The Trash Saga–The Conclusion

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Well, guess who won the race.

Yep. Lou, the Junk Man, won the race and he was a day late!


Everyone I spoke to over this issue said the same thing; “Fuck ’em.” (’em being the wonderful City of New London). We all live in or around here, we all know the score, so yeah…fuck ’em. We all had a good laugh over the stupid ‘violation notice’ as we noted the many things that one can bitch about. Among them are:

Vacant Structures and Land
Sidewalks and Driveways
Accessory Structures
Motor Vehicles
Accumulation of Rubbish and Garbage
Rubbish Storage Facilities

Now some of those make sense and others are too vague to understand. But it seems if I don’t like the way my neighbor keeps their trash I can bitch about it. In fact, over the years and even right now, there are several things I could be a pansyass about the run to the City to complain about the condition of my neighbors properties. I would never do that. Why? Because it’s none of my damn business, that’s why. They’re all adults. They all have jobs. They’re all ‘responsible citizens’ and I figure they will take care of their individual little bobbles in their own way and in their own time.

But it’s ‘Sidewalks and Driveways’ that I love best. Does this mean I can call the Building Division, have them come down and take a look at my sidewalk and then hand the City a ‘violation notice’? Because if I can then come Monday morning I am so on the phone!

My second favorite part of this notice is down at the bottom where it says “you have the right to appeal per sec 111-1 attached”.

Oh, you’re ahead of me, aren’t you! You already guessed…there was nothing attached…I know you did. LOL

Yeah, ya gotta love it.

Anyway, I waited 72 hours for the City to put my money where its mouth is and, not surprisingly, they couldn’t do it. So the Junk Man showed up and hauled away what amounted to 1 pick-up truck full of stuff. One. So, you can see there wasn’t a whole bunch of ‘unsanitary debris’ hanging around in the first place.

Oh well at least this provided us and many others with a good belly laugh and I’m sure it will continue to do so for years to come. It’s the least the City can provide me with for my $4,000.00 yearly tax bill. After all they can’t give me good schools, good roads, good government, or any of the things they’re supposed to be doing with my money. They do show up every Thursday to pick up the regular trash…that’s nice of them and I appreciate that. And when I turn on the tap water does come out of it and it’s still good to drink but then again that’s been turned over to private company and it it’s a separate bill over and above the taxes.

But from now on I promise to do just what a bunch of other people around here do when they have ‘bulk items’ to get rid of; I’ll dump them on the side of a road somewhere instead of letting it sit on my lawn for a few days until conditions are right for me to call the Junk Man and have it hauled it away. Yes, that’s a much better solution, isn’t it?

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