What Do You See?


I guess it’s a matter of perspective but before I continue I’ll ask you again;

What do YOU see?

Whatever that very first thought was that popped into your head–good, bad, or indifferent– and hold on to it until we reach the end of this post.

That picture was taken yesterday as the USS New Mexico returned home…that’s here…my home. A lot of places still call it ‘the sub base at New London’ but it’s really the Groton Sub Base. Cuz…it’s in Groton. But, long and ago and far away Groton didn’t have a Post Office so it wasn’t really a town so, to this day, a lot of people still call it the ‘New London Sub Base’.

I popped TheDay.com and that picture was the first thing that met my eye and I went;

Awwwww…..how sweet.

To me that picture is just like hundreds of others I’ve seen where a sailor comes home on leave, gets down on one knee at the dock, and asks his beloved to marry him. I think all of those pictures and moments are heartwarming and life-affirming. How the marriage turns out is a different story! We all know that. That doesn’t make The Moment any less sweet.

I read some of the comments on the article, sighed, groaned, shook my head, said; WTF a few times as I read comments about the article having been ‘changed’ between Monday and Tuesday and how some people ‘never would have commented AT ALL’ if this has been the lead picture. Those people’s comments, most of them, were simply welcoming the troops home and thanking them for their service. So, how does that work exactly? If they’d seen this picture they wouldn’t have welcomed the troops home and thanked them for their service?


Gay, Straight, or Somewhere In Between…this sailor and ALL of the sailors who came home and are still out there…are OUT THERE…defending YOUR rights and YOUR freedoms while you…what? Sit home eating chilli cheese Fritos, throwin’ down a few cold Buds, watching Baseball, and….bitching cuz there’s a Gay Guy doing what you won’t?

Nice goin’. Good job. Way to support The Home Team.

I clicked out The Day’s site and then went on about my day. At the END of which that same photo flashed across my Yahoo! News….

(I know, I know, I should stay away from the Yahoo! News but I just can’t help myself! That shit’s like crack. LOL)

For a fleeting second I thought; Oh well, at least we’re In The New for something *good* this time. Cuz that never happens. When we’re In The News you know The News is *bad*.

My elation was short-lived as I made the mistake of hitting ‘View Comments Here’.

Oh Bother.

Most of the comments were snarky at best and others were downright deplorable to say the least. These are things that you just would not want to hear coming out of someone’s mouth, which is mainly why the posters do it; they’re anonymous. Good Ol’ Internet Tough Guys. Mostly made up of a bunch of Real Life Pussies.

Call me Crazy—g’head, you won’t be the first or last!–but I’ve never had ‘problem’ with Gay People. Nope. I never thought they were ‘bad’ or ‘wrong’ or ‘perverted’ or ‘going to BURN IN HELL’ or anything like that. I have never confused Gay People with Pedophiles. Nope. I have never confused Gay People with scumbags. Nope. I have never seen Gay People as having some type of “agenda” to…Take Over the World…or something equally stupid. In fact, the only “agenda” I see is; We’d Like To Have The Same Rights YOU Do. No more. No less.

If that’s an “agenda” in your eyes, well, I’m still holding on to that bridge in Brooklyn that I’ve been trying to unload for some time now, and I think you may be the perfect buyer. It’s goin’ cheap too. You’re gonna love it.

But that seemed to be the Theme of The Day for this picture on Yahoo! It’s all about some “hidden agenda” and that this picture is “staged” to further said “agenda”. Which, btw, they’re sick of having ‘shoved in their faces’.

Wow. Hey, man, I’m as cynical as the next person but even that’s a bit much for me. Even so, I managed to refrain from leaving comments about having sex with one’s sister…go me…and clicked out with my stomach churning and my heart hurting.

Yes, I know, Freedom of Speech and all of that which I hold dear and support to the end, I’m all for it. I just find myself wishing that our Founding Fathers had the foresight to add something…anything…about ‘common sense’, ‘common decency’ and maybe even ‘taste’ in with it. Then again, they seem to have had more Common Sense than we do and took for granted that would continue on into the future. Sadly, they were wrong. Had they known I think they would have added a line that went something like this; With Great Freedom Comes Great Responsibly so Please, Dear Citizen, Do Not Mistake Your Freedom of Speech with Freedom to Be An Asshole…Thank You.


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  1. First thought was “yay….I hope he said yes” …..second thought was “I hope they don’t catch hell”

  2. More power to those men! and Welcome home Sailors! Thank you for everything you do and give every day! Anyone against these two men OR our Sailors can F**K OFF and suck a hairy monkey cock. *hmph*

  3. I made the mistake of reading the comments on Yahoo News. Damn what a bunch of idiots. They claim it must be staged because they can’t imagine why a photographer would be at the return of a sub that has been deployed for months. They also have never heard of surrogate I assume because they are happy that the men won’t be contributing to the gene pool.

    • Are they not just some of the most whacked out things you’ve ever read? “The Day” greets EVERY sub that comes to port. EVERY one of them. They always publish at least 1 picture and a small article. We may be small and f’d up but we’re a Home Port, damnit! We’re kinda proud of that fact.πŸ™‚ I love those comments too, I want to inform those people that just because one is gay doesn’t mean one is incapable of reproducing. All the parts still work.πŸ˜‰


  4. my first thought was yay, someone openly asks their partner for a lifetime commitment.
    then i read the rest of your post and i just shook my head. i fully agree with you, someone is free to love/marry whomever they want. the big us of a, one of the places that provided the biggest nastiest of porn you can imagine , no matter what the gender combo (or amount!) and then the “biblical” people start… hypocrisy come to mind. they never heard of “live and let live”? as long as they don’t have sex in your own house/bed who gives a flying fuck?
    we’re 2013!!! not 2013 BC… (and even then there were more gays then you would imagine and sadly pedo’s were rather common too)

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