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Last night hubby and I were treated to dinner out by our neighbor, Connie. This is the same lady who got ticked off L&M’s parking lot with me and we all went to the P&Z Meeting and all of that happy-crappy. She also used to be babysit me. Not for my kids as a far, she was MY babysitter. LOL Yes, some families just never leave my street and I kinda like that.

So we took a stroll up to The Recovery Room which is a restaurant pretty much at the top of the street. If you like thin crust pizza and you’re in my area you should try this place. Very good.

The food is very good.

The staff? Seemed off its game last night. Everybody has an ‘off’ night or day and the place was jumping. But, still, the waitress wasn’t just lackluster she was a little snotty too. I don’t think she’d been trained as a waitress in any manner. Yes, one does need a bit of training to serve properly. It’s important not to reach directly across people as you’re serving. It’s important to bring everyone’s meal out to the table at or very near to the same time. Let me explain.

I ordered a salad…for dinner. That was the only thing I ordered; The Ocean Avenue Salad. So it was pretty obvious that was my dinner. Connie ordered a salad as an appetizer and the sea bass for dinner. Hubby ordered a chicken Thai pizza for his dinner. The waitress brought out the two salads together. Ok, not a huge deal. I sat there and picked at it a little bit as I waited for my companions to receive their dinners. About an half-hour later Connie’s fish arrived and about ten minutes after that hubby’s pizza arrived.


Ok, I know what you’re thinking; that’s the kitchen staff’s fault.


I’ll give it to you, I will. Either the waitress didn’t relay the order correctly to the cooks or the cooks just overlooked the obvious.

When it arrived the food was delicious. It’s always good up there, I haven’t had a ‘bad’ meal there yet and it’s been there a very long time.

I ordered a Coke, hubby ordered a Coke, Connie ordered a glass of white wine. The drinks came but it wasn’t until near the end of the meal that anyone said; Would you like a refill on that? Connie got a second glass of wine and a bottle of fizzy water. No one took the first, empty, glass away, it just sat next to her. When she brought her the water, she stood behind ME, reached past my shoulder, and straight under hubby’s nose to put the water down on the other side of the table.


Basically, she ignored our table for as long as she could.

The end of the night comes. They clear the table. Do they bring the bill? No. We had to ASK for it. It was a little pricey when it arrived; $80.00. Connie paid cash. The waitress took it away and brought back the change; a single 20 dollar bill. She didn’t even try to give us, the customers, the option of what we wanted to tip, she just figured she’d get the 20. That was pretty obvious from the way she behaved when Connie, after hemming and hawing and being encouraged by us to do so, handed the 20 back and asked the waitress to break it for her.

Customary tip is 18% but I can’t stand figuring that out so I always do 20%. That would have been a $16.00 tip from me for ‘average/good’ service and someone who had given me ‘great/excellent’ service would have gotten the 20 from me and I wouldn’t have a problem with that. I know they work their feet off and I appreciate that fact. But she was not ‘average’ or ‘good’, she was more ‘poor/fair’. So she received a $10.00 tip for the table.

But ya know, this is not the first time we’ve received wonky service lately. The last time we went to Outback we sat at a table that had yet to be bussed. The waiter came, put down silverware on the dirty table and asked us what we wanted. Hubby unwrapped his silverware and used the cloth napkin to clean the table and said, he’d like a new napkin, please. It was at that point the waiter looked down and said; “I could have gotten that for you.”

Duh. But you didn’t, dude.

His service was lousy too and he received less than 18% from us that night.

Anyway we walked home, we had coffee, sat around chatting and she went home. I watched her walk down the street and then we went up to bed. I discovered hubby has a new…thing…on his Flip-Board App. “Mind Blowing Facts” and he’s enthralled with it. I don’t know how much of actually qualifies as ‘facts’ but it’s pretty interesting. I was checking my email when he said; “Look at this dog!”


I said; “That’s not a dog! That’s a cross between a bear and gorilla. Is that even REAL?”

I went to the Almighty Google and typed ‘Russian Caucasian mountain dog’.



OMG! I want one!!!! It probably eats 50lbs a day and poops bigger than a horse but….I want one! Other than the above cute/cuddly pictures here’s why I want one




Look at those TEETH! Holy crap! Man, I know you don’t wanna see THAT charging at you! LOL I could walk that sucker down any dark street at 2am I damn well pleased…no gun needed.🙂

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