The Lighthouse & The Trash Saga

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Oh, wait, that title may be a bit misleading. Hummmm…..Yeah it is. Sorry. But, ya know, in there somewhere is probably a good Children’s Story. Not my genre I know but if you want to run with it be my guest.🙂

I came home from work today. Guess what happened. Oh, go on, geez, guess.

Did you say ‘nothing’? You’re so smart!

Yep. Nothing. The couches and junk are still there. The mini-fridge is gone but that’s only because someone came by yesterday, knocked on my door, and asked if it worked and if they could have it.

Yes, and help yourself, my friend! Take it away. Use it in good health.

No, the City of New London did not make good on its threat. At least not in what anyone who was given 1 day to comply would consider a ‘timely manner’. I can get that shit out of here and into a Junk Truck tomorrow. But I got this here piece of paper that says I only had 1 day to comply. Obviously, I am in violation and in total non-compliance already. So……

It’s quite the pickle.

I mean, legally, did the junk become the property of the City of New London at 10:56 this morning? Even though it’s in my yard?

Consider some of the other funky-junky they pull….I don’t know.

I wouldn’t want to *steal* from the City…now would I? That’s an arrestable offense whereas leaving some old couches around for a few days in my front yard adjacent to a city a sidewalk that’s begged for repairs for 40 YEARS is probably not so much.

What to do? What to do? I dunno.

Funny that though, huh? 40 years vs. a few days. Strange. Which would you consider the bigger ‘offense’? Which would you consider the bigger ‘problem’? Which would you consider to be the bigger ‘public safety issue’?


Like I said; it’s quite the pickle.

I guess I’m left with no other choice then to sit here and wait and watch and see just how long it takes the City of New London to put MY money where ITS mouth is. I don’t see much else that may be ‘appropriate’ or even ‘legal’ at this point.

Wanna take bets on the time line?

The sad thing about is that whoever reported this egregious ‘violation’ to the City will have to wait with me. Bummer, huh?

Oh well.

On a very happy and sarcasm free note…the Be Part of Something Big function is tonight!


Drum Roll Please……

So far I have helped to raise $100,000.00 in donations of time, labor, and materials to the Harbor Light Project! Yeah…go me. hahaha I never thought it would get THAT big when I read the article on The Patch. I knew it would be BIG and it would be GOOD for ‘my guys’ but not THIS BIG! No way. I’m tickled to death over it. I love that Lighthouse. I’d do anything for it. Between the donation of the scaffolding, shipping, time/labor just of ‘my guys’ it’s just about $100,000.00 not to mention the other people we’ve brought in on the project and their time/labor/materials nor the people we’re still reaching out to. Before it starts in October, so far, we’ve reduced the cost of the restoration project by about 1/3. How awesome is THAT?

(You wanna bitch about my couches….g’head.)

So I’ll get a little dressed up but not too much. I’ve been told a few times that this is an ‘informal summer gathering’. I’m thinking my white slacks and my slightly-hippie purple blouse. Should be nice. My boss and his lovely wife are coming. I’m gonna try to get him to do something I’ve never done before; have a drink with me. That’s right, not once have I ever sat down and had a drink with any boss. I’m hoping to change that tonight seeing as how there’s an open bar and all. I want to see if I can enter the Mixed Drink Contest. I hope I can. I’m going to do my Dad’s recipe for Manhattans. I think that’s a winner.😉 Hubby and I will do a little dancing, eat a bunch of cupcakes, and just have fun. Sounds good to me.

Speaking of my Dad, for those of you who don’t follow me on FB, a strange thing happened today.


Yes, my father who died in 1998 seems to need motorcycle insurance. Wow! They got bikes in the After Life! But, for some odd reason, you still need insurance. Oh yeah, and as you can see, at some point after he died my father married my husband! LOL I’m tellin’ ya once you’re in someone’s ‘system’ you just never get out.

Don’t that make ya wonder what those NSA files *really* look like????

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