Get Your Popcorn It’s MOVIE Time

Over the last few weeks hubby and I have purchased and watched MANY new movies. So many, in fact, I’m not sure I can recall them all. Last night, hubby and I looked at our rather extensive movie collection, afraid to add up the actual price/value, but realized it comes to one pretty penny!🙂

But that little extra expenditure will end next week when “Ironman 3” releases and TV comes back to the menu, boys! During ‘TV Sucks Season’ a steady supply of new movies is a necessity around here. We’ll get to the new TV Season in another post.

Let’s see, we’ve watched/purchased:

Star Trek: Into Darkness
Shutter Island
Fast Five
Men in Black 3
Now you See Me
GI Joe: Retaliation

I’m pretty sure there’s more but those are the Blu-Rays I found quickly. I’ve taken to buying the Blu-Ray/DVD/Digital Copy packs. I keep the Blu-Ray, give the DVDs to Becca and the Digital Copies to Nikki so all 3 of us the movies for 1 low price.🙂

I think we discussed Star Trek: Into Darkness which I still don’t love. I’ve watched it 3 times since we’ve purchased it and, while it does get a tiny bit better each time I watch it, I’ll never want to date it. And, no, I don’t think that guy is good looking…Benedict whatshisname. I think he’s creepy and ookey. That seemed to surprise hubby and I agree. Normally, looks wise, he’s what I’d go for but I don’t like those eyes one bit. Maybe I’ll like him in something else, I understand I’ll be seeing him again in December when the next Hobbit movie releases.😉

Shutter Island like Avatar is a repurchase. I even got hubby to watch it…once. But he watched it!🙂

Avatar I still think it’s too freakin’ long and still wish the Home Tree fell on the warships cuz I think that’s the better ending there and the way they were shooting it it really should have fallen on them or at least in their direction. But the thing is growing on me…a little.

Fast Five was disappointing but only because I thought it was Fast Six when hubby brought it home and I kept waiting and waiting and waiting for my girl, Michelle Rodriguez to come on the screen and she never did! I was pissed. I even looked it up on IMDb thinking I’d been ripped off. Yeah. Then I found out it was the wrong movie. Watched it again. Good flick! LOL I love Rocky, he’s hot. Yep. So if you like the Fast n Furious Franchise (say that 5 times fast!) you’ll like this one too. Can’t wait to see 6 and 7.

GI Joe sucks. Don’t bother. If you don’t Yo-Joe…skip this stinker. Even Rocky couldn’t save it.

Men in Black 3 is pretty bad but so bad it’s almost good. James Brolin does an AWESOME imitation of a ‘young’ Tommy Lee Jones, truly First Rate in that department. Kudos. It never really gels which is too bad because it does have a good premise.

Oblivion good flick! I don’t care for Tom Cruise’s personal life but 9 out of 10 times I do end up liking whatever film he’s in. This is no exception. In fact, it’s the best Tom Cruise movie I’ve seen since Collateral which I really like…ok Mission Impossible II, which I also really like but mostly for Philip Seymour Hoffman. I think he’s an outstanding actor. If you like Sci-Fi and Tommy-boy get this one. He doesn’t do much running in this flick but that’s ok. I love to watch him book, I really do. However, having to come face to face with the realization of just how old Red (Morgan Freeman) has gotten on me was crushing.

RED 2 was very disappointing. I LOVE RED I really do. But this one…not so much. If you adore the first one skip this it will only break your heart. It doesn’t have near enough of Helen Mirren or Brian Cox…and I missed Red…ah, Morgan Freeman….I’ll get his actual name right yet😉

Speaking of Red we come to Now You See Me. I bought this on a lark. I did. I just wanted to check out the magic. That’s all. This movie blew my mind! I’m IN LOVE! If you liked The Prestige or The Illusionist this thing will totally have you cheering. (BTW, I’m not a fan of those two movies although The Prestige was very interesting.) This movie is AWESOME! So awesome that I watched it yesterday afternoon after work by myself and I never watch a movie alone unless it’s a horror flick, then I don’t usually get another option. LOL I love Woody Harrelson and Jesse Eisenberg together I think they have everything it takes to be the next Hope & Crosby or Martin & Lewis, even Abbott & Costello. They play off each other wonderfully. And, yes, Zombieland is one of my favorite flicks of all-time. But more than anything else it’s got Mark Ruffalo and I have a real soft spot for him. Really really soft. I know, he’s not ‘classically’ handsome and not what I would normally go for but there’s something about him that just makes me warm and fuzzy. I was thrilled when they tagged him to play The Hulk and even more thrilled to know he’s going to be in Avengers 2.🙂 Not only do I find him attractive I think he’s a really good actor, I loved him in Zodiac. If you only see one movie on this list…make it Now You See Me. You will NOT be sorry. If you are sorry…send ME the movie and I’ll refund your money. How’s that?🙂

Lastly we have World War Z. Brad Pitt’s the only blonde I’d claw somebody’s eyes out to get to…that includes Angie’s…so I wanted to see this flick even though I’m not a big ‘zombie’ fan. In fact, I hate zombie movies except for Zombieland. It’s ummm…well…it’s a movie. I did get hubby to watch it. I did find myself adoring the wrinkles under his eyes and gray in his beard. But I hate movies that end in the middle of the story they’re always unsatisfying no matter how ‘good’ they actually are. This is no exception. Oh yeah and it’s violent. Wow. Even I was surprised and I like me some violent movies. If you like Brad and zombies, go for it, I’m sure you’ll like this flick but do yourself a favor and get Now You See Me at the same time.

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  1. They are making a World War Z 2 thats why it ends that way, or so they say *shrugs*

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