ME! On TV! Tonight!

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Holy crap!

So the nice lady from the Harbor Light Project called today to say they do a weekly TV show on MetroCast’s Cable Access. This show is every Thursday from 5-6pm. Tonight they’re having someone on to talk about “Fish Tales”–a Children’s Book Fair type thing we have here in the summer. That nice person will take up about 10-15 minutes and the rest of the time why….

“We’d really like to have you on, Lisa, to talk about the lighthouse.”

My jaw hit the desk!

I was certain she was going to say; “And we’d really like it if your boss could make it tonight.”

I said; “Me?”

She said; “Why yes, you! Why not you? We think you’re perfect for this.”



Then she said my boss could come if he wanted. I asked him but he’s busy tonight and when I told her that she said;

“That’s ok, you’re the one we really want anyway.”



She loved the way I described the lighthouse and what it means to me. She’s also very aware that I’m a local author because I emailed her and asked if I could use one of the pics she took of me inside the lighthouse as my new ‘author photograph’. She said ‘yes’ and I saw her come in to the site.

I might get a little tiny plug in for my books!

I’m very nervous. I’ve never been on TV and I’m not good at public speaking.

She told me it was all very ‘low tech’ and that I ‘always look nice so don’t worry about that’.

You know, now that this happening I think I can let out a little secret; when we went to the press conference for the lighthouse I was nervous and, for a tiny moment, I thought something along the lines of Oh great! I finally get a press conference and it’s about the lighthouse not my books!

To wit I heard; It’s the first of many to come. Just to get your toes wet for when we….

Oh shut up, I’ve had enough of transparent dangling carrots

You love my dangling carrot

Well, it’s more like a cucumber but, yes, I do

I let it go. We went to the press conference and had a nice time. I’d never been in the Customs House before it was very unique.

She called today and I got knocked out of my chair for a bit. I went out and had a smoke. Turned up face to the blistering sun and said;

Ok, Father, whatever this goes I’m following

I heard a laugh and; This is where we start

From his lips to G….oh yeah, right. From his lips to his own damn ears! LOL

Wish me luck! If anyone out there is in my area and you have a DVR…would you kindly record this for me? I can’t wait to see how dumbfounded I look on TV! LOL

If I get to plug the books just a tiny weeny little bit I’ll be so happy. I’ll be walking on air for weeks!

I just have to figure out what to wear so I don’t look like a total dope…or hippie. hahahaha

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  1. if they host the show themselves they might burn you a copy on DVD, the locals here do it too if asked nicely (free even)😉 and once you have your hands on a copy, let us enjoy it too!!
    you’re going global honey!!! woop woop *does the crazy Ares dance/shuffle* hihi

  2. Donna Ruggieri

    Good luck Lisa!!! I wish I could see it but I’m sure it’s not on my local cable in RI!!!😦

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