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My day started off pretty normal, except the coffee maker’s broken….Gods that SUH-UCKS! Been pouring boiling water over the ground and waiting for it drip down into the pot all weekend!🙂 Hubby left for work, I turned on Ye Olde Computer and went over to The Patch like I do every day.

New London Firefighters Union President Wife Charged with Shoplifting

Oh crap!

The headline is a bit wonky, I wasn’t sure if the Union President or his WIFE was charged with shoplifting but…it was BOTH.

Double crap!

I ran over to The Day and checked them out….you may be lucky enough to read this article depending on when you reach this post

New London Firefighters Union President Charged with Shoplifting from UCONN Bookstore

Sam Jackson time….Motherfucker!


The short of it is Rocco Basilica and his wife were caught shoplifting roughly $82.00 worth of merchandise from the UCONN Bookstore. So it’s not like one could say it was ‘an accident’…oops…did I drop the key chain into my pocket? Oh, I’m so sorry about that. Yeah. No. That ain’t flyin’ on this one.

Thanks to some quick thinking my illustrious Mayor Finizio was sort of able to get ahead of this thing and by about 3:30 it was

NL Fire Lieutenant Suspended on Shoplifting Charges (The Day)
Mayor Suspended Basilica Without Pay (The Patch)

Good for him but still, ya know….

Shit! Shit! And Double Shit! What the fuck????

Like we don’t pay these guys ENOUGH? Like we didn’t go through all of that BULLSHIT last year with the Mayor ‘threatening’ to layoff firefighters because of ‘budget constraints’. Like the fucking town didn’t go ape shit over THAT? Now we get slapped in the face with THIS?

Oh well, at least I wasn’t one of the ape shitters losing my mind over the far-fetched and ever-so-popular-political-tactic of “threatening Public Safety” to get what you want. Yeah. I wasn’t anywhere near the head of that loony group. Bet they’re sorry that ol’ Rocco didn’t lose his job now, huh?

Oh yeah.

You bet’cha.

I mean, and, ya know, let’s face it…this is a guy you HAVE TO let into your home if you’re unfortunate enough to have it CATCH FIRE. So…who knows what else he’s ‘light fingered’ in his days. I hate to say that. I went to school with Rocco and I have a soft spot in my heart for the BIG lug. I mean that literally, he is a very BIG lug…think ‘Mongo’ in “Blazing Saddles” but a little more articulate.

He could be a bit of a lunk and a bully. I’m not so old that I don’t remember certain things from my youth. I remember very well. To tell you the truth, I was SHOCKED the day Rocco knocked on my door in full firefighter gear to tell me there was a gas leak down the street and my street may have to be evacuated. He’s really the kind of guy I would have expected to go to “The ‘Family’ Business”. Not that HIS family is in ‘that’ “business” but, well, you get my point, right?

I hung my head and sighed as I read the articles. You know most of my Class turned out all right. We’re not movers and shakers, not most of us, but we did ok on the whole. Most of us knew that stealing was wrong anyway…especially when you’re not stealing food because you’re starving half to death AND when you can afford to pay for the items you want. I’m fairly certain Rocco’s mother tried to instill that in him.

They stole key chains, socks, cups, and shirts. Hardly what one would call ‘items of necessity’.

Being Rocco, it seems he decided to milk the system for all he could get realizing the backlash this would cause. He applied for Worker’s Comp…yesterday. The same day the whole thing came to light because he had to go to Court over the charges.


I want to read that Accident Report. I think the whole City does.

In the end, Rocco and his wife received Accelerated Rehabilitation. For those of you who don’t have that in your state, you should get it! It means that for a 1st time adult offender of a non-violent crime….it’s your Get Out of Jail Free Card. Your one and only Get Out of Jail Free Card so use it wisely. Keep your nose clean for 2 years and it will be expunged from your record. I’m not in favor of that, it’s not a bad deal, every one fucks up at least once and Second Chances are hard to come by especially these days. So…whatever.

Actually, I was surprised to hear he qualified for Accelerated Rehabilitation! LOL

But the Worker’s Comp pisses me off to no end. The timing is just too damn convenient. Rocco knew there was every chance he’d be Suspended Without Pay so he went this route to screw us all for his little indiscretion.

How nice.

But Worker’s Comp will be up to the (not so) Great State of Connecticut to decide to it will be interesting to see how THAT goes. Very interesting.

I’ll let you know how this particular cookie crumbles in the days/weeks/months ahead.

Do you want to know something? Over the last few weeks as the bike has gotten back together and we’ve gone for little rides and even in the truck, I’ve noticed something; we New Londoners are very spoiled. We are.

We don’t even know it!

In our recent travels I can’t begin to tell you how FEW Fire Departments we ran across. Never mind a single town that had 3 of them within 2 miles of each other. There was not a single ‘police sub-station’ in four hours of riding on Sunday! Not one!

Yet we bitch over letting a few firefighters go. Letting a few police officers go. Even letting the K-9 Unit go. Seems my Mayor wanted to put an effective halt to that program on account of an aging dog with arthritis and kennel fees or something like that. The Public went ape shit! Over an ARTHRITIC DOG! It wasn’t eve going to be put down. It was being ‘retired’ to live out its remaining days in peace and quiet with it’s police office handler.

Yep, that’s us. We’ll Shake, Jump, and Shout over anything BUT what’s actually important. Don’t get me wrong, it’s terrible when someone loses their job but I think it’s high time this City took a look at what it NEEDS and went for THAT over what it WANTS and continually going for that instead.

Just a thought. That’s all.

I guess about time somebody around here actually had one.

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