Kiss And Say… or Freedom of (Hate) Speech Part Deux

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Yes, let’s Just Kiss and Say Goodbye.

That’s a right fine idea and I’ve taken it to heart by asking my account on the New London Patch be deleted. I’ve even blocked the site in my browser. Now if I type in the URL Firefox tells me I should not continue and I agree.

It’s a shame because I used to like that site. It used to be a fairly decent alternative to “The Day”….not great but definitely ok. It used to be reliable and I found it fairly trustworthy. Now I’ll have to get my news elsewhere. Hell I may even pay the $10.00/month to use “The Day” website. Yes, I know the Trolls are over there too BUT on that site I have to hit the link ‘click to read or view comments’ if I want to see what the hoard is up to. But not on The Patch it’s right there on the sidebar completely unavoidable by the human eye.

The strange thing is, I popped around and looked at other sub-domains of The Patch and found very little dickish behavior. Oh yes, people are upset with their local governments; they always have been they always will be. But I didn’t find many other towns that had been simply overrun with Trolls. People who have made it their absolute Mission in Life to make one person’s life as miserable as they possibly can.

This behavior is fairly unique to New Londoners. As far The Patch goes anyway. We know it’s not at all unique to New Londoners as far as the Internet goes. Hummmm….what do you think of a GoodReads “book shelf” entitled “These New Londoners Should Be Raped & Sodomized In Prison”? Do you think GoodReads would allow that? I mean, ya know, considering the other shit they allowed and gave the blanket coverage of “Freedom of Speech” to. Why not that book shelf? Sounds fair to me.

Oh…excuse me…what did you say? “Why?” Was that it? Why did I finally take the sane step of deleting my account?

Glad you asked.

I made a post over there yesterday asking if anyone else over there was just sick to death of the Trolls and their behavior to simply type ‘aye’ in the comment box. That’s it. Simple instruction. Easy peasey, right?


The Trolls blew it up…that’s their nature I know…in doing so they proved my point better than I ever could. I checked their responses, laughed my ass off, shook my head and said; You jackasses are sooo not worth my time. Then I asked for the account to be deleted.

I’m a writer. I’m not against “Freedom of Speech” but if someone is literally taking over a public news-based website and posting on a daily…sometimes hourly…basis…using it as their own personal soap box for anything at all I just can’t go along. If someone really has nothing else to do with their time and their lives then post post post post post about ONE person and how HORRIBLE they are then they should get THEIR OWN WEBSITE and post post post post post all of that crap there. I know it’s more difficult to do something for yourself than it is to just keep using someone else’s hard work as though it were your own but…give it a shot dip shit. Don’t be so goddamn lazy, you obviously have all of the time in the world to devote to just THIS so why not do it up right? In the process you can stop bugging the absolute piss out of people who are simply trying to peaceably congregate, get the news, share some good community news (new business, new baby, new location…whatever), and then get on with their day. You can be snug and happy in your little Troll Hole.

No, you won’t have the visibility you need so you can obtain the precious attention you crave so lustfully but if you work at it you’ll gain a nice little Troll Following where all of you can be happy-happy snipping bitching and just being your little trollish selves. Get yourselves something like, oh I dunno, a blog? How’s that? See..look…blog…you’re on one now. No one comes here to get “the news”. Very few people just accidentally stumble in and find themselves in the midst of a Troll War. Oh, ok, we had a little Troll War here a few weeks ago but they’re really few and far between when you keep your shit in an appropriate place like..a blog.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; I’m not a Mayor Hater or a Mayor Lover, I didn’t even vote for the guy! You better bet your sweet bippie that if he runs next time around he’s got my vote. If he can volunteer to go through another round of this utter hateful bullshit…he’s a very strong man and I will vote for him for being so stout of heart but I’ll smile as I do it just piss off the Trolls.

To the Trolls reading this right now; I would like to remind you that you are not news sources and your ‘reliable’ inside’ but ‘unknown/unnamed’ sources are utter crap. Neither you nor them will be afforded the protection the REAL Press is afforded by the Courts if anyone wants to push the issue. I would push it very hard if I were them. You are not Woodward. You are not Bernstein, trust me I’ve read your writings you are so NOT them and your ‘sources’ are not Deep Throat. None of you is that important. Your ‘sources’ if they exist at all are just cowardly little people who lack the courage of their convictions. I would also like to tell you that it is not inappropriate to call a whore a whore in public when she’s been arrested for the crime and it’s not her first time. We are under no obligation to feel kindly toward her in any manner whatsoever. As to the ‘victim’ of prostitution and your seeming belief there are none; how about the wife who gets an STD from her husband because he paid for a little skank on the side? Is she an innocent enough victim for you? It also is not inappropriate to say said skank is ugly when she is indeed ugly and you can’t possibly believe that anyone in their right mind would give her a single dime for that snatch. It IS inappropriate to make superposition and engage in conjecture and a state ‘unknown reliable sources’ so that you can call a woman a whore when there’s absolutely no proof of that whatsoever. Last but not least; EVERYONE is “somebody’s baby”. So please stop with the tired old song, huh? Jeffrey Dahmer was somebody’s baby. David Berkowitz was somebody’s baby. Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, Richard Ramirez, hell even Osama-fucking-bin-Laden was somebody’s baby! So….so what? The sentence means absolutely nothing and it certainly isn’t a Battle Cry.

To Mayor Finizio; I have no idea how you keep your sanity through this but I commend you for being able to do so. Should you decide to run again, call me, I’ll get out there and stump for votes for you.

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  1. Lisa – I picked up my marbles and went home long ago. The previous editors of the Patch were unwilling to protect my freedom to speak without being maligned as a business person so I too have not posted on that site for over a year. I was hoping the new editors would honor the need for an attack-free environment and it is obvious to me by the editor’s latest statement that they are unwilling to do that. The New London Day’s comments areas, though its rules are not fully enforced, is a much more condusive environment for debates. Yes, let’s disagree and argue, but if we can’t do it without fear of personal attacks, then what good is it? I’m sorry you were victimized as you were. I contacted a few of the remaining Patch advertisers last night to make sure they saw the cesspool in which their ads were being placed. 😀

    Just so you know, I was tempted to re-register just to say ‘aye’…

    Yes, I would encourage the nasty ones to get a blog and see who shows up. I’ll be following you, Lisa! I like your spunk!

    • Thank you! I’m all for Freedom of Speech and ‘heated debates’ but to just attack someone over and over and over again for no other reason than you can, to me, that’s not “Freedom of Speech” it’s just some Troll with an axe to grind being an jerk wad. I used to love The Patch but I won’t go back there ever again not as long as that type of behavior is condoned.

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