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Lately it was time to give Ye Olde Promo Wheel a good shove.

I had some extra cash so a few weeks ago I bought ad space in upcoming editions of; BTS eMag, Ind’Tale eMag, The Romance Reviews eMag, and went for a blog tour spot with 15 stops. All of these kick in September except the tour which should kick in October…if she ever gets back to me. Still waiting to hear from one eMag too. Oh yes and I have to do a blog spot for the September edition of Night Owl eMag, that’s due by the 29th and I must get my ass in gear for it!

Of course, being out here on my own, I have to come up with my own ads too. A while ago I started using an altered version of the cover for “The Heart of War” as a general graphic to promote the whole series. Picking ONE book is pain in the ass at this point as we barrel towards closing it out so I’d rather do what little I can to get word out about the WHOLE series. Each place wants graphics in their preferred sizes.


That’s ok when there’s just *some* difference between them I can hit ‘resize’ and be happy. One purchase came with a full-page ad in the eMag and one medium-sized ad displayed on their web site. When it comes to graphics there’s a massive difference between 181×450 and “Now send us something for the full-page ad in 8.5 x 11”


I spent all afternoon Tuesday and yesterday working on the full-page ad. I should have been writing but, to tell the truth, it’s too damn hot! I can barely manage sitting here sweating over fonts/colors/positions/decorations. UGH!

I posted the smaller ad on the New London Patch a few times and actually got a few hits. What the hell? ‘Announcements’ are FREE over there and I can throw it up there as many times as I like. I’ll keep it going for a few weeks doing it a few days each week.

Would you click this ad?


That one will be on The Patch for a while, on the Ind’Tales web site. The new graphic you see to your right on the side bar is the version that will appear in The Romance Reviews eMag.

I posted an earlier version of this one to FB yesterday but this is the final version and has been sent off to Ind’Tale for inclusion in the September eMag.


If you look closely you’ll notice ‘our friend’ is missing.😦 Killed me but….figured it’s best not to take the chance with ads) I sooooo want to use ‘that’ photo for the last cover, I think there’s a totally awesome cover for “Kingdoms of War” to be made around that picture. But…..sigh. Oh well.

Before I head out the door to work, which I’m very glad to go given it’ll be about 100 degrees today and the place is totally air-conditioned🙂, I’d thought I’d throw out a question to the group and see if anyone answers.

These ads are going to kick on or about September 1st. I thought I’d do a Late Summer Sale in conjunction with them and sell each e-book in the OF WAR Series for $0.99 each for the month of September. What do you think? I hate doing the $0.99 thing I think it cheapens everyone’s work but, for a month, maybe….

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  1. awesome work you did despite the hot weather being a pain!! i’d click them!!

  2. I love the ads, definate eye catcher. Question about your blog tour, will blogs have the option to sign up or are the 15 spots already determined?

    • I don’t know just how it works I’ve never paid for a blog tour. I’d love to have you be one of the stops. If she ever contacts me I’ll ask her. You look her up its coffee beans and love scenes.

      • I signed up to be a host for them so I’m guessing I will be notified when they begin schedualing for your tour. I don’t see it as an option as of now.

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