The Lighthouse & The Trash Part Deux

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We have a little race going.

Hubby called the Junk Man to come pick up this crap. He’ll be here…at some point today. I’m waiting to see who gets here first the Junk Man or the City. My money’s on the Junk Man but we’ll see. If the Junk Man does get here first I hope I don’t get arrested for *stealing* from the City of New London. Of course, for me, that could be oodles of fun too. You know it could.🙂

I’ll let you know how it all turns out a little later today.

We went to the Lighthouse Party last night and had a very nice time. Although hubby kept complaining about the sword they used to cut the cakes. It’s very historic or something. Hubby seems to think it belongs in the Coast Guard Museum. I told him; You Snooze You Lose. It belongs to the Customs House and they can do what they want with it. Not that they’re doing anything ‘bad’ or ‘wrong’ with it. Newly married Coast Guard Officers use their swords to cut their wedding cakes after all…did you know that? I did. He seemed surprised.

Although watching someone cut a sheet cake with a sword was a different experience for me.

The party didn’t attract as many people as I hoped it would and I didn’t know anyone there. I had hoped a few people in my generation would come out to support the lighthouse but I guess they had better things to do. The price was a little prohibitive I guess $70.00/couple.

It was nice. The food was really good. They all 3 kinds of Clam Chowder, crackers & cheese, Swedish meatballs, chicken wings, finger sandwiches, fruit/veggies, and urns of coffee. We ate well. LOL

My boss came with his father in-law who was a very nice and funny guy. I like him. I like my boss too so that’s good. We sat at the table, just the four of us, laughing and talking. I’m pretty sure we were the loudest table in the place. Yes, I had a drink with him. A shot of Jack. Good stuff.

The band was good, very good especially for a 3-piece band. The drummer was really good. The singer and the keyboardist came and sat with us when they went on break. I think we may have been the only Working Class Table in the place. I don’t mean the others don’t/didn’t have jobs just that, well, their desks are probably much bigger than ours. The plaques probably read something like; President, or CEO, or something like that.

Near to the end of the night the band played “Moondance” so, of course, I made hubby get up and dance with me. We were the only ones who danced the whole time we were there. That’s sad. If you go out and the band’s ok, get up and boogie a bit, it’s a very big compliment to the band. And it’s fun. Can’t beat that, right?

As we were sitting at the table my boss said something along the lines of this just being the first fundraiser for the lighthouse and there may be as many as 4 or 5 more. And, oh yeah, we’re going to all of them.

What? Said I.

Oh yeah, said he, we’re going.

Ummmm…..ok? As long as I don’t have to run out and buy a new dress or something I guess it’s ok. But it’s not my gig. But the food makes up for it. So…it’s all good. LOL

Now I gotta go catch a bird. Maggie brought me another one but this one is flying around my house! I got it away from her and it took off into the basement. I put Maggie outside and went to find it but it’s hiding. Maybe I can find it before I go to work.

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