Good Business People-Do They Still Exist

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I don’t mean Wal-Mart and Exxon and that crew, we all know they suck. So they’re out of this particular equation at least for now. For now, let’s stick a little closer to home and take a stroll down Main Street in Your Town USA. Or, as in the case of New London, let’s walk down Bank Street to places like Sweeties Bakery or we could take a walk up Masonic Street to LV Computers. Or we could go over to a few neighboring towns and check out Ballestrini’s Day Care Centers… or, well let’s just walk.

Mom & Pop Shops are supposed to be a little bit better to work for. Not necessarily in terms of pay and benefits but in terms of fostering a good work environment and being places where those just starting out can ‘learn the ropes’ of working and then go off and keep climbing if they choose. We generally think of them as friendly and clean places, comfy, cozy, welcoming. Those who frequent them, those who like to “Shop Local” (which is a good idea at its foundation) like to think we’re helping our community, our friends, and our local economy when we spend money in these places.

Maybe we’re not.

Maybe we’re being duped.

Maybe that girl working her ass off behind the counter to grill your Panini and serve it to you with a smile is being paid LESS than minimum wage AND under the table. Maybe everyone except the owners of that lunch counter are being paid under the table and less than minimum wage. Maybe some aren’t being paid at all because they’re ‘interns’…at a bakery. Maybe the young person taking in your computer is being paid even less. Maybe that person is actually bringing home fifty to one hundred dollars a week in exchange for nearly 40 hours of their time AND they too are being paid under the table. Maybe they’re getting eyed by their employer and being spoken to in an inappropriate manner on a steady basis.

Maybe that lunch counter really isn’t so clean. It is possible that the girl being paid so pitifully just cleaned up several dead rats from the back room, rats that had been there so long they looked as though they’d turn to dust at any second. Maybe she had to use a paint scraper to get rid of the mouse poop from behind the refrigerator, the radiator, and in front of the window but only some bleach and a wad of paper towels to get rid of it from behind the grill. Maybe, at the end of the day, those tips you put in the TIP Jar don’t go to her and the others who work there. Maybe that “tip” jar is being taken home by the owners who don’t even consider splitting it with their shabbily treated employees.

Maybe, that girl tending to your children all week is also being paid minimum wage. How do you like that one? What do you pay for day care every week? And how many kids attend that day care center? How many employees do they have? Just for shits and giggles; do you think your kids are worth having day care providers who make more than minimum wage? Do you really think that’s a minimum wage job?

Just asking.

Take both of these young women who being paid so pitifully yet still working to the best of their abilities, and they both find they need a second job…because they’re paid so poorly at the first one, of course. So they go out and get one. Yep, they’re real go-getters willing to work two jobs to get ahead. I know there are tons of people out there who are the mistaken belief that there are millions and millions of Americans who ‘don’t want to work’ but they’re wrong. These two young women prove that point. It’s not that people ‘don’t want to work’. It’s more along the lines of people don’t want to work their asses off for peanuts and still not be able to make ends meet.

So, these two women get second jobs. The Day Care Center refuses to give a reference for their employee and tells her that she’s not to use them as a reference in the future because they don’t have time for the phone calls. That young woman’s mother tells her this is illegal. The employer must give an honest and fair reference. Tough shit if it’s inconvenient for them. She secures a second job. The Day Care Center refuses to give her her paycheck. Nice, huh? Again Mom steps; Go back there and demand your check, they cannot withhold your pay under ANY circumstances. So does and she gets it. The next thing you know she’s no longer on the work schedule. She hasn’t been ‘fired’ she’s just not being given any work. No work = no pay.

Remember, under these stressful circumstances, these people are taking care of YOUR kids. Yeah, one more time; what are you paying for day care every week?

The young woman working in the rat infested bakery gets a second job. It’s going to pay her $11.00/hour! It’s 3-4 days a week and every other Sunday. The hours aren’t great, only about 5 hours a day but that’s ok with her. There’s plenty of time for her work both jobs because the hours are pretty stead, mostly afternoons, she can work the bakery in the mornings. So she goes to the bakery, where she actually likes working even under the ‘shitty’ circumstances, and she’s fired for getting a second job. This upsets her greatly, she feels bad, she feels like SHE let THEM down. Her mother steps in to tell her; Screw Sweeties Bakery, they don’t come first, you do.

If any of the above places had been a ‘good employer’ they wouldn’t have lost their employee, right?

I understand that Mom & Pop Shops face different difficulties in business but that’s not an excuse for paying off the books or for paying wages so low one can’t live off of them when that business–such as a day care–is making money hand over fist. Just a suggestion here but when you’re shopping for a new place to watch your kids maybe you’d like to ask how much the employees are being paid to do that important job. Don’t ask the HMC ask the nearest worker.

It’s not an excuse for not hiring an exterminator or for letting animal fecal matter pile up so long it has to be removed with a paint scraper. People are EATING there….ick!

So the next time you want to shop…anywhere these days, I guess…have a good look around before you plunk down your money or eat that sandwich or say good-bye to your kid for the day or drop off your computer.

Irresponsibility isn’t just for Wal-Mart.

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  1. Hey I work at Walmart, im the exception, I do things without asking and am VERY friendly.🙂. Everyone comes thru my line🙂 cuz they love me. I agree though for the most part🙂

    • I don’t have any problems with the people who work at WalMart. I have a problem with WalMart itself do I don’t shop there.🙂

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  2. You are an ignorant bitch. Your daughter is one of the laziest, rudest, unmotivated people I have ever come across is my entire life. She showed up to work high on multiple occasions and went out of her way to get as little work done as possible. She is a liar. She or you called the health department after we stopped scheduling her – and guess what?! We passed with flying colors. She also lied to you about why we stopped scheduling her. She told us she couldn’t work the hours we needed her because of her new job. That’s it. And if minimum wage isn’t fair – talk to the government, because that’s what she got paid. If her lazy unemployed boyfriend didn’t take all her money, she would have been fine. We scheduled a meeting to discuss working different hours with her, but she no showed! This post is slander because it is all LIES. If you don’t want to hear from my lawyers, remove it. Maybe you should look at you daughter a little harder before you post shit like this.

    • I knew it wouldn’t take you long to rear your ugly head! LMAO!!!!

    • No you didn’t pass with flying colors, The Ledge Light Health District called me to report back regarding the rodent feces they found behind the fridge, the hole they found in the wall, the fact that you were told to hire an exterminator, the mis-labled food and so on. You are the ignorant bitch. How do you like getting treated the same way you treated my daughter? She got another job ON THE BOOKS at $11.00/hour. You paid her minimum wage UNDER THE TABLE in direct violation of State and Federal Labor Laws. But she wasn’t alone was she? No. All of your employees are off the books which means they have NO Unemployment Insurance and NO Worker’s Comp. They aren’t being credited for Social Security never mind any type of ‘benefits’. I’m the bitch? Yeah..right. I’ll be glad to meet your lawyer on my own. Bring it.

      • This is the last comment I’m wasting my time on. Once again you have proved yourself a liar because I have never baked anything chocolate banana, so get your facts right. You didn’t even pay 50% of your bill and your husband ate free twice because of your daughter, you ungrateful bitch. As a matter of fact, she signed a form explaining the rules of the business, which she repeatedly broke, including stealing merchandise from us on several occasions. I confronted her and gave her multiple chances at her job. Unlike white trash like you, I know there are other ways of getting even other than going ghetto bitch on someone like your crazy daughter did to our customers. We had one person complain that they thought she was going to “shank them”. You really need to take some control over your child. She begged us for a job because she had a record and no one else would hire her. She didn’t earn tips because she was too lazy to wait on tables. Tips are earned, not a god given right. If you don’t do the work you don’t earn tips, it is simple. I bust my ass every day and she thought she was entitled to tips. Welcome to the real world, get a fucking job you lazy piece of shit, instead of relying on the state to provide for your weed. Showing up high to work is NEVER acceptable. Being rude to MY customers is NEVER acceptable. Taking 15 minute smoke breaks while I pay you to be taking out the trash is NEVER acceptable. Not showing up for a staff meeting to discuss the current issues with your irresponsible, rude, unacceptable, lying, stealing behavior is NEVER acceptable. Being rude to your boss’s mother on a regular basis is NEvER acceptable. Calling your boss an asshole, joking or not, is NEVER acceptable. And having you mommy fight your battles when you are 21 and were given multiple chances is NEVeR acceptable. And seriously, it’s none of your business, but my intern was actually an intern from Lincoln Technical Institution. Feel free to call them and check up. And the health department said nothing other than fix a hole in the bathroom wall that had been there since the days of the pharmacy 50 years ago. It’s so pathetic that you try to ruin a small business because your daughter is a horrible worker and can’t hold down a job. The only way she is with 11 dollars is on her back with her mouth taped shut. She is a disgrace and you should be ashamed you raised her like that. You are pathetic. Go use your time to get some writing lessons and become a real writer because you have waisted enough of my time.

        • You get more pathetic by the second. This blog has over 3000 readers all across the globe and you’re just making yourself look like an idiot in front of all of them. Btw it’s strange how you and “curious” have the same ISP. Can you say….desperation?

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        • Oh last shot….you advertised for her job before your little meeting. I saw it on your Facebook page so you were never intending on keeping her. When people put money in tip jar they do it I good faith with the assumption the person who waited on them will get a cut. Not that the owner is gonna split it with their mommy.

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        • But mommy is fighting baby’s battle for her now…? And my mother had to wait on tables because your daughter wouldn’t. I’m not the federal government, I don’t set minimum wage, they do. She was paid minimum wage. Why should she get tips if she couldn’t even be bothered to bring a glass of water to a table when I asked her to and I wait on all the tables? And I don’t like being threatened. Rest assured I will follow up on your little post about needing bail for a justifiable homicide. Are you really defending her coming to work high and stealing from us?

        • A Dissatisfied Customer

          are you SERIOUSLY justifying the way you are talking? You are such an unprofessional piece of shit! Seriously “Owner” shut the hell up! You do nothing but talk big and make yourself look like an immature middle schooler! You ARE BY FAR NOT THE KIND OF PERSON I want to do business with let alone buy ANYTHING from. Just grow up already for the f**ksakes! Mrs. Darling took you up on your “Lawyer” comment, NOW DROP YOUR FOUL MOUTH AND DO SOMETHING! And btw speaking of “Blame federal government” PERHAPS if you DO NOT LIKE WHAT IS BEING SAID YOU SHOULD BLAME THEM FOR FREEDOM OF SPEECH BECAUSE THIS FALLS UNDER THAT! SHE, I AND EVERYONE ELSE IN THIS COUNTRY HAS THE RIGHT TI SAY ONLINE, IN PRESS OR OUT LOUD HOW WE FEEL ABOUT ANY AND EVERYTHING! But if you had every paid attention in school you would know its a basic right! The more I read from you “owner” the more I want to do bad bad things to you. So do yourself a favor JUST SHUT THE HELL UP and stop making yourself and business look even worse, okay?

        • A Dissatisfied Customer

          Connecticut Minimum Wage Rates

          Basic Minimum Rate (per hour)

          Premium Pay

          After Designated Hours 2

          Weekly 40

          In restaurants and hotel restaurants, for the 7th consecutive day of work, premium pay is required at time and one half the minimum rate.
          The Connecticut minimum wage rate automatically increases to 1/2 of 1 percent above the rate set in the Fair Labor Standards Act if the Federal minimum wage rate equals or becomes higher than the State minimum.

          Just in case the “owner’s” Jersey Shore self doesn’t know about this state’s Min wage pay

          Are You Paying People Under The Table? Think Again.

          Date Published:
          Christina Harris Schwinn
          Attorney Profile:
          Christina Harris Schwinn
          During tough economic times it is tempting to pay people under the table. Why? To save money. By paying people under the table the employer avoids paying workers’ compensation insurance premiums, the employer’s portion of the social security and Medicare taxes, and federal and state unemployment taxes on the employee’s wages. Is it a good idea? No.

          Paying people under the table is risky and, more often than not, more expensive in the long run. Why? Because when caught, an employer risks having its job site shut down for weeks by the Department of Financial Services Florida’s Division of Workers’ Compensation. If an investigator shows up on the worksite and discovers that there are workers on the site who are not on the employer’s payroll, the investigator will likely issue a stop work order which shuts the job down until the employer provides two years worth of payroll records, accounting ledgers and other records relating to payroll and any individuals classified as independent contractors. The records are audited to determine whether the employer failed to pay the appropriate workers’ compensation premium for all employees on the worksite. If it is determined that the employer failed to pay the total workers’ compensation premium which should have been paid, the employer will be required to pay not only the unpaid workers’ compensation premium for the last two years, but also a penalty of one and one-half times the unpaid premium, plus, potentially, a $5,000 fine per individual who was misclassified as an independent contractor.

          What happens if a person who was being paid under the table is injured on the job? Who pays? The employer, but the employer is stuck with paying the medical expenses and potentially other benefits itself as there is no insurance.

          What about employment taxes? Is the employer off the hook if it fails to withhold and remit employment taxes? The answer is no. Not only could the employer be required to remit its portion of the unpaid Medicare and Social Security taxes, the employer could also be required to pay the individual’s portion of the Medicare and Social Security taxes, plus penalties. And, if it is determined that the failure to pay was intentional, those who had the authority and were responsible for withholding and remitting the employment taxes to the government could be held personally liable.

          In addition to the above referenced penalties, an employer who paid individuals under the table who should have been treated as employees could lead to liability under the Fair Labor Standards Act for overtime, double damages and penalties.

          While it is tempting to pay people under the table to save money today, avoiding the temptation saves employers both the frustrations and headaches that result from an audit, having a worksite shut down and the potential financial liability associated with underpayments. For more information on stop work orders and the requirements under Florida’s workers’ compensation statute regarding independent contractors see

          In today’s environment controlling costs is important, but doing so smartly is even more important than ever. Paying people under the table is not only wrong, but it will also damage a company’s reputation in addition to creating financial liabilities that could far exceed the original costs that would have been incurred.

          A note to the reader: This article is intended to provide general information and is not intended to be a substitute for competent legal advice. Competent legal counsel should be consulted if you have questions regarding compliance with the law.

          Questions regarding the content of this column or past columns may be e-mailed to Christina Harris Schwinn at To view past columns written by Ms. Schwinn please visit the firm’s website at Ms. Schwinn is a partner and an experienced employment and real estate law attorney with the Pavese Law Firm

          And about paying employees under the table. Enjoy the reading

        • Fuck You Lindsay


        • Fuck You Lindsay

          When or IF you decide to have kids. Then come talk to my mother. You mouthy, low class, 2 bit shit talking hussy.

        • Well, Lindsay, how are you feeling today? You’ve given me and hundreds of other people tons of laughs so I thank you for that. And, btw, about half of southeastern CT has come in to read your little rants. You didn’t do yourself a single favor by posting here. You only showed what a….what did you say…oh, what a ‘white trash’ ‘cunt’ you really are. A responsible business owner KNOWS their “non employees” are worth more than minimum wage and does not pay under the table like you do. It appears that you, however, don’t know your “non employees” worth, don’t care about it, or them, or their lives and their bills and, in fact, it is my assertion from your posts here that if you could get away with paying them LESS than minimum wage you’d do so in a heartbeat. In closing, a mature and responsible business owner never would have replied to the original post *at all* never mind in the outlandishly childish ways you have done. With that said, by all means, keep ranting and raving over here I’m sure your own words will close your own doors in no time at all.

        • A Dissatisfied Customer

          Better words have never been spoken lbdarling. Its lovely seeing a grown up between the two of you and I award and congratulate you as well. Truer words have never been spoken when you stated her own words/behavior here will be her businesses own doing. Much peace and respect to you lbdarling.

    • Fuck You Lindsay

      Really Lindsay ?! That’s how you feel ? But yet, you told me, not once, not twice, but alot of times of how much of a good worker i am ? And i did nothing there ?! SERIOUSLY ?! Are you out of your damn fucking mind ? Everything you said was a bold face lie, and its okay tho, because what goes around, comes around. I was a good employee to you and Aaron, and you stopped scheduling me ? Thats a lie, you advertised my job when we were suppose to have a meeting, and that is childish. Keep my fucking boyfriends out ya fucking mouth or WE WILL have a problem, and thats not a threat, thats a promise, FUCK YOUR WHITE COLLAR LAWYERS, you dumb bitch. You got SOME FUCKING NERVE ! Your like what ? Almost 30 ? And your mad at a 22 year old tryna do better ? Fuck ya health department shit, lets get real and MATURE HERE LINDSAY ! Whos STALKING MY MOMS BLOGS !??!?! YOU BITCH !!! Grow up, take care of ya fuckin business, and be the better fucking person, oh wait, bitch comes from money so this shit is prob all entertainment for her ass. Oh and a little hint, YOUR ALL LIES AND YOUR SLANDER ! COME AT ME BITCH !

      • A Dissatisfied Customer

        Now now here, you make great points. If you were really as bad as “owner” said you were and if you did steal they would have been done with you long ago. BUT we not to sink to their level. If “owner” can’t be the bigger person and mature then we should be. Yes she is acting like a child, her spelling is horrid and the fact that she doesn’t know libel from slander is a joke. But all she is doing is making herself look bad and even if this does go to court, which I doubt it will, more then likely SHE will be found guilty for libel and defaming of character. From what’s said you are better off now, just keep being a good if not great worker, make that money and when Sweeties goes out of business for all it violations we can all point and laugh.

  3. Hey fucking cunt – we don’t have any employees! It’s not illegal to have an aemployee for a trial period which you daughter failed miserably! Oh and guess what – it’s illegal to use personal connections in government to benefit yourself and hurt others. Guess where I will be Monday morning… Get a life and some drug counseling for your worthless piece of shit daughter and some therapy for yourself.

    • Like I said; Put Up or Shut Up.

      You’re only making yourself look bad in a public forum.

      • No problem. Just so we are clear – I know where she works and they will be hearing all about this little mess.

        • A Dissatisfied Customer

          So wait instead of being a grown up or the bigger person or hell for that matter even a somewhat decent human, you rather waste your time on a Sunday making yourself look like an ass proving your business is of no good to go to because the “owner” shows how immature they are, and then go waste someone else’s time while they are at work running their business time (cause let’s be honest if they really wanted to know what she had done for you and how her work ethic was while with you they would have called you anyways) just to try and show that you’re what exactly? Better? Cause all I see as A Dissatisfied Customer is the fact that i should NEVER come back to your business. I honestly think you as a so called “owner” need to grow up and have some understand of the business world, but instead you will go on wasting your time today, and tomorrow trying to bring down a former “non-employee” (because as you stated you don’t have employee) because they told the truth and in turn you got in trouble with the health board? If i were you I would worry more about the loss of business after this hit and getting those health violations fixed. Shame on you trying to come off as an adult, shame shame.

        • I LOVE IT! Her new employer knows ALL about you…they will call the cops the second they SEE YOU. What the hell is WRONG with you??? Seriously. What is your major malfunction? You’re supposed to be a BUSINESS OWNER which means YOU are supposed to play by ALL of the rules. You don’t. If you want someone to ‘blame’ or ‘cry to’ look in a mirror. All of this is your own fault. If you ran a tight ship and a business that was above board NONE of this would have happened. None. Zippo. Zero. Nada. Nothing.

        • You’re a pathetic excuse for a human being and an even more pathetic excuse for a ‘business woman’.

    • Wow! Even if everything you have said is true about her daughter, her mother, the daughter’s boyfriend, and the health department you don’t handle yourself like a professional. You are a business owner, great, so am I. Have a little class. Learn to communicate. Learn some proper vocabulary. You claim this blog was slander, slander is a spoken defamation. A defamation in other media such as printed words or images is called libel.

      Stop using phrases like:

      “You are an ignorant bitch.”
      “ghetto bitch”
      “white trash like you”
      “Hey fucking cunt”

      • A Dissatisfied Customer

        oh thankful someone else! Maybe you can help show “owner” she isn’t as well smart as she thinks. She’s doing herself no justice by running her mouth like this. Thank you!

      • A Dissatisfied Customer

        IV. Other Important Laws

        print this section (PDF, 231KB)
        Wage Payment Laws

        The following represents a summary of selected laws; sections 31 -69a through 31-76k for review of full text consult Connecticut General Statutes.

        Sec. 31-71a. Payment of Wages; Definitions. Whenever used in sections 31-71a to 31-71i, inclusive; (1) “Employer” includes any individual, partnership, association, joint stock company, trust, corporation, the administrator or executor of the estate of a deceased person, the conservator of the estate of an incompetent, or the receiver, trustee, successor or assignee of any of the same, employing any person; including the State and any political subdivision thereof; (2) “Employee” includes any person suffered or permitted to work by an employer; (3) Wages” means compensation for labor or services rendered by an employee, whether the amount is determined on a time, task, piece, commission or other basis of calculation; (4) “Commissioner” means the labor commissioner.

        Sec. 31-71b. Weekly payment of wages. Exemptions. (a) Each employer, by himself, his agent or representative, shall pay weekly all moneys due each employee on a regular pay day, designated in advance by the employer, in cash, by negotiable checks or, upon an employee’s written request, by credit to such employee’s account in any bank which has agreed with the employer to accept such wage deposits. (b) The end of the pay period for which payment is made on a regular pay day shall be not more than eight days before such regular pay day, provided, if such regular pay day falls on an non-work day, payment shall be made on the preceding work day. (c) This section shall not be construed to prohibit a local or regional board of education and a recognized or certified exclusive bargaining representative of its certified employees or noncertified employees from including within their collective bargaining agreement a schedule for the payment of wages to certified or noncertified employees that differs from the requirements of sub-sections (a) and (b) of this section. (d) Nothing in this section shall be construed to apply to employees swapping work-days or shifts as permitted under a collective bargaining agreement.

        Sec. 31-71c. Payment of wages on termination of employment. (a) Whenever an employee voluntarily terminates his employment, the employer shall pay the employee’s wages in full not later than the next regular pay day, as designated under section 31-71b, either through the regular payment channels or by mail. (b) Whenever an employer discharges an employee, the employer shall pay the employee’s wages in full no later than the business day next succeeding the date of such discharge. (c) When work of any employee is suspended as a result of a labor dispute, or when an employee for any reason is laid off, the employer shall pay in full to such employee the wages earned by him not later than the next regular pay day, as designated under section 31-71b.

        Sec. 31-71d. Payment where wages disputed. (a) In case of a dispute over the amount of wages, the employer shall pay, without condition and within the time set by sections 31-71 a to 31-71i, inclusive, all wages, or parts thereof, conceded by him to be due, and the employee shall have all remedies provided by law, including those under said sections as to recovery of any balance claimed. (b) The acceptance by an employee of a payment under this section shall not constitute a release as to the balance of his claim and any release required by an employer as a condition to payment shall be void.

        Sec. 31-71e. Withholding of part of wages. No employer may withhold or divert any portion of an employee’s wages unless (1) the employer is required or empowered to do so by state or federal law, or (2) the employer has written authorization from the employee for deductions on a form approved by the commissioner, or (3) the deductions are authorized by the employee, in writing, for medical, surgical or hospital care or service, withogt financial benefit to the employer and recorded in the employer’s wage record book, or (4) the deductions are for contributions attributable to automatic enrollment, as defined in section 2 of this act, in a retirement plan described in Section 401(k), 403(b), 408, 408A, or 457 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, or any subsequent corresponding internal revenue code of the United States, as from time to time amended, established by the employer.

        Sec. 31-71f. Employer to furnish employee certain information. Each employer shall: (I) Advise his employees in writing, at the time of hiring, of the rate of remuneration, hours of employment and wage payment schedules, and (2) make available to his employees, either in writing or through a posted notice maintained in a place accessible to his employees, any employment practices and policies or change therein with regard to wages, vacation pay, sick leave, health and welfare benefits and comparable matters.

        Sec. 31-71g. Penalty. Any employer or any officer or agent of an employer or any other person authorized by an employer to pay wages who violates any provision of this part may be: (1) Fined not less than two thousand nor more than five thousand dollars or imprisoned not more than five years or both for each offense if the total amount of all unpaid wages owed to an employee is more than two thousand dollars; (2) fined not less than one thousand nor more than two thousand dollars or imprisoned not more than one year or both for each offense if the total amount of all unpaid wages owed to an employee is more than one thousand dollars but not more than two thousand dollars; (3) fined not less than five hundred nor more than one thousand dollars or imprisoned not more than six months or both for each offense if the total amount of all unpaid wages owed to an employee is more than five hundred but not more than one thousand dollars; or (4) fined no less than two hundred nor more than five hundred dollars or imprisoned not more than three months or both for each offense if the total amount of all unpaid wages owed to an employee is five hundred dollars or less.

        Sec. 31-71h. Regulations. The commissioner is authorized to issue regulations for the establishment of procedures for carrying out the provisions of sections 31-71a to 31-71i, inclusive.

        Sec. 31-71i. Waiver of weekly payment requirement. The commissioner may, upon application, waive the provisions of section 31-71b with respect to any particular week or weeks, and may also, upon application, permit any employer, subject to the provisions of this section to establish regular payday less frequently than weekly, provided each employee affected shall be paid in full at least once in each calendar month on a regularly established schedule.

        Sec. 31-72. Civil action to collect wage claim or arbitration award. When any employer fails to pay an employee wages in accordance with the provisions, of sections 31-71a to 31-71i, inclusive or fails to compensate an employee in accordance with section 31-76k or where an employee or a labor organization representing an employee institutes an action to enforce an arbitration award which requires an employer to make an employee whole or to make payments to an employee welfare fund, such employee or labor organization may recover, in a civil action, twice the 111 amount of such wages, with costs and such reasonable attorney’s fees as may be allowed by the court, and any agreement between him and his employer for payment of wages other than as specified in said sections shall be no defense to such action. The labor commissioner may collect the full amount of any such unpaid wages, payments due to an employee welfare fund or such arbitration award, as well as interest calculated in accordance with the provisions of section 31-265 from the date the wages or payment should have been received, had payment been made in a timely manner. In addition, the labor commissioner may bring any legal action necessary to recover twice the full amount of unpaid wages, payments due to an employee welfare fund or arbitration award, and the employer shall be required to pay the costs and such reasonable attorney’s fee as may be allowed by the court. The commissioner shall distribute any wages, arbitration awards or payments due to an employee welfare fund collected pursuant to this section to the appropriate person.

        Sec. 31-76k. Payment of fringe benefits upon termination of employment. If an employer policy or collective bargaining agreement provides for the payment of accrued fringe benefits upon termination, including but not limited to paid vacations, holidays, sick days and earned leave, and an employee is terminated without having received such accrued fringe benefits, such employee shall be compensated for such accrued fringe benefits exclusive of normal pension benefits in the form of wages in accordance with such agreement or policy but in no case less than the earned average rate for the accrual period pursuant to sections 31-71a to 31-71i, inclusive.

        Sec. 31-69a. Civil Penalty. In addition to the penalties provided in Chapter 557 or of Chapter 558 of the general statutes, any employer, officer, agent, or other person who violates any provision of Chapter 557 or Chapter 558 of the general statutes, or both shall be liable to the labor department for a civil penalty of three hundred dollars for each violation of said chapters. The Attorney General, upon complaint of the Labor Commissioner, shall institute a civil action to recover such civil penalty. Any amount recovered shall be deposited in the General Fund and credited to a separate nonlapsing appropriation to the Labor Department, for other current expenses, and may be used by the Labor Department to enforce the provisions of chapter 557 and this chapter.

        Sec. 31-69b. Discharge, discipline, penalty or discrimination prohibited. Right of action. (a) An employer shall not discharge, discipline, penalize or in any manner discriminate against any employee because the employee has filed a claim or instituted or caused to be instituted any investigation or proceeding chapter 557 or this chapter, or has testified or is about to testify in any such proceeding or because of the exercise by such employee on behalf of himself or others of any right afforded by of chapter 557 or this chapter.

        return to table of contents

        Section 31-13a
        Employers to Furnish Certain Information

        SECTION 31-13a. Employer to furnish record of hours worked, wages earned and deductions. With each wage payment each employer shall furnish to each employee in writing a record of hours worked, the gross earnings showing straight time and overtime as separate entries, itemized deductions and net earnings, except that the furnishing of a record of hours worked and the separation of straight time and overtime earnings shall not apply in the case of any employee with respect to whom the employer is specifically exempt from the keeping of time records and the payment of overtime under the Connecticut minimum wage act or the fair labor standards act.

        return to table of contents

        Section 31-51ii Meal Periods
        SECTION 31-51ii. Meal periods. Exemptions. Regulations.

        No person shall be required to work for seven and one-half or more consecutive hours without a period of at least thirty consecutive minutes for a meal. Such period shall be given at some time after the first two hours of work and before the last two hours.

        The provisions of this section shall not be construed to alter or impair the provisions of any collective bargaining agreement in effect on July 1, 1990.

        The Labor Commissioner shall exempt any employer from the requirements of this section if he finds that (1) requiring compliance would be adverse to public safety, (2) the duties of a position may only be performed by one employee, (3) the employer employs less than five employees on a shift at a single place of business provided the exemption shall only apply to the employees on such shift or (4) the continuous nature of an employer’s operations, such as chemical production or research experiments, requires that employees be available to respond to urgent or unusual conditions at all times and such employees are compensated for break and meal periods. The commissioner shall adopt regulations, in accordance with the provisions of chapter 54, to establish the procedures and requirements for the granting of such exemptions.

        The provisions of this section shall not apply to any professional employee certified by the State Board of Education and employed by a local or regional board of education of any town or regional school district to work directly with children.

        The provisions of this section shall not prevent any employer and employee from entering into a written agreement providing for a different schedule of meal periods than the schedule required by subsection (a) of this section.

        The provisions of this section shall not apply to any employer who provides thirty or more total minutes of paid rest or meal periods to employees within each seven and on-half hour work period.

        Any employer who violates the provisions of this section may be subject to civil penalties in accordance with section 31 -69a.
        return to table of contents

        Summary of Connecticut Prevailing Wage Law Section 31-53

        Connecticut’s prevailing wage law is codified in Connecticut General Statutes Section 31-53 and 31-53a. The law applies to each contract for the construction, remodeling, refinishing, refurbishing, rehabilitation, alteration or repair of any public works project by the State or its agents, or by any political subdivision of the State.

        Coverage: Conn. Gen. Stat. Section 31-53(g) provides monetary thresholds which must be met before the law is applicable. The prevailing wage law does not apply where the total cost of all work to be performed by all contractors and subcontractors in connection with new construction of a public works project is less than four hundred thousand ($400,000) dollars. The prevailing wages law does not apply in connection with remodeling, refinishing, refurbishing, rehabilitation, alteration or repair of any public works project under one hundred thousand ($100,000) dollars.

        Prevailing Rate: The prevailing rate consists of a base rate and a fringe benefit rate which may be paid in cash or benefits. Conn. Gen. Stat. Section 31-53(d) permits the Labor Commissioner to adopt and use the prevailing wage rate determinations as have been made by the Secretary of Labor of the United States under the provisions of the Davis-Bacon Act, as amended. The agent empowered to let such contract shall contact the Labor Commissioner at least ten, but not more than twenty days, prior to the date such contracts will be advertised for bid, to ascertain the proper prevailing rate. Under Connecticut General Statutes, 31-55a the rates will be adjusted annually on or before July 1st of each year. These new rates will be on the Department of Labor website.

        Certifications: Both the Contractor and the Contracting Agent must provide certifications to the Labor Commissioner. Prior to the award of any contract subject to the prevailing wage law, the contracting agent shall certify in writing to the Labor Commissioner the total dollar amount of work to be done in connection with the public works project, regardless of whether such project consists of one or more contracts. Upon the award of a contract subject to the prevailing wage law, the contractor who is awarded the contract shall also certify, under oath, to the Labor Commissioner the pay scale to be used by the contractor and any of his subcontractors for the work to be performed under the contract. Additionally, each employer subject to the prevailing wage law must file certified payrolls with the contracting agent including information, including but not limited to, employee names; occupations; hours worked; rates paid; and the employers compliance with various provisions of law.

        Penalties: There are various civil, criminal and administrative penalties for violations of the prevailing wage law. Failure to pay the prevailing rate is a crime which may be a felony depending upon the amount of unpaid wages. Knowingly filing a false certified payroll or failure to file a certified payroll is a Class D felony for which an employer may be fined up to five thousand dollars, imprisoned for up to five years, or both. Disregarding obligations under Conn. Gen. Stat. Section 31-53 may result in an administrative debarment which may preclude any firm, corporation, partnership or association in which such person or firms have an interest from receiving an award of a contract until a period of up to three years have elapsed. Additionally, civil penalties of $300 per violation of law may also be assessed upon the employer.

        Effective October 1, 2005, Public Act 05-50: Any person performing the work of any mechanic, laborer, or worker shall be paid prevailing wages —

        Just in case “Owner” thinks the “under the table” one doesn’t apply cause it talks about FL here’s this states.

    • Fuck You Lindsay


  4. A Dissatisfied Customer

    Several weeks ago before this blog came out I went to Sweeties and needless to say I WILL NEVER GO BACK! The “non-employees” as this ‘Owner” has now called them were NOTHING but rude and crass, the baked goods I got were not only OVERLY priced for what they were but tasted horrid! I only wish I had seen this blog sooner, as well as these comments that were posted just so I would not have wasted my time nor money. I hope the “non-employees” of this place are okay with knowing their manager/owner does not even think of them as employees, this is truly sad.

  5. i’m sorry lisa but i’m giggling a bit here. they really do not know you if they belief that trying to call your daughter and you names and slandering you, will get you to back off … you did your duty to inform the right instances of something that wasn’t right. that instance did their job, period. if they can’t handle it they shouldn’t be in bushiness. over here places like that are simply shut down until the problems are sorted…

    • I wish I could say the same for the ‘businesses’ over here that behave this way. Look, all I ask from ANY ‘business owner’ is that they pay their employees a fair wage…on the books, and they keep their place CLEAN. I mean they’re serving FOOD to the PUBLIC after all. The public has a right to know they *may* be eating in a sub-standard place.

  6. On a personal note; the baked goods are horrible! We got an assortment of them; the chocolate banana cupcake was so DRY I actually SCRAPED my TEETH along it as it CRUMBLED in my hand. I couldn’t even bite into it. It was so awful I couldn’t even think of eating it. The other baked goods were the same. We ate there, while the staff was polite–I was waited on by my daughter, after all–the menu was sub-par and so were the portions.

    I never would have posted a blog such as this if I did not feel it was absolutely justified. The people behind the counter were working their butts off now I hear she doesn’t even consider them ’employees’. What a sham. What a shame. The place is even worse than I thought.

  7. I think the business you daughter worked for is a terrible example of most small business. Most small business play by rules at least that is my experience. But if you shop a small business and see employees looking unhappy you can always ask them if things are okay at work and support them if things aren’t right. It’s the customers who have the money to spend that can make the biggest difference in any business big or small……by the way your daughter is lucky to have a strong mom in her corner.

  8. So you approve of someone showing up for work high on drugs?

  9. Anyone can ‘claim’ that someone else is high….it doesn’t make it so. Burden of proof is on the person making the claim. Usually, people make that ‘claim’ when they have no valid argument, or are losing an argument. The real focus should be that the ’employer’ is paying people under-the-table, which denies the employees payment into Social Security, denies employees of their right to medical benefits and worker’s compensation coverage, unemployment compensation, and denies the government (state and federal) of proper tax revenue….which is illegal under Federal and State Tax Codes. Having an employee on a ‘trial basis’ means you have them on the books, legally, and they have a 90 day probation period, a customary practice by nearly ALL businesses all over the U.S. Paying employees under-the-table is stealing from the employee and the government. The only time an employer does not have to report the income paid to an ’employee’ is if they are a contract employee and make up to $600 in a year’s time. Anything over that and the employer must either put them on the books as an employee or report it on a 1099 for the money paid to the contract employee. In other words, either way it needs to be reported.

  10. Well, I think she finally shut up and went away with her tail between her legs. Many thanks to all who chimed in with their opinions. Perhaps we’ll be able to get Lindsay a/k/a “Owner” to grow up a bit and take responsibility for herself, her actions, her business, and above all, her employees. Which she does have even if she doesn’t want to admit it. Lindsay, your mother should have told you by now that Personal Responsibility is a good thing. She also should have told you that if you’re going to be in business then you have a responsibility to do it RIGHT and play by the rules instead of being a foul-mouthed hot-tempered mama’s girl. As for this mama…she’s still waiting for you to put your money where that big mouth is. Face it, honey, you’re a Grade A Loser. You always will be.

  11. they are lucky I live so far away. think i will save the address for when i come home. Wolf

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