Made it! Woot! Woooot!

What a long week in Ye Olde Personal Life. Let’s see, Sunday started out nice. We got up, we went to The Shack for breakfast, we came home to have one more cup of coffee before going off to do our respective stuff, I was in the kitchen when I heard; “OH SHIT!”


I dashed across the kitchen to the living room to see my hubby standing there holding his finger with a serious look on his face and the first thing he said to me was; “Don’t look.”

Up to the hospital we went for 5 stitches just above and kinda-sorta on the top knuckle of his right index finger. Of course it had to be that one…sigh.

Anyway, he had been trying to put the sliding door back on the track and used his pocket knife to pop the wheel but the knife didn’t lock and sliced right through to the bone. Yeah, it was nasty. Poor guy. But…for once… Lawrence & Memorial Hospital was not only expedient it was friendly too. I kept looking around thinking everyone must now have a Happy Pill at the start of shift or something. Either that or they all got a raise🙂 I dunno but there was only one surly person among them–she’ll never change–everyone else was all sweetness and light.

He came home with this huge bandage on his finger and a metal splint which he asked to have for work purposes. Needless to say there was little bike riding so I took him to work Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday so I was at work a half-hour early Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Which, btw, I won’t get paid for. He took the bike yesterday and today. He’s still got the stitches but he’s down to a knuckle Band-Aid instead of the massive gauze wrap. He wants to take the stitches out I told him he has to wait until at least Sunday. Maybe by Wednesday my favorite finger will be feeling….aggressive. Let’s hope. I’m not a happy camper here at the moment…LOL

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday we had a special class at work. Pre-Apprenticeship. While the people attending seemed to be getting a lot out of it and enjoying it, I sat in my office with no choice but to listen even the door and window were shut. For me, it was sort of like listening to paint dry for 3 days straight. No, I didn’t learn anything but they did so that’s good. I guess I should pay attention when they do these things it is possible that I could learn something too but what I’d do with the knowledge I dunno. Maybe an upcoming male character will be a carpenter. That’s not very exciting is it? Not on the surface. Oh well.

On Wednesday the Honorable Mayor Daryl Finizio came to class. I did learn something then. My Mayor is NOT a babbling idiot as some people might want me to think. In fact he’s rather eloquent and intelligent. I didn’t agree with some of what he had to say but at least he was able to articulate his opinions and his vision for the City of New London in a coherent manner.

Yesterday was finally quiet at work….ahhhhh. So I worked on the Newsletter all day. Finally got it out near the end of the day. Looked sch-weet too🙂 My boss was on TV talking about the Union and the Harbor Light Project last week…he finally brought the DVD to me Wednesday. Geez. A FOUR HOUR upload from work. What a pain! From home it took half that time to upload my TV appearance to my YouTube Channel. After getting it up and all linked to the Newsletter I discovered the second part has no sound. Neither does the second part of my appearance. Damnit! I can’t help it either, it’s the original format of the DVD that’s doing it and I’m still just happy that YouTube took them at all. People are starting to notice that there’s something wrong with union website, I keep questions that I can’t answer and don’t even know where to go for the answer. So I took the time to reformat and upload to the Newsletter server several forms that members can download and use. Of course we had pictures of the Mayor with the class and with my boss.

In between all of that I’ve been Grinding the Promo Wheel and picked up several more spots for our Last Blast Promo Tour. I’ll be on Fallen Angels at the end of the month with a new interview–yes, I already completed it and sent it back! I’ll be on Jody Kessler’s site in October. Still haven’t heard a single peep out of either of those Blog Tour Companies I hired. You watch, they’ll wait til the very last minute then bombard me with stuff. That’ll be fun.

Oh yeah, before I go…on Monday I got a call from the Ledge Light Health District letting me know they’d pulled a pop inspection on Sweeties Bakery and, why yes, they did find violations and, as a result, demoted their health grade. Yep mouse poop. Holes in the walls hidden by a refrigerator so the customers can’t see it but nice and convenient for mice and rats to use to crawl through the walls, land on the counter where the food is cooked, and then run around to their heart’s content. They were told to board up the hole and get an exterminator. They also got popped for mis-labeling and not labeling their food.

So, I am vindicated. So is Rebecca. I’m a bitch, a Maximum Bitch, you know it. BUT it does take quite a bit to get me there and I hardly ever unload without Just Cause and Evidence. That just would be stupid. I didn’t want to close the place…even though it sucks…I just wanted to walk up and smack them hard across the face. Mission Accomplished. Maybe they’ll straighten up and fly right from here on out.

Now it’s off to work. Dinner at Nikki’s tomorrow night but other than that my entire weekend should be free for writing! Let’s hope that’s how it goes.

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