The Grind Finally Stops

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Or is it just getting started? I don’t know anymore.

I do know I pulled off what I thought was going to be impossible! LOL

I did the blog post/ad for Night Owl and got that sent off.

I did the whole promo thing for Coffee Beans and Love Scenes (blog tour) and got that sent off.

I bought a Series Spotlight Ad for October’s Romance Reviews emag and got that sent off. That’s 2 ads for that one. It features 3 books in the series and should come with a custom interview about the series. It was nice, Smashwords paid off, so the ad only cost me $20.00. Can’t argue with that.πŸ˜‰

I’m inquiring about a second blog tour with another company also for October.

Between that and the ad in Ind’Tale and BTS emag and…whatever I’ve forgotten…we should be ALL the hell over the place between September and during the month of October. Yes, I’m just saturating as many places as I can find for my favorite month.πŸ™‚

This means it’s all behind me now. All of the ads and the posts and all of that happy-crappy is now fading in the rear view mirror. Of course, I won’t know if there are any ‘results’ from this massive splash promo until October or November. BUT I did also get “The Heart of War” spruced up…it wasn’t the wrong file after all..YEAH! I got “Women of War” spruced up a little. Hopefully now Smashwords lets it go through to the Premium Catalog and it will be available on iBooks soon. I took DOWN the OF WAR Anthology from all sites. From now on people have to buy the books individually. I may restore that during our big campaign here but I don’t know yet. The revamp on “Heart” actually brought the paperback price down by quite a bit so I’m hoping to make more sales there.

I also have to REMOVE ALL PDFs….sorry. Over this last week I’ve found “Heart”, “Child”, and “Rising Son” on several pirate sites and ALL of them in PDF format. If it’s going to be the most pirated format I can’t let “Kingdoms” go in it at all. So I thought it best to remove the PDFs from my site and I’m not offering that format in ‘giveaways’ or ‘reviews’ any longer since I can’t be sure how they got on so many places. I’m trying to tighten the noose and that’s not easy in the digital age.

I also started working on a new version of the cover for “Kingdoms”….hehehe….yeah yeah I won’t get away with it but what do you think of the ‘rough draft’ so far?


I said I wouldn’t get away with it! Geez! LOL But I sooo want to use that image on the last cover. After all it pretty much started the whole thing so why shouldn’t it finish it off? Oh yeah, copyright issues. LOL Bummer.

While I have NOT used this weekend to write, which has sort of pissed me off, I did use it to get my promo ducks in a row. Since I’ve stopped taking part in blog hops…mainly due to the ever increasing piracy issue….paid ads are nearly the only way for me to go anymore. I miss doing guest spots on people’s blogs but, unless it’s a HUGE blog, they don’t do much good. Hopefully the blog tour I’ve already paid for will change my mind about that. The other one I’m looking into is with a bigger ‘company’ so hopefully that will go well.

By the end of October the book reading world will either be totally sick of me or just starting to get into me. Let’s hope for the latter there, huh?πŸ™‚

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  1. Good luck with everything .

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