The Bitch is Back

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Hubby’s been tinkering and futzin’ with the bike. It’s been working for a while but running ‘hot’. I groaned when he said that because the last time that happened he spent months changing out jets. He spent about a week tracking down the problem and finally came to what my heart already knew; wrong jets. Thankfully he has a cra pwad of jets left over from the last time! LOL So he swapped them out twice and yesterday came home with the biggest shit-eatin-grin I’ve seen in a long time. A few more tweaks. A bath and we’re going to go for a ride!

I found a pair of sneakers….I did. Stuffed under a bunch of junk at the bottom on my closet. Flats are really the way to go on the back of the bike.🙂 I had forgotten that until our earlier spin around the block. Last night I could have sat on the back of the bike all night. I didn’t get so much as a twinge out of my hip.

We get on the bike, take off the up the street, turn on to Ocean Avenue and just past the corner store….the bike petered out.


Don’t panic. I’m sure it’s fine.

He tries to start it a few times and gets nothing. We agree that it doesn’t like ‘being wet’ from it’s bath. Wait a bit more. Try again. Nada.

Then we had a real ‘Star Trek’ moment and hubby sheepishly turned to me and said; “It helps if I turn the gas ON”


He did that and it started right up and we took of down to The Beach for the Classic Car Show. We got ice cream right away and for once ate mine so fast it didn’t have the chance to melt. We wandered a bit but it was so HOT we just wanted to get back on the bike and ride. So we did. We cruise past The Wall and head toward Downtown, hubby glides happily around the turn-around (that’s a rotary) and we go down Bank Street. Hubby says; “What do you think? You ready to go up on the highway?”

Yes, sir, I am!

We haul ass over the Gold Star Memorial Bridge, blast down I-95 and hist the one fairly nice straight-away. I heard him cranking the engine and I know we’re about to go to Warp Speed.


The world was a blur. Cars? What cars? I don’t see no cars. i see streaks of color but no actual cars😉

My eyes shut tight and I fought the urge to grab on to him in a death grip and in my head I’m yelling out; Father!

He laughs and laughs and says; Oh shut up, woman, you know you married him for the bike!

Yeah, ok, it was a HUGE selling point. i admit it. It was.

We just rocketed down the road and it felt AWESOME! At 135mph all your cares and woes have no other choice but to fall away and get left behind in the dust. At least for a little while. I tell you, at 135mph The Bitch only wanted to go faster, that bike wasn’t anywhere near top speed, I bet he could have wound it up to 160 or 170. That fucker’s a Beast, man! And I LOVE it and the man who drives it.

We went over to Mystic and stopped under the overpasses to catch out breath and enjoy the fading light. I snapped some pictures including this one


That’s one very happy hubby!

We meandered home, stopped for a soda, sat by the bike in the parking lot to drink it and have a cig. I looked at him and said; “So, still ready to trade it in for a Harley?”

“Nah,” hubby said and shook his head now seeing how ludicrous the idea is. We could never do that on a Harley. While cruising is wonderful and is mainly what we do I’m not ready to give up that glorious sound of the engine winding up and then jetting down the road like the ‘Enterprise’ hitting warp speed. I probably never will be.

Just as we hit the on ramp to I-95 and rounded that really sweet long sweeping corner I could hear/see my parents. My mother was going nuts; Richard! Richard! Do you see what YOUR daughter’s doing? She’s crazy! She’s gonna get killed!

I heard my Dad laughing. In between chuckles he reminded me to ‘be careful’ but to also ‘have fun’.

I’ll do my best to fulfill both of his requests so long as a helmet doesn’t come into play.

The Weatherman is promising me a delightful day for Sunday so I’m looking forward to a very long ride up past Old Saybrook and such just following the back roads and to see where they go. Also anticipating a little highway time😉

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  1. bliss!! be sure to let us in on a few trips and pics🙂

  2. awwww make more time for yourself and hubby xxx love ya

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