Cleaning House or Swiffer Sucks

I’ve been using that damn Swiffer Wet Jet thing for almost 8 months and I can report to you that the thing totally, utterly, and unequivocally SUH-CKS. I’d ‘clean’ the floor with it and it wasn’t ‘clean’. It looked ok but not clean. That wet jet liquid ain’t cheap and neither are those pads. I finally came to the conclusion that the only way that thing is of any value is if your floor is ALREADY CLEAN. Yep. Need a quick touch-up? Grab the Swiffer. Got a little spot of something icky? Grab the Swiffer. Got a floor that’s filthy because everyone tracked in the rain and mud?

Get a mop and bucket!

That’s exactly what I did today after work.

Since the kids moved out and we don’t have grand kids I stopped caring about the kitchen floor for the most part. But when we washed the carpets a few weeks ago I accidentally spilled hot soapy water on the kitchen floor…being ingenuous I used the carpet cleaner to suck it up. No scrub just suck. Damn! What a clean spot it made! LOL I realized then there just what a crappy job the Swiffer Wet Jet had been doing for me AND what it was costing me at nearly $12.00 for pads and $9.00 for the special liquid.

The topper was when Connie came into the house last night I just about died looking at that floor. I was so embarrassed to have her see that. Truly, I could have crawled into a hole right then and there. Not good. So I went to Benny’s got a new mop, new bucket, bottle of Pine Sol and even a new broom! Which I really needed cuz the old one is sorry shape! LOL It’s been used to scrub garbage cans, sweep the basement, sweep water out of the basement, sweet the deck and all kinds of stuff for which it was never intended.

As of this exact moment in time you could eat off my floor🙂

Sad to say that in 2013 there really isn’t any replacement for HOT WATER, soap, mop, and bucket to get Ye Olde Kitchen Floor sparkling. It didn’t take any longer than the Swiffer Wet Jet–mostly because I didn’t have to keep stopping to check and change the stupid pad and, in the end, Ye Olde Mop and Bucket did a 10x better job.

I won’t get rid of the stupid Swiffer Wet Jet but I will put it upstairs where it can do small jobs like the bathroom and bedroom floors. I think it will be good or at least ok on those jobs. The bathroom hardly fits two people and the bedroom…well…it’s really only my side of the bed that gets incredibly dirty. LOL

Funny, isn’t it? How a lot of things can look clean on the surface but not actually be clean? Weird. I think that Wet Jet liquid stuff actually attracted and held dirt once it dried. So, unless you have a really small kitchen floor I would not suggest that stupid thing to anyone. I wouldn’t suggest the dry Swiffer either. Nope. Stick to the broom.

Witches like brooms😉

Oh well, tried something ‘new’ and it didn’t work out. At least I tried it…I guess.

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