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Well, I survived my experience being on TV yesterday but I may not survive this HEAT! Today’s the worst day yet. It’s sooooo bad

(How bad is it?)

It’s soooo bad that I walked from the office door to my car a whopping fifty feet and was DRENCHED before I could open the door! I ran to the cable company, paid the bill, ran home, watered my poor plants, and then zipped up here to the bedroom where I will stay until this heat breaks. It’s supposed to rain tomorrow and if it does I’ll be out there naked dancing my butt off! We’re supposed to take a road trip to the famous Pepe’s Pizza in New Haven on Sunday but I don’t know about that if this keeps up. That’s a bummer because I’ve been looking forward to going there for years and we have a nice group of bikers who was are planning to go with us. I’ll let you know how that turns out.

Anyway, I managed to upload the entire show to YouTube for your enjoyment. I’m sure you’ll get a few laughs out of it. I wanted to just post a few clips but the format they gave me is funky and I couldn’t find a converter. I found tons of programs that said they would convert it. I even downloaded 3 or 4 of them but none of them were ‘as advertised’. Luckily, inspiration struck and I decided to try uploading it the way it is…it worked.πŸ™‚

It was an interesting experience and one I could get better at with time but I don’t know if I’ll get that chance. Susan was so kind to me, she gave me two openings to plug my books but I didn’t take them. I’m kicking myself in the butt now but it didn’t seem like the right thing to do. The show was about the Harbor Light and Community and a willingness to come together for a worthy cause. It wasn’t about me or my books. But if anyone out there wants to have me on their Book Show I’m here and willing to give it a shot! LOL I did my best to plug the union as best I could, it was really more about them…I think, I hope. I still don’t know why they wanted me so badly for the show after all I didn’t do anything except bring the project to the union but I did offer to bring my brush and paint the lighthouse if they should need assistance.πŸ™‚

The owner of the Monte Cristo Bookstore was there, him and the lady from New London Main St took up the first 15 minutes of the show talking about “Fish Tales”. I met him and he didn’t know who I was. That’s not surprising since I’m basically nobody but I have been in touch with him several times via email and he had no clue. Strange. Admittedly I don’t remember everyone who casually emails me but if I’ve been in touch with someone more than 2 or 3 times I definitely remember their names. It’s just good business sense.

Anyway, if you watch the videos below, you’ll see I did my best not to look directly at the cameras. They didn’t intimidate me but every time I looked at them I saw the monitor and how terrible I looked! ICK! What a fat old lady I’m turning into! Besides, I couldn’t get past my upbringing which dictates I ALWAYS look at the person who is speaking. It’s just good manners. Looking at the monitor (I haven’t watched the video yet!) I couldn’t stop seeing my mother! When I was little people always said I look just like my mother. Mom and I would smile, say thank you, then share a private chuckle because I’m adopted. But I DO look like her as I get older. Weird.

Oh well, rather than bore you with the details you can just watch the vids.

Last but certainly never least….30 years ago today I met my husband! I knew he was ‘the one’ the instant I saw him. I never looked back in spite of the naysayers and we built a pretty good life together. I love you honey!

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  1. Donna Ruggieri

    Congrats on the TV show and the anniversary of you and hubby meeting!!!πŸ™‚

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