The Big E-Off on an Adventure

Hobbitses don’t like to leave their cozy Hobbit Holes but yesterday we hit the road on our way to the Big E. We made excellent time! We truly did. From our front door to the Massachusetts line must have been just over an hour. Wonderful. And then….


We spent nearly two hours trying to go three miles! I was not happy. Nope, not a happy Hobbit. Mostly I was unhappy because people are idiots! I saw more morons cruise down the breakdown lane than I could count. Then there were the other morons who tried to ‘squeeze in’ all over the place and did a horrible job. They blocked both lanes all the way up with their nose in one lane and the ass end of their car in the other. Here’s a Tip from Aunty Moon: When you SEE the LINE…get in it! Don’t be a douche. They were the reason the traffic snarled to less than a snails’ pace. If they just got in the back of the line like an intelligent civilized human being the line would have kept moving forward at a much faster rate. They did it all the way up PAST the very last second to get it in and make the exit.


I have decided if we go again next year I shall bring one dozen totally stinky rotten eggs with me to chuck at said douches.

I said there quietly having a panic attack and refraining from choking the crap outta people hoping the car would actually make it to the Big E cuz I had visions of being stuck on the George Washington Bridge in my head. That’s a long story maybe I’ll tell it to you sometime if you don’t already know it. It was bad. Bad. Bad. Bad. and We actually, literally, honest to the Gods ended up,

Ok….we did see a few fairly cool things as we were stuck in traffic



We finally made it to ‘town’, where upon all of the douches turned into great drivers again. Weird. We went down the strip and I looked over at hubby and saw doubt on his face. We followed the street and the signs and pulled into a lot to park. Paid our $10.00 and hubby said to the lady: “How far are we from it?”

“Five minutes,” said she and I knew she was right but he still looked doubtful.

We parked. We got out of the car. Our legs nearly gave out from sitting so long.๐Ÿ™‚ We limped along the path stretching out feet and backs. It’s a barren lot. There’s nothing there but a bunch of cars. We walked up the path to the Big E and there’s nothing but cars. Seemingly there for no reason whatsoever. Oh yeah and there’s a swamp! LOL Hubby walked by it, gave me the evil eye and said: “Yeah, nice swamp, Poo-bah.” We walked to the Port-O-Potties and relieved ourselves after the long trip. My legs hurt already and I was wondering if I was even going to make it to the gate and cursing myself for wearing my sneakers instead of my heels which would have given me no trouble at all. In my head I heard:

Oh no. You’re gonna walk. You brought us all the way up here and you’re gonna walk your ass off. Ready…go!

OK, OK, I’ll walk.

We kept walking up to the gate. He looked more and more doubtful with each step. I refrained from chuckling. We got through the gate.




We saw a few neat things but he was looking at me like I was crazy for hauling him all the way up there. I said: “Keep going.”

They were renting those mobility scooters for $50.00/day. Truly, my legs hurt so much I almost rented one. Next time! Hubby and I will rent two and we’ll zip around the place. LOL

We got about a 1,000 feet past the gate and the fucking thing just EXPLODES in every possible direction. It really hits you out of nowhere.






Then he looked quite stunned and I said: “See? I told you it was SailFest on steroids.”

The Eastern States Exposition encompasses some 700+ acres and has somewhere around 10-15 permanent buildings/pavilions. We walked around for 6 hours straight and maybe saw 3/4 of all of the attractions. (Yeah after the first 45 minutes or so I couldn’t even feel my legs anymore! LOL. They were just on auto-pilot the rest of the day!) The pavilions are massive. We must have spent an hour in the Better Living Pavilion alone and I bet you could spend half a day just in that one spot before you saw everything in it.

It just goes on and on and on with everything you can possibly imagine; live animals, shows/concerts, kiosks by the thousands with everything from dolls to candles to leather goods and glass balls that glow in the dark (almost bought one of those). Seriously you name it…it’s there somewhere.





There was plenty of food and, unlike SailFest, it is not outrageously priced. Which was nice.












If you go to the Big E it is obligatory to walk down The Avenue of the States and to visit each State’s building.








Each State’s building is just chock full of goodies from that state. The chocolates in the food grouping above are from Rhode Island. There’s art, books, pottery, hand made crafts, hot dogs, pies, kettle corn, herbs, maple syrup, honey, blankets…you name it. One of those buildings has got it. I tried to buy something from each state but figured I didn’t have to buy anything from Connecticut cuz I live here and, for some unknown reason, Vermont had nothing that interested me. Very strange.

After checking out the Better Living Pavilion we sat down to have something to eat and, as luck would have it, we just in time and in the perfect spot for the parade.๐Ÿ™‚





She nuzzled him the entire time they stood in front of me. It was so cute!






Then we started making our way to the exit. It was just about 6 o’clock. On our way out we saw




I want one of those machines for the kitchen!

We made it home before full-dark and I brewed up a big pot of coffee so we could sit and let out our tired feet out of their shoes. I photographed my haul for the day.


I got candles, bath salts, and massage oil from Maine. Got a new hematite bracelet too from one of the craftswomen.

Yummy dips from New Hampshire

Honey from Massachusetts and chocolate from Rhode Island. Those aren’t cupcakes…those are peanut butter cups! Woot!๐Ÿ™‚

That was our Big Adventure at the Big E. If you’re ever up this way in mid-September you really should go. It’s quite the show.

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  1. I am glad you had a great time. The pictures are beautiful. I have been there a few times in all kinds of weather. It is very much like the picture of Templeton going into spasms of overindulgence.

  2. The weather lately has been lovely…I am hoping that by the time I get there it will remain nice….I plan on coming back soon.

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