A Little Blast from the Past

Becca came by my work today, she wanted the keys to the house so she could use the Internet to look around online for a better job. Hopefully a better line of work actually but, you know, whatever, she’s young so she can keep doing this for a little while if she wants. I gave her the keys. She took off. She came back sometime later to return my keys.

I had a long day at work. Really long. I have a long night ahead of me. We’re going to Donny’s Wake/Memorial Service in a few hours. I didn’t bother with the computer when I came home. I popped a beer, sat down in front of the tube, caught up on “General Hospital” (more on that in a later post!), fed the cats, and waited for hubby to come home a little early. He did. We sat. We talked. We decided on a time to leave and that we might as well ‘do something’ while we wait. He’s playing SkyRim. I decided to come to the computer.

I walked up to the desk and there was something sitting under my monitor. I picked it up and shook my head.


Damn! That’s OLD! Wow look at how young and thin I was!

Then I heard the very loud sound of someone picking their teeth in disgust and then heard; Your hair was bigger than you.

I chuckled and looked at the picture again.

Yeah…ok…well, maybe you’re right, it was the 80s. But look at how thin and….

There went that took picking sound again. I got the point; too thin, too bony, it might snap in half on him. LOL

I laughed.

I made that cake, by myself, for hubby’s 20th birthday. You can’t see it in this picture but the whole thing is covered with a star-tip pattern. That was 28 years ago! I look at that and wonder who she is and where she went. She looks like me and she’s standing in front of my mantle and my fireplace but….

Still have those silver candle sticks, that ceramic flag, and a good bit of the glassware in the bookcase. The photo behind me, blessedly blocked out by the glare of the flash, is my Senior Picture and it’s still around here somewhere as well.

I guess it’s true; The More Things Change The More They Stay The Same.🙂

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  1. Donna Ruggieri

    LOVE the picture! I have some of those as well lmao!

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