My Town–Gods Help Us All

If you don’t live in or near New London, don’t have any ties, don’t care about New London (and why would you?) then this post isn’t for you.

If you do have any of those or you like politics and conspiracy theories and backstabbers and loud mouths…stick around you might get a laugh or two out of a very deadly serious subject.

I’m gonna say this again so everyone here knows; I am NOT a Mayor Hater. I am NOT a Council Lover. I did NOT vote for Daryl Finizio. I am NOT interested in standing in the man’s way over every tiny thing he wants to do either. We elected this guy the least we can do is let him try to do his job without ambushing him at every single turn. That’s my philosophy and I’m sticking to it.

Last but not least, I’m going to give you a definition for a word and I want you to remember it as you read…this for those who don’t understand but I know you most of you do so bear with me. Troll: Is Internet Slang for a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people,[1] by posting inflammatory,[2] extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a forum, chat room, or blog), either accidentally[3][4] or with the deliberate intent of provoking readers into an emotional response. So sayeth Wiki.

There is a small but highly vocal group of people who hang out over on The Patch and it seems that their only mission in life is to make The Mayor as miserable as humanly possible. Gee, does that type of individual sound familiar to you? Yeah, if they weren’t posting on a ‘news source’ you and I and everyone else would call them Trolls and rightly so. So we will from here on out.

Ok, on to the story and why we’re here today. Allegedly, on or about July 20th a woman was sexually assaulted in downtown New London by a man she didn’t know. For reasons that may become clear as we go along in this post that information was ‘withheld from the public’ until on or about July 23rd. In fact, we didn’t get a hell of a lot information on the guy other than…I believe it was…he was black, fat, bald and smelled bad. Yeah, that’s a lot of help, huh? What? Am I supposed to walk around New London sniffing every black balding pudgy guy that walks across my path to see if he smells bad? In the middle of SUMMER? Hummmmmm

Needless to say that gang of Trolls jumped on The Mayor like flies on a pile of shit. They also jumped on the NLPD, which on their other hand they’re trying to defend on a different issue. They jumped on ‘the news’ for not reporting it well enough or something. But, for the most part, it was all The Mayor’s fault. Hell, reading some of that stuff you might have thought that our Openly Gay Mayor RAPED the woman himself. It was a huge conspiracy theory as far as the Trolls were concerned. Major. Massive. They knew The Mayor talked to Member(s) of the NLPD that very day, yet The Mayor and Member(s) of the NLPD said this topic wasn’t discussed. This meant there was a cover up taking place. They played the Blame Game; The Mayor Should Have Told Us/The Police Should Have Told Us. Blah blah blah yackety-schmackety.

THEY got ‘the news’ involved so they could get answers. FOX News…btw.

It went on and on for quite some time….oh I’d say it was a month and two days, give or take.

Skip to today, just as it was all dying down and the blaring headlines on The Patch and “The Day” telling all of Southeastern, CT that the rape was false. The police gave a good account of how this finding came about. She couldn’t come up with any type of sketch. Her story changed quite a bit when she was asked to retell it. Blah blah blah and, in the end, she finally recanted “the original version of the event”.

Other than arresting her for filing a false report and billing her for the man hours the NLPD put in on the case, that really should signify The End on this morbid little tale.

No. Nah. Nope.

It’s a conspiracy. Still. There seems to be some idea out there that she was ‘forced’ into recanting. Somebody made her do it, damnit. Cuz, ya know, they couldn’t possibly be wrong. Never.

I ask; Who? The NLPD? I think not. I’m the first to say they’re probably not the best cops in the world but they ain’t the worst neither. I’m fairly certain they didn’t put her under any hot lights and bully her into saying it didn’t happen. Same goes for The Mayor.

I ask; Why would they do this in the first place? Why would they not take every *necessary and sane* precaution to protect the public? Why would they WANT to see a rapist go free?

Stupid me, I should have known the answer; It makes New London look bad.

Oh cripes. Really? We have a horrible reputation. It stinks. I know it. You know it too. A rape downtown really isn’t going to go too far toward making us look ‘worse’. We are home to the Original Pack of Bored Teenage Thugs…remember? And I really don’t believe The Mayor and the NLPD would go that far to save the City’s face. Nah. It’s not worth it.

They are absolutely certain she WAS raped and there’s a cover up in place. No one, not even the non-victim, is going to tell them different. AND even if it is true and she did lie…they feel no need to admit they were wrong, they went too far, or to say they’re sorry.

None. And they openly admit it.

Holy-fuckin-crap. Just…wow.

They are so full of themselves and their outright hatred for The Mayor that they can’t see anything else.

That woman could go on FOX News herself without silhouette, she cold completely recant with an honest apology to the City and the Citizens, tell exactly why she did it and….the Trolls still *wouldn’t believe her*.

Now, to be fair to the Trolls (although I don’t know why I should be), it is true that many actual rape victims recant after originally going to the police. They usually do it when it’s someone they know. In fact, in most of those cases, they never even report it to start with. So with “the original version of events” having been recanted, I’m willing to leave the door cracked to the idea that it did still happen, not the way she said, and that it was a current or ex-boyfriend not some smelly bald fat black guy. IF it happened at all. I am NOT willing to say that the Powers That Be (such as they are) within the City of New London bent over backwards to cover up ANYTHING. In fact, I’m damn sure this thing smelled fishy to the police from the get-go and that’s why news wasn’t released in a timely manner and no sketch was ever released to the public. Part of the job of the NLPD is to ensure it doesn’t report false information to the public and that it does not intentionally damage the reputations of others when it comes down to He Said/She Said. Or, as in this case just She Said. Oh, yeah, we’re still waiting on a Rape Kit to come back…we’re very expedient. This ain’t Law & Order, kinda sucks.

When it does come back, if it should show there is no evidence that any type of sexual intercourse even took place…will the Trolls rise to the occasion and apologize then? Or will I hear; He used a condom! Instead. Even though no condom has been mentioned thus far. Us adults know that ejaculate isn’t the only thing The Crime Lab is looking for but it will come down to just that with them, I have little doubt.

Meanwhile, there may be a Date Rapist or similar out there on the loose and this victim has just made it one hell of a lot harder to convict him. There may not be any rapist on the loose…my money’s on that one. Let’s be adult and agree that women DO lie about this…Tawana Brawley, anyone? In my mind, that’s a worse crime. When a woman LIES about being sexually assaulted…for whatever reason…she makes it that much harder for the next real victim to come forward and to be believed. She reinforces the stigma attached to rape and that real victims are ‘liars’. She risks ruining an innocent man’s reputation, putting him in prison and on a Sex Offenders List for the rest of his life. We’re adults, so let’s admit to the fact that innocent people go to jail every day based on nothing more than circumstantial evidence. Our system is not perfect by a long shot, it’s still the best out there, but it’s far from foolproof. As we’ve seen, with the advent of DNA there are many innocent men who have been freed from prison and the false charge of rape even murder. They can’t get those years back. They will never forget the things they experienced in prison under a false conviction. That shit will be with them forever. Just because someone lied.

Those things don’t matter to the Trolls.

No little things like The Truth are irrelevant to them.

Thankfully the ‘little things’ matter to other people.

I have just discovered I am not alone in my above mode of thinking! Holy crap! LOL If you hit the link for the article above the Trolls are getting SLAMMED! Yeah! There must be something in the air…Aries must be converging or rising or something. Woot! We Are The Troll Hunters.🙂

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