The First Day-Long Ride

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Busy freakin’ weekend!

Nikki and Nate finally moved out. They’re gone. None of their stuff remains.

We sat around the second half of yesterday in our underwear in the living room watching TVπŸ™‚

Well we had to. Moving the rest of their stuff out led to us moving their couch upstairs and getting rid of ours. When we moved the couch I saw how filthy the rug was and spent the day cleaning the living room rug, the hallway rug, and the rug in my office. I sweat…a lot. hahahaha But all is very clean now and we have a new-to-us couch that’s dangerously comfortable. It’s very long and it came with one of those big hassocks. We rearranged the living room for optimum TV view and comfort. Now I could sit there all day and be a total slug!πŸ˜›

Oy! Is there a pile of junk in front of my house! We’ll have to call the junk man next week. Two couches, a big old yucky sewing table, a yucky La-Z-Boy, full-size mattress and box spring. My front yard is looking a little ‘ghetto’, how’s that?

Needless to say I didn’t do any writing yesterday.

I planned on doing it today, especially when hubby announced on Friday afternoon that we would not be going to New Haven this weekend due to a lack of funds. The weatherman said it was going to rain today. I thought I’d have the whole day to write but that’s not how it turned out. It did rain. For a while. It cooled things off nicely. Then it cleared up nicely. Hubby and two friends decided to meet up at Guitar Center and, yeah, oh, btw, their wives/girlfriends will be accompanying them.


Yeah, that means I have to go too. Especially on this trip, it was the first day cruise and Rob’s wife was coming. I never thought I’d see her get on the bike so it was a Must See. Since I wouldn’t be spending the day with him at the keyboard, I decided to don my ARES t-shirt and take him along for the ride. Slipped into sneakers, pulled my hair back and we all met up at Guitar Center. As we stood around waiting for Rob and Mandie and the sun started getting hot, hubby turned to me and said; “Do you want me to customized your shirt?”


Don’t you touch my shirt! LOL

That’s Jed, Rob, and my Hubby. As you can see the boys are consulting on something concerning Rob’s bike.πŸ™‚

The six of us spent four hours cruising around Southeastern Connecticut. Been a while since I hung my ass off the back of that thing for so long and, obviously, I brought the camera with me. Before I get going with my Our First Adventure Picture Gallery here, I want you to know that except for the photos taken in the graveyard ALL of them are taken at between 25-70mph. I was startled by how many of them came out so well especially being so out of practice and all.

We hit the open road



We wound up the back roads along the Connecticut River up through Essex, Haddam, Hadlyme, and all of those good towns.




Those are the “World Famous” Gelston House and Goodspeed Opera House. Do you have any idea how many times I have STOOD there and tried to get a good shot of these buildings? Seriously, do you? But at 25mph I can get off 2 shots of the Gelston House and 1 of the Goodspeed Opera House. Oh yeah, there’s like 500 feet between them. Go figure.πŸ™‚

We wound our way over the bridge


And down the road

We passed a fantastic photo op of the Connecticut River but I was unprepared and didn’t get it. We stopped not long after for pizza. Oh it was good! We had fun sitting around the table, munching our pizza, and chatting. It was very nice to be out on a ride again and to be able to share it with good friends was just the icing on the cake. As we left I said to hubby I wanted to go back and get the photo. I almost never do that. Forward. Ever Forward. That’s the mantra around here but it was a really nice shot. So we went back.


See, it was worth it.

Then we went back down the road again. Jed passed us and his girlfriend Tamara took out picture and then she…dropped it! Oh…it bounced down the road and shattered! Bummer! We stopped and were glad when we found out it wasn’t her cell phone it was an iPod or something. Phew. Cuz it’s toast, baby! LOL

We stopped in a graveyard for more photo ops and a little rest. I love the graveyards around here…like to have sex in them, I see that’s probably on the horizon once again now that the bike is up and running…Aunty Moon like!πŸ™‚






Then it was back on the road and heading for home.


We passed this house on the way in to the graveyard and I liked it. So I got a picture of it as we went by again at somewhere around 40mph! Not too bad, huh?





Our friends did manage to get a shot of us as well


It was a very good day even if I didn’t get to play with Ares and Alena. And my face got burnt! LOL

I’m an Empty Nester now so come tomorrow afternoon when I get home from work the house will be empty and I should be able to get back to story. That should be especially nice now that my office rug is clean and it smells nice in here.πŸ™‚

Wish me luck on that one even though I’m not sure I’ll need it. I’m not the only one who likes cruising on the bike.

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