😉 we tend to see the big USA as a meddling aunt who wants to have a say in everything even if it doesn’t concern them just because they think they can and are entitled to just because they are the USA ..)

  2. It just blows my mind that they didn’t go with the manslaughter charge.

  3. you’re one of the few good ones😉

  4. I can’t agree with you more, Lisa! Zimmerman was told to stand down. He had to get out of his car and approach this young man before any kind of confrontation could happen, leaving him to feel the need to defend himself. I still say we’re way off base with the gun control issues. It shouldn’t be about allowing people to bear arms, it should be about looking at the mental health of the person behind the weapon. Trayvon Martin may not have been a pure and innocent child, but he was NOT doing anything to justify Zimmerman confronting him. I can’t imagine what this jury saw that they feel justifies the death of this young man!

    • It’s just bizarre! I’m all in favor of people defending themselves when there’s a threat but I can’t apply that to the person who started the situation. It’s like saying “Well Your Honor, yes I shot the store owner and I killed him but it’s only because he was threatening me while I was robbing him and I felt that my life was in danger at that time. Therefore I stood my ground and defended myself.”

  5. Nina Simone did a song called Mississippi Goddam. Right not I’m substituting the word Mississippi with Florida. Sad indeed.

    • I vaguely know the tune. I keep hearing Neil Young twanging in my head something about a ‘Southern Man’. It is very sad and confounding. I don’t understand how the ‘laws’ work in Florida and something tells me that I don’t want to know.


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