Part-Timers….Here We Go

Before I start today’s little story I want to apologize to anyone who may have been offended by my ‘anti-piracy’ rant yesterday. It was not directed at any one person by any means. But I’ve found “Heart” on several pirate sites and it’s pissing me off. I hate to put it this way but; it’s one thing when people pirate, say, Stephen King’s books…he’s got more money than he’ll ever be able to spend but that doesn’t make it right. It’s completely another to do it to a small indie author like myself who is counting on those few dollars every month so they can maybe go to dinner and movie without killing the household budget. AND, if i make a rant like that and use all of those ‘tags’ then the rant tends to pop up when people go looking for my books FREE. It is my hope they read rants like that, recognize themselves and their wrong-doings and BUY a book rather spending their entire lives as a self-entitled cheap skate.

That’s all.

Ok on today’s little story.

Hubby’s working overtime. I’m lonely. I went upstairs depressed last night and was looking for something to cheer me up. I broke down and decided to watch the DVDs Karen sent me….BUT…I couldn’t find them! I tore the room apart looking for them! No luck. I found the ones that don’t have Ares in them but not the ones that do. Yes, I separated them, stacked the ‘good’ ones together in a case, in order, and put it away. For safe keeping. hahahaha

I put in one of those horrible DVDs I got from China (without knowing they were from China or that they are bootlegs pissed me right off when I found out, which was when the bank canceled my debit card.) and suffered through the first 15 minutes or so with sub-titles I can’t get rid of and quality so bad no one could make out what’s happening on the screen.

After more searching I found Karen’s DVDs….Oh Happy Day! I got the first disc, I put it in, but couldn’t remember which episode I wanted. I went to IMDB to get the Xena List off Kevin Smith’s page. (Do you know they still don’t have a picture of his sexy self up there? Grrrrrr) IMDB said; First up is “The Reckoning”. So I clicked for it. It plays I’m happy. There’s Xena in chains and Ares appears cowled. He speaks. The voice tickles my ears and makes me smile. He pulls back the cowl to reveal his face and…..

“Who’s that?”

Yes, I actually said out loud. Not once. Twice.

“Who is that guy? Hey! Wait!”

Wh-wh-what did you say? Who? Are you serious?

Yeah…who is he?

I swear to God I heard him fall over flat.


Wait! Sweetheart, I know you need new glasses but….really?

Yeah, really! What the hell’s wrong with you? Can’t you see….where’s MY Ares? How did THIS guy get on the video???

I mean it, I was really getting pissed. I was wanting to know who switched out/screwed with Karen’s DVDs!

YOUR Ares is right here, see, it’s me.

Ok, fine, YOU’RE here but where’s…..

Oh my God! Are you ill? Having a major hot flash? What is it? You can tell me anything….hummmm. I’m worried here, tell me, what’s wrong?

This guy looks like him and all but I just wanna know where….HO-LY Shit! It IS him! Look how YOUNG! Where’s the lines around his eyes? Where’s the touch of grey? Where’s….

Phew…I thought I was going to have to call for an ambulance for you or something. In the future, don’t scare me like that!

Yep, I didn’t recognize him…at all. It made me feel like a dirty old lady for a moment, even though he was well past the age of consent when that episode was filmed. In fact, he was 32.🙂

In my own defense my Go-To episode is “Old Ares Had a Farm” because in it he makes me laugh and gives me the warm fuzzies which is the ultimate combination in any male…as far as I’m concerned anyway. I love those lines around his eyes and that touch of grey in his hair. Sigh.

IMDB informed me that “The Reckoning” aired in….(whimper/sob)….1995. “Old Ares Had a Farm” aired in 2001. What a difference 6 years made. He just got sexier as he got older.

So I watched the episode and then the next one “The Ties That Bind” and somewhere in there it occurred to that, if she knows about me, his widow must HATE me. She probably wants to scratch my eyes out and I wouldn’t blame her. If I was his widow I’d want to scratch my eyes out too! LOL What a bitch I am! LOL

Tonight “Old Ares Had a Farm” is on the menu just so I can see *my* Ares and maybe get a hot flash or two.😉

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