What’s In YOUR Water


Let me start by saying that when The Powers That Be started selling water in bottles I was the first one to laugh my ass off thinking; WTF? Is our regular water supply so bad that we shouldn’t drink it?

Of course it wouldn’t have shocked the hell out of me if that turned out to be true! Especially here in New London where, for a very long time, our water had a very metallic taste to it. I wouldn’t drink it. Not for years. In fact, I wouldn’t drink it for so long that I convinced myself I just didn’t like water. So, if I could help it at all, I avoided ALL plain/regular ol’ water at all costs. I figured not many people would want to BUY (at a hefty price) WATER they could get FREE from their own taps.

I was wrong. Oh boy was I wrong. Then again, people are idiots so I should have known better.

All types of bottled water hit the market. All of it claiming to be good for you cuz…hell…it’s WATER. Right?

It wasn’t long before people discovered there’s a huge difference in…WATER. At least the kind that’s sold in the supermarket anyway. MOST of was a con job and it still is. MOST of it is just filtered tap water. That’s right somebody slapped a Brita Filter on their tap and filled up millions of tiny bottles. Slapped labels on them, shipped them out to the consumer and made money hand over fist selling you something you could get for pennies a gallon but charging you $1.00 per 16 ounces.

In other words, what most of us thought was Natural Spring Water—mostly cuz of the nice nature-type labels–wasn’t. If you want Natural Spring Water you must read the label.

Never read the label…you might cry. I’ll get to that in a second.

There’s water, filtered water, enriched water, natural spring water, natural mountain water, distilled water, and all kinda of water.

Anyway, a while ago hubby and I decided to give up soda. 1-it was a way to ‘sour the milk’ at home and make the kids uncomfortable and 2-I read I could lose weight this way.

Well #2 didn’t work out so well.πŸ™‚

I took to making iced tea and to buying bottled water–marked Natural Spring Water– for quite a while. Yes, I know the bottles are bad for the environment so I bought it in gallon jugs to have at home. I bought either Stop & Shop Natural Spring Water or Poland Spring Water, which I loved since it ‘came to me straight from Maine’. Or so I thought. It’s actually coming to me straight from Mr. Nestle and I’ve come to hate that guy but that’s another story.

I came to like the gallon jugs but, let’s face it, water is tasteless. I like taste. I like bubbles. I wanted my Coca-Cola! I found ‘sparkling water’ with flavors and non-sparkling water with flavors. I liked them. I often bought SoBe LifeWater until Connecticut started charging the .05 bottle deposit on WATER. Hate those bastards. I found ICE water, very good stuff, tasty, but the dyes they use upset my stomach. Begrudgingly, a few weeks ago, I bought Poland Spring Water with juice/flavor. It’s tasty. I wanted to buy more last week but the price had gone up. VitaminWater Zero was on sale, I’d tried VitaminWater before and it was ok. I saw the ‘zero’ and thought I’d give it a shot. I picked up 6.

Very tasty stuff. I was enjoying the hell out of it! I really was. I read the front label which said something along the lines of ‘natural sweeteners’ so I turned the bottle OVER to find out what the natural sweetener was and the very first thing that met my eye was; Reverse Osmosis Water.

I thought; What the fuck is THAT?

I turned to hubby and said; “What the fuck is this Reverse Osmosis Water?”

He said; “Desalinization.”

Hummmmm. At first I thought….ok? Then I wondered; Why is Vitamin Water depleting the OCEAN to put their water in a bottle? Don’t they live near a lake/stream/reservoir? Something.

Keep in mind I had just watched “Oblivion” too so this was starting not to sit well with me…at all.

Then I thought; if it’s desalinated water, why doesn’t it say THAT? Why does it say Reverse Osmosis Water?

I went to the Almighty Google for the answer and OMG! This is not ‘desalinated water’ THIS water can start out as damn near ANYTHING; sea water, pond water, swamp water, brackish water, sewer water.

I couldn’t throw that bottle out fast enough! Nope, I certainly could not. Into the trash it went and I won’t buy any more of it. In fact, I even got a little after taste when I read about it…icky. All I could hear was ‘Tony Stark’ telling ‘Pepper’; “You could drink that water.”

Ah, no, ‘Tony’ YOU can drink that water if you want but I’ll pass.πŸ™‚

Again, I found myself wondering just what type of water supply Glaceau might be adjacent to because obviously it’s not a reservoir. Know what I mean, Vern?

Today I went to Glaceau’s website to find out more. Hummmmm….hit the link g’head. Ooooo looky, we’re learning about the Water Cycle. See how nice and ‘pure’ everything is with Glaceau. If you were less than bright you might think that applied to ALL their water, especially since you can’t get any information on VitaminWater Zero here…nope, you get a Facebook page when you hit that link. You get a Facebook page when you try to check out regular VitaminWater too. Only SmartWater has any info, so it must apply to ALL the products, right? Upon deeper inspection of this site one might think Glaceau is a Fly-By-Night Company, that’s how little is there. When, after much searching, I finally found some ‘official information’ on VitaminWater Zero….it doesn’t say a single thing about Reverse Osmosis Water. Hummm…I wonder why? Could it because it doesn’t sound very ‘natural’….at all?

My husband calls me a snob, he says this process can save lives all over the world.

Ok. Fine. If you live in the desert or some disease infested Third World Country.

But I don’t. And…MY tap works! I am darn near surrounded by good, clean, drinkable NATURAL WATER. Why would I settle for ‘water’ that may have been far less than ‘drinkable’ before it got into the VitaminWater Zero bottle??? Call me a snob all you want, that’s fine with me under these circumstances I’ll wear the label proudly.

In the meantime, I’ll be keeping my eye on other labels.

Who the hell would have ever thought that you would be unable to trust WATER in a bottle? What’s the world coming to? I feel as though I have been duped by pretty colored water in a pretty package. Shouldn’t they have to put that on the FRONT of the label? In BIG letters?

Oh, wait, yeah, no, that’s right….they don’t label growth hormones in meat either and then they all wonder why our kids are ‘obese’ and ‘maturing early’…..harumph! Geez, man, I dunno. It’s a real mystery.

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  1. I originally subscribed to your blog in an effort to win a free book or something, and as it turns out, the real prize was getting emails when you put up a new blog post. I thoroughly enjoy reading them. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with all of us.

    As for the bottled water thing, I’m fortunate enough to live in an area that has the best water in our entire state, so I stick to tap water most of the time. I do on occasion still pick up a soft drink, Vanilla Coke Zero being my particular poison, but by and large I’m sticking with water. I’m curious about trying some of those flavor add-ins like Mio, but I’d have to look into their ingredients to be sure it’s ok. It’s getting to the point where you have no idea what you can eat or drink anymore.

    • Hi, I’m very glad you like my zany little posts and I’m very happy to have you here.πŸ™‚

      The tap water here has gotten better and doesn’t have so much of a metallic after taste. I too would like to try Mio but am unsure of what’s in it and how it tastes. I’m waiting to see if any of my friends try it! LOL


  2. Hi Lisa! We had a “water” incident here as well. You’re so right, there are so many waters out there and I’m thinking who do I trust? Although we’ve been told that we have the best water in the state, we bought a filtration system and placed it on the main pipe for the water supply coming in to our home. We checked out the filters (yes, there are two) after a few months and found them slimy and golden like rust! So now we keep up with it and believe we have the best water we can get! I’d rather drink my clean tap water now than pay for cheap imitations. Then I have more money to feed my mind reading the treasures that you write!πŸ˜‰

  3. I stopped drinking the tap water years ago after making a big bowl of pasta… that smelled like bleach. That should tell you a little about the chlorine content of our water. Even the poor Brita filter was defenseless against the onslaught.

  4. We have well water that’s so very hard, has so much calcium in it, that when we had it tested the guy said he’d never seen it that high. We’ve pretty much always had a water softener as long as I can remember. With those high levels of calcium made it a necessity for us to have one but we didn’t want to drink all the salt the softener put in the water so the reverse osmosis system saved us there.

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