FaceBook’s Magick Button or How to Retain Your Sanity in Tough Times

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YEAH! I finally found the Magick Button on Facebook! WOOT! WOOT!

Now I can keep my ‘friends’, my sanity and my temper. I’d say I could keep my ‘cool’ but in this heat who the hell can do that? LOL

If you are looking for the Magick Button so you can block some nasty offense crap from your own FB Feed without blocking someone/reporting someone/unfriending someone just

1) Go the ‘friends’ page
2) Click the arrow next to the little wheel
3) Click ‘report/block’
4) A menu will come up and the first option will be ‘block from feed’

You’re still ‘friends’. No one gets ‘blocked’. No one gets ‘reported’ and your sanity will flood back to you!

It’s awesome. I love it.

BTW, if anyone out there finds I am suddenly no longer ‘liking’ their status or commenting on their stuff it’s probably because I can’t see it anymore.

BTWII, the word ‘cracker’ originates from the sound the whip made when it was ‘cracked’. So, yeah, it’s just a tad bit different from ‘nigger’. Other truly racists terms would include but not be limited to; De’go, WOP, Mick, Spic, Wetback, Kike, Limey (Limey-Bastard), Gook, Chink, Slant-eyes, Jap, Spear-Chucker, Spook, Jig-Boo….what am I missing here? I know I’m leaving some ethnic group out somewhere. Let’s just so…. and others but not necessarily ‘cracker’ and it isn’t about the color of a white person’s skin.

Get it now?

Some of you do.

Others….you’re blocked from my FB feed! So….boo-ya!

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Beware...the truth is spoken here. If you can't handle that...buh-bye.

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