AT&T Hate ‘Em


Yes, I hate those guys so very…very much.

Today my phone is giving up the ghost. I went to bed last night and had trouble getting it to realize it was on the charger. After a bit of tuggin’ pullin’ n fiddlin’ it finally said; “Oh! You wanna charge me? Cool!” The little battery thing registered it was taking a charge, I finished watching “World War Z” (more on that and other movies in an upcoming post) and I went to sleep.

And I slept.

And I slept.

And I slept.

Right through what should have been the sound of my alarm annoying the crap outta me but….no. Nope. No alarm today. The damn thing turned itself OFF in the middle of the night. By the time I hauled myself out of bed I was nearly a half-hour behind schedule. I stumbled down the stairs, got a cup of coffee, sat with hubby, complained about my phone, saw him off for the day with a kiss and then went to work myself. I got in. I got going. I plucked my phone from my purse to put it on my desk should someone need me and…DEAD. Totally and completely d-e-a-d.


Not even yanking the battery worked.

After using my self-restraint to keep from stomping on the damn thing in the middle of the Hall, I broke down and went to AT& for the umpteenth time since my contract ran out in June. I was not in the mood to ‘shop’ or give AT&T any money! Bastards. After being a customer for 30 years (and considering what they charge me a month) you’d think they’d GIVE me the ‘latest and greatest’ phone of my choosing. Personally, I think it’s the absolutely least they could do for me. Again…no. Nope.

I really wanted the Galaxy S III or the Note one. But…no. Nope. Not on sale. Well, not really, I don’t consider $200.00 a ‘discount’ at this point. I figured if I couldn’t have that then I’d get the 40 megapixel Windows Phone I keep seeing on the TV. No. Nope. Can’t have that one either, well, CAN if I’d like to pay $250.00!!!!


Oh, yeah, of course, I could get a nifty iPhone 4 for a ridiculously low price but…no. Nope. Still not owning an iPhone. No way. I have my reasons, among them are people jumping off buildings, yes that’s true. BUT, several months ago a fan actually gave me an iPad! I know…WOW! Right? I think they just wanted to get rid of it. I’m not insulting them in the slightest I’ve talked with them about this issue. The thing is GREAT for playing games, surfing the web, doing small updates on my site, reading…hey my books look pretty sweet in iBooks! LOL BUT it’s no work horse. In fact it doesn’t ‘work’ at all. I cannot write on it. I cannot use it to further my writing time. Just play games. The ads you see, you know “iPad vs. Windows Based Tablet” are not an exaggeration. The thing is NOT worth the money you spend on it.

No. No it is not.

So……I ‘redefined’ my search from ‘available upgrades’ to ‘$0.99-$49.99’ as I was not in any mood to give AT&T more than a single dollar for a new phone nor, as stated above, was I willing to take an iPhone as a replacement for my S1.

No. Nope. No way. Uh-huh. Fuhgitabudit.

I could get some cool phones for $30.00-$50.00 but…no. And I was tempted, I admit that much. I was. But since I’m pretty certain that ‘smartphones’ are making me, you, and the rest of the public dumber AND that they’re rigged to blow up at 2 years 3 months FORCING you into buying a new one I wasn’t paying that.

I concentrated on the few ‘smartphones’ available for $0.99 and picked out a Pantech Flex. I don’t want one of those phones with EVERYTHING on the ‘front page’. That’s ok. I’ll pass. I like to set up my phone and my shortcuts. Everything else is in alphabetical order so you really have to be a moron not to be able to find it. It has an 8 megapixel camera so any pictures I take with it should be less grainy.

AT&T made me choose a new ‘data package’ to go with my new phone. All plans were available in two ways; VVM and without VVM. I had to look that up. No, I don’t care about ‘video voice mail’. You keep it. BUT, whether you wanted it or not, it was the same price.


Shouldn’t I get a discount if I don’t want it?

No. Nope. Sorry Charlie.

Then the site took me to the Accessories Page–automatically. Whereupon it seemed miffed that I didn’t want any accessories as it actually asked me if I was sure I wanted to go forward without them.


I paid a grand total of $1.05 (there’s tax, ya know) and left the site. Oh yeah, and an unnecessary $36.00 ‘upgrade fee’. I hate that fee. It isn’t for anything. My plan didn’t change at all. It’s exactly the same as it was before just with a different label on the ‘data package’. The least they could do is kick that fee or better yet get rid of it altogether.

Maybe they could let me turn in my old one for a discount or something. After all my phone doesn’t have a single scratch on it after 2+ years of use with no special case to hold it.

I got home and, for the hell of it, pushed the button on my phone and watched it try very hard to boot up. That’s when I realized the battery was dead. After charging all night. I have it plugged it and, after a bit of futzing, it’s charging now.

It was just in time to get the text from AT&T telling me my phone has already shipped. I should have it by Monday.

Oh joy.

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  1. if it’s just the battery can’t you just replace that?
    over here you can. phone deals are somewhat different over here, not held hostage by the phone maffia like you guys seems to have. i currently have a samsung SIII mini and love it. i just bought the phone and i use a prepaid card, i have months i hardly use anything, then months i recharge it twice (which is rare tho) , it’s set up that the card, even whit no credit left, keeps your number valid for at least a year in case you don’t recharge, from the second you recharge that year counter just starts from the beginning. been like this for almost 18 years now and never had troubles with it.

    • Getting a replacement battery is a royal pain AND since the phone is acting wonky in other areas even when it’s charged it won’t solve my problem. GRRRRRR. I almost got the mini but didn’t want to pay the $49.99. They have lots of prepaid plans over here but I don’t want to hassle with having to put money on the phone. I did that for both kids and that too was a pain in the neck. They’ll hold your number for so many months but with most of them you have to use the minutes you buy before they…go bad or something. It’s a total joke.

      All the Best, Lisa

      • our prepaids are different? you have some that come with phone time and texts. i just get a set ammount of money and use it up, i can check how much is left and when i go below three euro i get a text warning me but even then i can still last a few weeks if i want. i use the wi-fi at home for free so i don’t really have to pay for using the net on it and we have tons of free wifi hotspots now.
        what type of phone did you replace? batteries over here are rather ok price wise

        • You can get throw n goes (prepaid phones) on a month-to-month no contract basis and ‘buy as you go’. Like TracFone where you pay $60.00 for 60 minutes on a card, put the code in your phone and get 60 minutes of talk. Not sure how the text and web thing works with those. I use wi-fi at home and at the office so it doesn’t suck down my 200 mb/gb (byte my ass) of data. Just getting a battery over here, finding one, is a chore. They don’t want you to buy a battery they want you to buy a new phone. I’m replace a Galaxy S1 with the Pantech thing.

          All the Best, Lisa

        • couldn’t find much, the original one is almost “not out there”, it is an “old” model phone wise. only alternative i could find was from another brand that should work on the samsung S for about 20 euro’s

        • Thanks for trying! The phone was obsolete when I got it as about two weeks later the S2 arrived on the scene. What does 20 Euros translate to in dollars?

          Sent from my iPad

        • 20 euro is about 27 dollar.

        • Really??? Geez. You got a spare room I can move into?😛

          All the Best, Lisa

  2. if you actually liked walmart they have smart phones on straight talk for 45 dollars for unlimited everything. Month to month contract. But i know how you hate them!

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