Non-Productive Productivity

First, I’d like to thank everyone who came in here or on FB and expressed their condolences on the loss of my Little Maggie. All of you made me feel much better and it was very life-affirming to know that, in the midst of grief, I have so many friends who will step up to put an arm around my shoulders. Thank you!

The original plan for this weekend was to write.

That didn’t happen.


On Friday, just before poor Little Maggie so abruptly left this world, I got the idea of a contest rolling around in my head. So, even though I was grieving, on Saturday I set about putting it in motion. Sometime on early Sunday afternoon that all finally came together and said contest is now officially off and running. The plan was supposed to consist of overhauling 1 page on the site and use it to run the contest. Simple enough.

In the end, the entire site got at least a small overhaul. The main page got a big overhaul along with duplicating it for the ‘oops you typed the wrong url’ page and for my original bio page which is no longer available but the link is out there so instead of getting a dead page they get the main page. I tightened up the whole thing, got rid of the individual link graphics for the books leaving only the linked book covers. If you want to know about them you have to hit their main pages and go from there. Made the pages look a little less messy but we’ll see if people can use them or not. You know how to have to spoon feed some of them.๐Ÿ˜ฆ I changed the font color in a few key places to keep the main font color from making goes wonky. I don’t know about you but I’m getting older and that font color isn’t exactly right. So the edition of the bigger darker font always within eye-view really helped to make the rest of it pop and easier to read.

I made this nifty little graphic to use on my site and my blog in conjunction with the big contest. How long do you think before I get a Cease and Desist Letter?


Those of you who know what I’m talking about and know of the ‘original’; how do you like my PhotoShop skills?๐Ÿ˜›

I figure since I’m not selling anything, in fact, I’m using it to GIVE things AWAY that I shouldn’t get in too much trouble. Let’s hope. This graphic is the ‘official’ graphic I’ve sent out for use on upcoming blog events and for nice people to share on their FB pages


That page and that freakin’ Rafflecopter-thing were a royal pain in my butt! I finally made the ‘blog comment’ an option, the whole menu opened up, and people seem to be understanding how it works now. The ‘blog comment’ still earns you 10 points, the most you can get for just 1 ‘entry’. In the end, I think it and the page came out ok. If you haven’t visited yet, pop over and let me know what you think. Click Here for the Contest Page. Feel free to enter while you’re there.๐Ÿ˜‰

I really wanted to make the contest open Internationally but, on the last swag prize giveaway, I had to send a 4 ounce bookmark to Belgium and, I believe, it cost me $20.00! There’s no way I’m shipping a 6lb package overseas. BUT…if you do live overseas and you have a buddy in the US willing to accept shipment for you…go ahead and enter.

To go with our Last Blast Promo Tour here, I put the paperbacks On Sale and am offering them signed and unsigned, individually and in a ‘gift pack’. While on THAT page I decided to get RID of all of the Swag Pages and just use this one for ALL of them. That was a bigger pain in the butt than I thought but, it’s done. AND ALL of the ‘paperback’ links on the site now go to this page as well, I only have to update this one page whenever prices go up or down and I don’t have to go hunting through all of the folders. The Resigned Book & Gift Page check it out let me know what you think. Now there’s only one page to worry about as far as sales go. You can’t buy anything on any other page on the site now since I don’t offer ebooks any longer.

I overhauled the existing Events Page on my site and updated it with all that’s going on. I made a graphic for that page and put the link on every page.

That lead to minor overhauls on all of the other pages, I omitted the ‘bio’ link and substituted a ‘home’ link….on every page….along with the graphics scheme replacing the text links. I overhauled each e-book page to make them fit better. I overhauled the Darling Family Genealogy Library (I bet most of you never knew that even existed on the site! LOL) Yep, each and every page. That poor section was so long neglected it still had the links for Daughter of the Gods and House, MD and the old Pagan Library. It still had graphic links that linked to the folder containing Daughter of the Gods so, of course, those pictures weren’t showing up the last several years! Out all of that went.

The only thing that wasn’t overhauled was the Photography Gallery and I should get to that. Do you know that “The Shame of Eminent Domain-Fort Trumbull” actually SOLD 50 copies last month! Yep, after the free promo thing 50 people….from all over the globe….bought a copy. At $6.99! Maybe I should get to work on that “By the Sound” photo book I’ve had the back burner the last 5 years.๐Ÿ™‚

In all of that overhauling there is an endless amount of tweaking. It goes on for hours until everything is just right. I go to fix one thing, succeed, check it out, and another tiny little thing that’s off catches my eye. Again…what a royal pain!

Lastly, I bit the bullet and put OF WAR Novels 1 & 2 up for $0.99 on Kindle. Hopefully it will entice some people to give the series a shot and enough of them will get snagged by the big cliff hanger to buy “Rising Son” and then maybe even continue on with the rest of the series.

Another thing I hope you’ll feel free to do is toss those links around for me. Please. Anywhere you want. I don’t care. Just throw them out there. Help a poor tired old lady out, huh?

Now it’s still Monday and it’s still fairly early. It’s raining. A huge squall just passed by. Hopefully it keeps up. “Kingdoms” is already open behind the blog as I write. So…wish me luck. There’s still a lot of daylight and evening ahead.

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  1. i’m still cherishing that bookmark and i do agree at the shipping cost (it was on the label so i know !!) it’s a tiny thing but they take such advantage ugh๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    but if people overseas win and they have paypall you could ask to split the cost of shipping? i wouldn’t have minded one bit

    • That’s very nice of you! I couldn’t believe the price to ship that little thing to you…whoa! If people overseas have a buddy in the states I’ll ship it to them and they can handle how to get it the rest of the way to its destination.๐Ÿ™‚

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