Being Principled

Can really suck sometimes!


It can. Having Morals and Scruples and Principles can be a royal pain in the ass because you have to hold to them and uphold them otherwise you’re nothing but a big mouth walking around on a fat head. It’s a LOT harder to put your money where your mouth is, to give a shit about anything other than yourself, to not go out of your way to stab people in the back and go around just taking advantage of them than it is to just live your life as a selfish asshole. I can see why some people are selfish assholes now; there’s no effort or thought required in being one.

But I am not one and I will never be one no matter what. I will hold to my Morals, Principles, and Scruples to the day I die even if they are what kills me.

To that end, I have removed the GoodReads sidebar from…every single book page of my site.

I’m whooped. I really am. That wasn’t what I planned for my afternoon at all but it’s what I got to do. I went over to Amazon/Kindle and a some other places, compiled a list of reviews for the books in the OF WAR Series, put up two reviews for each book on the first page. Looks nice! Then I made a list of 4-6 reviews for each book and attached it to ALL of the book’s pages on the site; home, excerpt, sexcerpt, ebook, and paperback. Oh joy! LOL Still…it really does kinda look nice.🙂

I took the GoodReads sidebar of “Dream Weaver”, “The Limikkin”, “The Shame of Eminent Domain-Fort Trumbull”, “Sex, Love, Magic”, and “A Window to Magickal Herbalism” but didn’t put up any reviews for those ‘lesser’ books. I just left up the old sidebar with the book covers and links. I should do “Dream Weaver” and “Eminent Domain” got a couple of nice reviews. The others are throw-aways to begin with so I don’t think I’ll bother there.

Now I’m left deciding whether to dump the GoodReads account altogether. Again, I’m in a pickle. GoodReads is really the ONLY Reader/Author site I use and I don’t really use it very much. I don’t post in groups or things like that. My page is updated automatically over there whenever I post a blog here but that’s about it. It’s really just a way for people to find me and my books.

Don’t get me wrong I belong to a ton of Author and Author/Reader sites….a whole mess of them. I just don’t remember which ones they are. Yeah…Part-Timers, it’s a bitch. ;P I know a good handful of them and I could start promoting them and using them but it’s really just such a pain in the neck to go around keeping up with all of those sites. Still, we must have ‘satellites sites’ to boost our ‘visibility’ because not everyone will find our own personal sites. We have to be ‘out there’.

I’m considering just leaving it the way it is. Whenever someone sends me a ‘friends’ request over there I’ll ‘accept’ it the way I always do and that’ll be about it. Which is about what it is now so no big loss. I think I’ll wait a week or so and see how this whole thing pans out before taking further corrective steps. It’s too bad too, I have great reviews over there and other than one small round of bullying have generally had a good experience with GoodReads but until that policy changes and “book shelves” labeled so violently and aimed at authors personally I don’t think I can ‘hang out’ over there or anything like that.

Oh well…my hubby is texting the crap out of me because it’s time to EAT so I have to go. I think we’re heading to Ocean Pizza or The Shack🙂

If you get the chance run on over and check it out for me. Let me know what you think of the new layout and updates.

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