A few days Nikki sent me a text and asked if I wanted her to get tickets for King Richard’s Faire. She could get a discount. I said ‘no’. Hubby and I had no discussed going back to the Faire this year so I thought I’d pass. Today hubby sent me an email with two words; Wanna go? And a picture


He’s got the same discount, it’s something through the Coast Guard Academy. It’s not a huge discount but, then again, the tickets are only $28.00/per. You can’t get into the Mystic Aquarium for that. He get them for $21.00/each.

We had such a great time the last (and only) time we went. The thing is HUGE. If you’ve never been and you get the chance…go! It is tons of fun. Stay away from the turkey legs, though, they’re not so good. The Mead, however, is supreme but expensive. Ditto on the clothes. Oy.

Now that the kids are grown and gone, getting away for a few days is not much of a strain on Ye Olde Budget…which is very nice! In fact, I’m down to grocery shopping twice a month! LOL Not twice a week! This Adult Kids Who Don’t Live At Home thing is….awe-some! It truly is, I’m lovin’ it.🙂

So sent back an email saying yes I wanted to go. I looked at the dates and decided I want to do Friday, Saturday, Sunday and come home on Monday. Like the last time, we could go for my birthday. We’d leave ON my birthday and then go to the Faire on the 5th. We’ll see about the exact dates. Being resourceful and not wanting to let the chance slip past me I started looking for hotels, like I did the last time.

Prices have gone up. It’s $50.00 more to stay at the Days Inn where we stayed last time and I was unimpressed with the room and, above all, the ‘maid service’. I used to be a chamber maid and the whole time we were there the maid did one shoddy job after another. It was so bad, I actually sent an email to ‘corporate’ and complained about it. I never do that. I may bitch my head off here but I almost never take it to that particular level. ‘Corporate’ apologize and offered to give me a ‘rewards’ ‘discount’ thing on my next stay. I said thanks but that’s all right just make sure the rooms are clean and, oh yeah, that mattress…was horrible. Nothing but sag and springs.

I went to and looked around in Carver, MA and didn’t find too much I liked. I went to and came across Peter’s Pond RV Resort $405.00 for three nights. In a cabin. I love cabins. If you’re a Reader you knew that already😉 They’re in Sandwich, MA which isn’t too far.

I went to and looked for motels. (I like Motels over Hotels, in case you didn’t know.) I got the idear to type ‘cape cod’ instead of ‘Carver, MA’. I knew I’d come across a whole bunch of pricey stuff…and I did…wow…beautiful but…wow. Then an old familiars names started popping up and childhood memories flooded back. I was very sad to see The Tidewater now has a 2 star rating. It used to be one of the ‘it’ places. Then I saw The Town and Country Motor Lodge. I stayed there a few times with my parents when our ‘regular’ hotel, The Thunderbird, was full. At that time, they were owned by the same company/people. We can stay there for three nights for $225.00. Hubby and I honeymooned at The Thunderbird Motel. I get a room, maybe even ‘our old room’, for 3 nights for $160.97! I wants it, Precious, I wants it. Yes, it’s a 2 star motel but that’s ok, my parents taught me to travel cheap, the room is just for sleeping and keeping your stuff safe so don’t go overboard on it. The Town and Country has moved up to 3 stars. The two establishments can’t be more than a 1/2 mile apart.

I thought; Gee, that’s not horribly far from King Richard’s Faire. So I MapQuested it to be sure. Just under an hour. We’re only going to spend one day at the Faire. I’d like to spend the rest of the time ON the Cape if possible. I love the Cape. I do. I love New England. I do not ever want to live anywhere outside of these six states. Nope. If we get one of these rooms on the Cape then I want to spend all of Sunday down in Provincetown. I want to go to the pier and the Portuguese Bakeries and get REAL sweet bread. I want to take in ‘the show’. They have the BEST salt water taffy anywhere. Maybe that little lingerie shop is still there. I still have the red teddy I bought on our honeymoon and it still fits…barely but it does fit. hahaha

I want to wander in the dunes….you know…these dunes….

I’ve yet to get away with that but we’re not too old to try.😉

I want to take pictures out at the very tip and run in the sand and play Catch-Me-If-You-Can with the waves.

I think I’ll try to talk him into that. All of it!

So while I was feeling adventurous and thinking; We don’t HAVE to go to the Faire. We could go anywhere for 4 days. Even…NYC.

So I looked up hotel prices in NYC for the same period…OMG! That’s more than a mortgage payment! Oh my! Yeah…no. If I ever get to NYC I guess I won’t be staying over night. How am I supposed to see the whole City in a few hours?😦

I’ll never get him to go very far north but I popped around for places in Maine and Vermont. Two beautiful states, if you haven’t been I suggest you go. I even looked for New Hampshire, I’d love to take him to North Conway or Nashua for a few days. Spent a lot of time up that way on family summer vacations. A lot. I miss those places. Funny thing there; I swear I’ve taken him on that trip. I do. I can describe the entire trip to you in great detail. Hubby says; never happened. It was a dream. If that’s true and I don’t doubt my husband then it was thee realest dream I have ever had. I swear we spent three or four days in New Hampshire and Vermont. But…nope. I know damn well I’ve taken anyone else up there, well, ya know, except my parents and a few assorted family members back the Old Days. We must really do that trip one day, yes we must visit Weir’s Beach and the Drive-In and see if The Blue Bird Motel is still there. See if the Saint Mortiz is still there…I was “born” there. (It’s a long story.) We could hang out around Lake Winnipesaukee then go up to North Conway, maybe hit the Alpine Slide if it’s still there. Then up to Killingly, VT and…I’ll never get him to Maine. So then it’d be back down to Connecticut and maybe take a stop in Boston and hit Quincy Market. A Red Sox game wold be the icing on the cake. That sounds like a heavenly trip to me.🙂

I will definitely take King Richard’s Faire. We can go to the Faire and have our 1 big fancy meal at the Fireside Grill on the way back then lounge around on the Cape for a while. Oh yeah, no, I won’t be climbing Pilgrim’s Monument ever again. Last time damn near killed me! LOL

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  1. I’ve always loved King Richard’s Faire… have taken the kids twice… love the jousting, atmosphere and the apparel… Have fun whatever you do, there is also a 30 hole Golf down the cape Pirates cove if you enjoy that.. xxx

    • Mini-golf? I love mini-golf! I haven’t done that in decades…LOL. I love the Faire too and the clothes but the prices are nuts. I wanted to buy a simple chemise it’s like $10.00 worth of cotton and a half-hour to make from cut to last stitch…$120.00! I didn’t get any clothes😦

  2. We are going to the Faire on the second…yup, discount tickets! We love it! Can’t wait to see my “adopted” son perform. Ses does the torture show, he’s incredible if you can take that stuff. It’s always a good time!!!

    • We kicked that idea around just now; just grab out stuff and head out the door tomorrow and come back on Monday. But I don’t know if we can find a room on such short notice.😦

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