Playin’ Catch-Up

Damn am I tired! But that’s ok since I actually SLEPT 2 nights in a ROW! WOW! That hasn’t happened in a long time. At least not since Ye Olde Hot Flashes started setting in a few years back. Yesterday morning when I woke up I actually felt my brain re-set. It was a miracle. Then to sleep through the night again last night…double awesome! I keep waiting for these damn things to stop but from what I read online I have a lot of suffering yet to go through.😦

Hubby and I went to The Water’s Edge to weekends ago. It’s a nice local restaurant. We went ‘early’ or so he says. I like dinner at dinner time, you know 5-6 o’clock. He likes dinner at snack time, you know 7-8 o’clock. Ick. We went around 5 and the place was fairly empty but by the time we left it was filling up fast. While we were there we noticed several things about the crowd; 1- they were all ‘older’ citizens 2-most of them were women who were without men 3-all of the women had short hair. That’s because of hot flashes, I know it is. I said to hubby if he ever lets me cut off ALL of my hair I will divorce him, if things get that bad he is to shoot me post-haste. He agreed he would.🙂

I don’t want to be one of those blue-haired ladies with the short cut and no man. Nope, I don’t. I was really surprised by the number of women either totally alone or in small groups without their men. They each had wedding rings–yes, I looked–and I thought of how sad that was. I don’t know what I’d do without hubby. We’ve been together so long I wouldn’t know how to be on my own anymore. Dating? Forget it! No way. I guess I’d just be a hermit and write my life away.

We don’t have to worry about such things yet so let’s talk about happier things.

Today is Miss Rebecca’s 22nd birthday!


Happy Birthday, Becca!

I gave her money earlier in the week because that’s what a 22 year-old who doesn’t live at home needs most. LOL Tonight the family is gathering here at the house for steaks on the grill, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, garden salad, french bread, wine, and, of course, chocolate cake. I have a small package for her, nothing special, just necessary. We were going to do this tomorrow night but plans changed at the last-minute so I had to run around after work getting last-minute items. That’s always fun, huh?

I can’t wait for the weekend. Been a long week and with 3 days off just around the bend I am so looking forward to putting my nose back to the grindstone and getting some real work done…you know, writing. This shopping, laundry, house cleaning crap is for the birds. I imagine we’ll be off on the bike for a few hours at some point but I’m hoping for pouring rain for 3 days straight. That way I can just sit here and type away. The Big Guy is grouchy cuz I haven’t been putting my time in with him but I just haven’t had the time either. And yeah that makes me grouchy in turn. We did do some good work over last weekend so I’m hoping to pick up where we left off and praying this book is actually finished by the end of January. We may be looking at a Valentine’s Day release or a wee bit later…sorry folks. This book has really turned out to be a major pain in my ass, yes, I know, it’s because *I* don’t want the series to end. So hard to say ‘good-bye’ at this point. Maybe we’ll get lucky, maybe Raven will have a series to himself and his Daddy can ‘guest star’ once in a while. Yeah, right, nah, The Big Guy will never settle for a ‘walk on part’. It’s always All or Nothing with him but that’s ok, that’s the way I like it best. LOL I’m thinking I’m going to need to take my week’s vacation just to sit here and write. Just to get to where we should be by now….which is nearly at The End…and we’re only about half-way there.😦

Vacation plans for King Richard’s Faire are changing and I don’t have any idea just when we may be going or where we’ll be staying. I found that place on the Cape for $160.00 for 3 nights but he doesn’t want to that far. And he wants to go for 2 days….both of which he’d like to spend with his 1/2 brother. He’s a nice guy but we had a long-standing rule for family vacations; No Family. No joke. We never once went to visit relatives on a summer vacation. Once in a great while they’d come here during their vacation time and we’d take them with us but we never went to them. Vacation is for Fun and Relaxation…as far as my father was concerned family was not fun and relaxing.😉 If 1/2 brother and his lady would like to join us at the Faire that’s fine by me, we’ll hang out for the day, have some fun, some laughs, get a good dinner afterward and then say good-bye. The day after we could hang out on the Cape and play in the dunes.

We’ll see how that goes. I’ll update you as we go along. If we’re going to 1/2 brothers’ house that Sunday I’m going to see if the Red Sox are playing. I’m goin’ to the game. Hubby hates baseball so they can hang out together pick me up when it’s over. Besides, I need a new Red Sox jersey anyway…hehehe. Maybe some leather pants too?

Ok, now I’m getting myself worked up. I still love those last two chapters of “The Heart of War”…in case you couldn’t tell. I think they may be my All-Time favorites.

In case I forget, our little Promo Blast has begun and tomorrow we’ll be over on Fallen Angels Reviews with a brand new interview. We’re on Bitten by Paranormal Romance now with a spotlight for “Women of War”.

Right now I gotta go get ready for our little birthday celebration.

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