Lawrence & Memorial Hospital is Gordon Gekko

If you’ve never seen the above clip please give it a click. (If you’ve never seen the above…how old are you? Inquiring minds wanna know!)

So Lawrence & Memorial Hospital announced 33 layoffs. Well, I guess they’re not technically ‘layoffs’ since these jobs are actually being ‘eliminated’.

That’s nice, huh?

Oh yeah, and a ‘community programs’. Trust me, those piddly programs were the bottom-feeding least that place could do for New London. Things like How To Ride Your Bike Safely and How To Properly Install a Baby Seat. (If you can’t install a baby/car seat on your own you’re too dumb to have kids please consider any other option here.) But you get the idea of what type of ‘programs’ these were. Not mind-blowing important at all. Like I said ‘bottom-feeding least’ they could do for us townies.

One more thing; this is all Obama’s fault.

Yep, cuts in ‘Medicare, Medicaid and other programs’ are being blamed for the loss of these jobs.

Hummmmmm……maybe buying Westerly Hospital wasn’t such a great idea after all? I mean, and on top of that, last I heard, the maternity ward there was also headed for ‘elimination’ under the command of L&M. Yeah, those in-labor ladies will have to travel to New London or Warwick or….get a midwife/doula. (I’m in favor of the last option, ladies, unless it’s a high risk pregnancy, check out the midwife/doula option.) BTW, I’m really sorry you’re being faced with traveling while in the throes of labor. Yeah, so very sorry. Not gonna be fun. Checking in ‘early’ might be a nice option but, chances are, no insurance is going to cover that. Bummer.

Maybe buying up all of that land in New London County (and taking it off the tax rolls and, in so doing, taking money out of the beleaguered coffers of L&M’s ‘host communities) wasn’t such a great idea. But that new Cancer Center is sure sweet, huh? Don’t know what was wrong with the hospital’s current way of treating cancer or what was wrong with the New London Cancer Center that was ALREADY there. Nope. Dunno. I don’t know why they had to purchase a large but empty office building on Howard Street. I don’t know why the DOCTORS shouldn’t be IN the hospital…that’s a crazy idea, huh? But they’re being kicked out and moved down there for ‘offices’.

Maybe they shouldn’t have built that ugly parking lot behind my house! Maybe they shouldn’t have purchased ‘shuttles’ and pay ‘drivers’ to….drive? no, not really…scoot that’s better…to scoot the 1/10th a mile between the new parking lot and L&M? I’m not kidding about that…you can plainly SEE L&M from the top of the parking lot. And, wow, man, what a boring job that’s gotta be, huh? ‘Driving’ one of those shuttles.

In fact, I’m no longer sure why they built that parking lot at all. From what I’m seeing, in the very near future, L&M proper should be pretty damn empty. I mean, ya know, what with no doctors to visit, no cancer facilities IN the hospital, and all of these ‘Outpatient Treatment Centers’ that have popped up over the years. They’re certainly not encouraging anyone to go TO the hospital. In fact, except for the shuttled/sheltered employees, it appears L&M would rather the rest of us just stay away.

Oh yeah,and be quiet about the tax money we don’t get from this Private Not-For-Profit Hospital turned Gordon Gekko in an octopus suit. Even Gekko didn’t have his greedy little hands in as much property as L&M does. Not-for-Profit doesn’t mean they don’t MAKE a PROFIT it just means it’s not really their intent and whatever they make over and above ‘cost’ gets put back into the organization. In this case, rather than retaining employees and staff, they bought a bunch of land, ‘expanded’, and laid off 33 people.

Ya know what? I’m thinking Obamacare had very little to do with this decision. It’s more of a popular scapegoat than anything else.

Don’t get me wrong I am soooo NOT all-in-favor of The Affordable Care Act. That ain’t what I wanted at all. I think it sucks. Further I think it sucks because it was the only way anyone could get it through Congress. We know there’s a large percentage of Them who don’t give a damn about You or Me and whether or not We can see a doctor, get good care, and prescriptions when We’re ill. They’d rather We died quietly out of sight of the rest of the public.

Hate them.

So we’re stuck with Obamacare which actually leans toward punishing those of Us who actually pay for this shitty stuff! Health Insurance is the biggest rip-off ever created. If you take a step back and look at it, I swear, it is the best Ponzi scheme anyone could possibly come up with. You and Me, We buy into it because That’s The Way It Is. Hospitals and The Health Care System aren’t any better. In fact, I’m pretty sure the three of them have been in on this whole thing from the get-go. It’s all been just one massive Secret Society in charge of all of them; hospitals, insurance companies, health care professionals. All with the single goals of sucking your money out of your wallet and controlling the health of the population, which up until lately, had been to keep it small and young(er) until Vigara came along and give everything a whole new rush.

There’s a Conspiracy Theory for ya😉

There’s a good book in there too somewhere. LOL

Anyway, in closing, I’d just like to say; Nice job, again, you Blood Sucking Leeches at L&M. Way to go. Bravo.

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