Piggin’ Out in New London

The strangest thing happened to me today! I was at work and long about 10 o’clock got this really funny feeling in my stomach. It would NOT go away. It started to make me feel ill when I realized…I was STARVING!

Of course there’s nothing to eat at the Hall so I sat there all day with that gnawing rumbly tumbly feeling just getting worse and worse and worse. Oh it was awful. Then…then….the starving turned into CRAVINGS and I thought; Well, I’m too damn to be pregnant! LOL No matter what I did, I could not shake the idea that I wanted a hamburger pizza from Pizzarama and a dozen…a whole DOZEN…cup cakes from The Cake Lady.

I worked. I tried to ignore it but long about 1:45 I grabbed that phone and ordered a large hamburger pizza from Pizzarama which is like three doors up from the Union Hall.


Oh! So GOOD! No, I did not eat the whole thing๐Ÿ™‚ I WANTED to but I refrained and stuck to 2 pieces. 1- I was raised to be “a lady” which meant always leave a little something on my plate and never ever eat until I’m absolutely full. Which is probably what helped keep me a size 3 until I turned 40 then nature took over which leads to… 2-Let’s face it, at my age, everything sticks to the hips LOL But it’s still sitting there and it’s still hot and I might snag one more slice. The rest will be for snackage tonight when hubby and I watch a movie in our “new and improved” home theater. I have to say it’s still not my All-Time Favorite Pizza Place in New London but it is damn good and it’s been there forever. My old boss, Bob, is the one who got me into hamburger pizza from this place. Until him I hated hamburger pizza–much to my mother’s chagrin cuz she tried to get me to eat it for 28 years.๐Ÿ™‚ But he’d ordered it some times around lunch and it smelled so friggin’ good, but I’d refrain, then he’d walk into my office, plop a slice down in front of me, point at it and say; “Eat that.” Then walk away. LOL Yes, that was Bob’s idea of ‘taking care’ of me and I still love him for it. Near the end of his career, he’d get a pizza and I’d actually sit out in the Hall, away from my desk, and have a slice with him while we talked politics. He was a great boss and I still miss him.

My favorite pizza is still Ocean Avenue Pizza Palace, which is right down the street from me. They too have been there forever and always Family Owned and Operated. I really like Sam, the owner, he’s a New London Icon or something by now. Not to mention the fact that now that his family is older he has thee HOTTEST nephew/grandson/whoever working there. OMG! He’s got the Greek accent and that smile….oooo. He calls every woman ‘sweetheart’ and I love it. I sooo want to walk up to him and say; Would you mind growing your hair a little, taking your shirt off and letting me take your picture? I’d think you’re a perfect Raven for my book cover. Yeah, nothing like a side Steamy Goodness with your ‘za, huh? Oh yeah and they make a Souvlaki that is To Die For. I wish they sold the tatziki sauce in buckets I’d so take it home and slather it on like…everything.

My next stop after Pizzarama was


Which is also just down the street from the Union Hall…am I a lucky girl or what???


Ooooo…shiny, huh? Nice. Neat. Clean. Always good things.๐Ÿ˜‰




As you can see they make so many kinds of cupcakes that it’s really hard to choose 1 dozen. Really really difficult. But I managed it. Yes, I did get a whole dozen…


Well, actually I got a Baker’s Dozen. (Does anyone even know what that is anymore?) See the cupcakes with the chocolate icing and red sweet pea? See the tinier one? The lady behind the counter gave me a FREE cupcake because it was ‘off size’. Awesome! See the one with the green icing? That’s pistachio and it is my All Time Favorite, seems to be everybody else’s favorite too with it’s yummy pudding middle cuz that was the last one and I’m gonna eat it. Oh, ok, I’ll split it with hubby when he gets home cuz it’s his favorite too. I’ll bring some in for Chris tomorrow rather than being a total pig and eating the whole delicious box. LOL

We have red velvet, orange creamsicile, chocolate fudge, blueberry, vanilla strawberry, almond coconut, chocolate banana, and the pistachio, of course. If I forgot any flavor I’ll let you know what it was tomorrow after I devour it.๐Ÿ™‚

And she made a yummy cake for the Be Part of Something Big gala for the Harbor Light, you know the party Chris and I went to, were invited to, for all of the good we’ve done helping to restore the lighthouse. More on that later…we’ve gotten so much stuff donated to that project…we’re near $280,000.00 in materials, freight fees, and, of course, the talented work of several unions including my own. Not too shabby, huh? Here’s the cake she made


Now, granted, it didn’t look like the other cakes donated by the other bakeries neither of which were exactly “local” as no other New London bakery donated to the cause



While those two cakes are very nice…I can’t stand fondant I think it’s absolutely inedible crud. I also believe that if you don’t know how to make the butter cream icing on a cake smooth and seamless…the way my mother–the wedding cake maker–did and the way the Cake Lady has mastered…you should learn. Don’t use that awful fondant. And, her cake was the one that was cut and served to the guests. Let’s face it, not only does it actually LOOK edible and delicious it IS edible and delicious. Not to take anything away from the other two non-local bakeries. I’m sure their other goodies are wonderful. Not that I’m driving up to Old Saybrook to find out but…still…it’s probably a safe bet. But given other ‘current circumstances’ I guess one never knows for sure.๐Ÿ˜‰

So, as you can see, we have tons of really GOOD places to eat here in New London, places that are clean and even manage to pay their employees well, properly even. My, my, my. If you’re ever in my neck of the woods we can pig out together.๐Ÿ™‚

One last bit of good news before I go for the day. BTS eMag got back to me today with the ad they’ve come up with for the OF WAR Series next month…check it out!


Is that freakin’ AWESOME or what????? They always do such a great job! I’m very thankful to them for their efforts and their talent. That should sell some books!

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  1. Donna Ruggieri

    Wow, that wasn’t the best thing to read before dinner. Especially since I skipped lunch! Lmao. The ad looks great, congrats! If I hadn’t read the series I would now!!!

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