We’ll Take Your Money but Not You

I hate that attitude. I have done my best to spurn it every time I come across it. But in Grinding Ye Olde Promo Wheel it’s a wee bit difficult.

Up until this point, I have steadfastly refused to buy ad space with places that will not review self-published works or will not interview a self-published author BUT WILL take said authors money for an ad or two. I find that to be very two-faced.

When I started this big splash, I sought out places that welcomed Indie Writers….yes, even us of the Self-Published variety. To be honest, if you’re a writer signed to a ‘publishing house’ with more 75 writers…you are NOT an Indie Writer and that is NOT an Indie Publisher. It’s a Small Press. Although you’re on the lower end of the scale, you are a traditionally published writer. Not an ‘indie’. Please stop trying to take street cred away from those of us who are out here busting our butts to do EVERYTHING and MORE. Thank you.

I thought I had succeeded in accomplishing this mission until I tried to get an ‘interview’ with one place after plunking down my hard-earned money on an ad. After all, earlier this year, this place ‘recognized’ me by putting the cover of “The Heart of War” into some monthly contest they run. BTW, I lost but my cover really is light years better than those I was up against. Was I bitter? No. Who cares? I stopped going for ‘awards’ and things like that years ago when I ended my fan fiction ‘career’. I came to intimately know just how sneaky people can be in finding ways to cheat when I ran the Blue Moon Awards. So, I don’t put any stock in any online ‘awards’ program any longer. If you do, that’s cool. If you want to nominate me for something that’s cool too, I’ll happily accept and promo the hell out of it. But I’m not throwing my own hat in the ring. No way.

Anyway, back to our story….this place told me I could have my choice of two ‘free’ promotional opportunities but ‘interviews’ were only for authors who were on the NYTBSL multiple times.


Again…are we going for ‘indie’ or ‘small press’ or just ‘up and coming’ here?

They did however happily take my money for the ad! An ad *I* had to create whereas at least 3 of the other places I’ve signed up create an ad for me. I went back and looked at their site and Googled a few names on the ads and…hummmmmm. Seems this place, like many others, is relying on the buying power of the true Indie Author to keep them in business while not actually highlighting said author.


I dunno…maybe it’s just me….but it’s sort of like saying; your money is good enough for us, sure is since it’s nice and green, but you…well you…nah, we don’t want you.

Unfortunately, this place isn’t alone. There are TONS of places that will take YOUR MONEY but leave YOU BEHIND.

I understand that it’s the ‘bigger names’ that ‘sell papers’ or emags or bring in hits to a website or whatever. BUT I don’t see those bigger names willing to do many giveaways/guest spots/interviews and the like. I don’t even see them buying much ad space. I guess at some mythical point these types of places come looking for you. Personally, I wouldn’t know, as I’ve yet to reach that plateau. I probably never will. If my books ever ‘hit’ I’ll either be dead or too old to enjoy it.

If places like this would at least do 2 true Indie Authors Issues a year, my chances might improve. Just 2, that’s all. The other 6 to 10 issues out of the year they can do ‘business as usual’. But I think that twice a year isn’t too much to ask to actually shine a spotlight on and support those who are, in fact, supporting your business as they struggle to make a name for themselves.

I have thought about my 2 options but since the article has to be so short I can’t come up with anything. I’d like to do something on The Perils of Indie Publishing but I’d need at least 4 pages and not 1,000 words. Bummer. That could be interesting. I have a lot of good advice on that subject.🙂

I found a few more bucks yesterday and inquired about two more ads with sites I’ve previously been on. One of them reviewed “Heart” and “A God is Born” but won’t review “Rising Son” or “Women of War” since they found out I’m Self-Published and they seem to have a reputation to uphold or something. Yes, they LIKED both books! Well “Heart” more than “A God is Born”, their reviewer was one of those who couldn’t take Ares ‘cheating’ on Alena and it broke her heart…or something. Don’t even get me started on those people….that’s a whole blog by itself! LOL

The ads on their site are all from Indies like me. Those who aren’t truly Self-Published are with ‘publishing houses’ so small they’re not on the radar or who, like I once did, hide behind a ‘published by’ when it’s really just them. They are their own publisher. They are self-published. As long as I kept Moon Mistress Publishing as the first page on my site they, like others, were willing to keep working with me. As soon as I took it down it was; Sorry Charlie.

Two faced?

You bet.

Still, like Wal-Mart and Kindle….I’m stuck. It’s either go with places like the above or stick to my guns. I’ll die with my principles in tact…even if they kill me…but I wouldn’t mind doing so with a few bucks in my pocket.

Still not shopping at Wal-Mart.

Still on Kindle.

After these ads with this handful of places out of all that I’ve contacted….I’m not going back to them unless they ask me. They may never do that and that’s fine with me. Then again, I may ‘hit’ and say; Sorry, Charlie, I’m busy. When they come knocking on my door.

If there’s a next time around for a big splash I plan to keep it to only places that really like…maybe even love…Indie Authors. That support them by taking their money for ads AND giving them proper print time on their sites and emags.

I guess that’s the real joy in being a Self-Published Author who’s busting her butt to do EVERYTHING. I am free to say; I don’t think so. To whomever I want.🙂

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