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Do you think that The Beatles had any idea of just how right they were?


I thought The Grind had stopped but I was wrong.

There are so many pitfalls to being an Indie Writer. There really are. One of them, at my advanced age, is my own fault brain!

Some how I got it stuck in my head that I had confused FEY with FAE in “Women of War”, so I went through the file and changed it in all of the appropriate places. Then I went BACK to “The Heart of War” and did the same damn thing! Yep. Two days worth of work, revamping and, of course, reuploading.

Shot to hell.

I went to sleep last night and Alena, in her very gentle way tapped me on the shoulder and suggested I go BACK to “Child of War-A God is Born” and check out what she had to say to Zeus regarding FEY vs. FAE.

Sam Jackson time……


I had it RIGHT all along OF COURSE I did! Damn it! And then went BACK and screwed the pooch.


Ok, my only defenses as I throw myself on the Mercy of the Court are I’m middle-aged and I’ve smoked an outrageous amount of good ganja in my life. Really good. And for a REALLY long period of time. BTW, I am SO NOT ashamed of that fact. So if it bothers you; tough.

Yeah, I know, when Alzheimer’s finally strikes I am soooo totally screwed.😛

I spent all day going back over those two files exchanging FEY for FAE in the appropriate places in both stories.

Thank the Gods I didn’t go through “A God is Born” and “Rising Son” doing the same thing, huh?

Then I spent this afternoon sprucing up just one chapter in “Heart”. I tossed almost all of the foreshadowing into the first real conversation between Ares and Alena. Then I let it slide the rest of the book except for a couple of sentences where Zeus shows his disapproval with Ares for having bred with a FEY.

Reformat all files. Upload them.

Now at 4:50pm I can sit back and breathe a sigh of relief. Well, mostly because no one bought one of the screwed up paperbacks. Not sure if someone got one of the screwed up ebooks, maybe. Maybe. Oh well. Too late now.

Over the last two days I also got “The Shame of Eminent Domain” updated. I rewrote the opening essay and was able to add in a few (sort of) recent pictures of Fort Trumbull showing that after all of these years the place is still empty. I know that book, now available in paperback and on Kindle (shameless plug!) will really only be of interest to those here in New London. So, to that end, I’m going to order 7 paperbacks. 3 for the Monte Cristo Bookshop. 3 for Mystic River Books. 1…for ME! LOL I’ll get the 6 into those 2 local shops and if they sell we’ll take it from there. The paperbacks include a link to my website and a list of my books so if anyone’s interested they can check me out. And it keeps my cost down. So that’s good too. Now I just have to order them. The ebook is a little pricey but since it’s an artsy-fartsy book I figured I could get away with it. I kept the essay short and avoided most political chatter. I’d rather let the photos speak for themselves on that one.

NOW…I have to come up with an “over view” of the ENTIRE SERIES for an upcoming blog tour.

Oh crap!

Anyone wanna take that on for me? You know I suck at that crap. How do I condense 4 novels and 1 short story into 2 or 3 pages?

Do you know what I need? The people who write Cliff Notes!🙂

If YOU want to take a stab at it please don’t hesitate. I can use all of the help I can get on this one.

Tomorrow it will be way past time to cut the grass so I’ll be doing that tomorrow afternoon rather than tending to “Kingdoms of War” (I don’t want another ‘violation notice’ from the City of New London….do I?). Maybe some time on Thursday I can get back to the story that’s been neglected the last two weeks in favor of other things.


I want to get to Apollo and Alena!


I’ve been waiting for this scene to come to fruition since DECEMBER!

But, in going over “Women of War” and some parts of “Heart of War” me thinks maybe we crossed The Ever Lovin’ Line a time or two where some of the sex is concerned. LOL

Yeah. Maybe. hahaha


I went over some of it. Flushed. Blushed. Got all hot and bothered and went; “Did I write THAT? No, certainly not. I wouldn’t write THAT.”


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  1. could write the short piece maybe from ravens kid pov? let her/him tell in short how he/she came to be and hint at the hardships of his/her heritage?

    • I wasn’t ever intending on bringing in Raven’s daughter, Maggie, as a character. But it’s a good idea. Writing this is going to suck salty monkey balls! LOL

      • should you use maggie as the storyteller and never really use her in the books then this could be some kind of nice peek into the future and keep the reader curious. that was my intent of this. it may be easier writing this from her pov then just jotting something down that may feel like a sum up of events. you can bring in some humor, or show her character

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