A Rantin’ and A Raven

Aunty Moon’s pissy today. This is going to be an EXTREMELY offensive and politically incorrect post.

Now you may decide whether or not you want to stick around. If not, door’s that-a way. Use it. Come back some other time. If staying get a drink. Make it a strong one.

First up, I’d like to thank the jackass who decided to sign me up for the Long Beach Patch. Yes, that’s Long Beach California. I imagine it’s the same jackass who signed me up for some site connected to Yahoo! ‘News’ and…I got no idea how many other sites of the same nature they may have signed me up. They used an ancient…I do mean ancient…Yahoo! email address of mine to do this. They used my FULL name. Other than my PERSONAL Facebook page, the odd Letter to the Editor, and legal documents, I NEVER use my full name. Although, if you don’t know me or know me from the aforementioned, you could put it together from my website if you have an iota of intelligence. I suppose. Maybe. My full name isn’t even connected to the profile on the dotgrequest@yahoo.com email.

(I heard you old timers gasp just now! Yeah, YOU know how LONG its been since I used that account for regular email. Years. Truly. Years.)

Nope, it just says ‘LB Darling’ and has for a very long time. You can’t even find that email link on my site and you haven’t been able to since the fanfiction went down nearly…what…5 maybe 6 years ago.

In fact, the ONLY way that email address is still public is…I use it for Facebook. Yep. That’s the addy I had when I signed up for that account and I never changed it. Hummmmm….looking more and more like Facebook is the culprit or at least the vehicle for the culprit.

I guess I should be grateful they never made a post on the Long Beach Patch, not that I really care. As to the other site, I found an article on Yahoo! ‘News’ I wanted to comment on. I typed in the dotgrequest addy to ‘sign up for a new account’ and was told I had an account. I looked at the site name, it was like ‘Discus’ or something like that. I didn’t recognize it. I tried a number of passwords that I’ve used. None of them worked. So, I hit ‘reset password’ and was able to do so. I did the same thing on the Long Beach Patch! If the phantom tries to sign into either of those accounts, or the dotg addy, I’ve changed the damn passwords. Seems “I” posted some off-the-wall things that I would never say and expressing ‘views’ that I don’t hold on that site which is full of Trolls and nasty angry people. I closed that account.

I’d just like to take a moment to address our new friend, The Phantom Troll…..

Dear Troll: Thanks for parading around as me. Whom, by the way, you will never be. But I suppose it’s as annoying as is it flattering knowing I did something to piss you off so much that you became obsessed with me until you restored to this buffoonish behavior when you could have just found your spine and sent me an email. For the record, I know you didn’t get any pertinent information from that account, the birth date listed me for there is false as is all of the other information. (I ALWAYS use a false birth date when signing up for anything online…always.) There was no financial or other interesting information connected to that account. I know. Sorry. Just a bunch of writer bullshit, huh? A bunch of groups and marketing junkmail. Some FB notices. Very boring, I know. Bummer. You dick.
If you can’t grow a pair and bring whatever problem you have directly to me, please move on to, I dunno, Warren Buffet or someone like that. I don’t have any money. My credit sucks. While you did manage to get my attention, in the end, you don’t want my identity you’ll only get bills.

Of course this leaves me with somewhat of a philosophical problem; I now have a valid account on The Patch again. Yes, the Long Beach Patch is connected to the New London Patch and every other Patch. So, without problem, I could start posting over there again. And I’ve been tempted once or twice but have shown restraint and completely refrained.

Oh bother.

Ok, now I’m going to bitch on a National Scale.

Who wants to bone Bohner????

I do! I do!

To the United States Congress, the President, every freakin’ Governor and member of State/City/Local Goverment, Exxon, Monsanto, Dow Chemical, Pfizer, Papa John, Olive Garden and, of course Wal-Mart, I humbly dedicate this song to you:

And this lovely work of art


Ok, the rest of you, those few who are still here….pssst….move in close…we gotta whisper now cuz the Inter-Web has ears. I know, I see the bastards on my site and my blog, DOD, NSA, HLS…WTF? Let’s not leave out the Foreign Governments who like to take a peek from time to time. Yes, Friends & Neighbors, Big Brother IS real and we’re letting that sonofabitch run roughshod over us. We need to stop that shit cold. You know it. I know it. Let Us Not Talk Falsely Now, the Hour really is Getting Late. (Hendrix anyone? Yes/no?)

Here’s my idea if you can answer this question; How do we get the “mentally ill” people with all of those big guns they’re not afraid to useto WORK for US?

There’s gotta be a way to do this. Don’t ya think?

What do “mentally ill” people like? How do we entice them to use their “illness” to do The Right Thing?

I don’t want to brainwash anybody although maybe I do want to exploit them, I’m not sure. All I am sure about is that I’m sick of this shit and most of the rest of Us are too. This week alone, They have told Us that We can starve to DEATH in the streets for all They care just as so long as We don’t try to seek medical help for Our distended stomachs.

Have They not?

Of course They did.

It’s not gonna change unless We take drastic measures.

Yes, I said it. Hello, Barry & Friends…I said it. Come get me you already know where I am. If not, I’m sure Google will cough up the information in a flash.

We need Raven. We need ARES. We don’t need Major Falls, let’s not go that far, BUT…ARES could be helpful here. Know what I mean, Vern?

So we need to find a way to reach out to the “mentally ill” people with their big fancy guns, living out there in the swamps (so sayeth the TV) bring them in to Us, and then….educate them.

Yeah…that’s the ticket.

Educate them. We fully enforce their Second Amendment Rights…hey! BLIND PEOPLE are allowed to have guns now so…why the fuck not? We’ll even dub them a Militia. Crazy People For a Sane World…how’s that?

Then we’ll take them to DC on bus a few days before the night of say, The State of the Union Address, and let ’em loose.

What do you think?

Personally, I have ALWAYS wanted to (write a book to) steal a nuclear submarine from the Sub Base in Groton and sail it down the Thames River to the Atlantic Ocean and then down the East Coast where it would come right up the Potomac during the same said annual event. That (book) would be very dramatic and explosive, don’t you think? I think it’s a Best Seller😉

I mean, let’s face it, the Definition of Insanity is; Doing the Same Thing Over and Over Again. We’ve tried, over and over, to ‘vote the bastards out’ but either the same old bastards stay in or new fresh bastards get the seats. They ALL SUCK. I don’t care what ‘side of the aisle’ they’re on… they STINK! They REEK with overprivileged brash and hubris. Even if they were ‘poor’ once, after the get up to The Hill they succumb to whatever madness lives deep beneath the Capital City. So, of course, after we leave them in a bloody pile of torn flesh and charred sinew, we have to rebuild the Nation’s Capital somewhere else. Get a whole new clean fresh start on this thing We call Home. I’m voting for Colorado; clean air, mountains, green grass, I like it. You vote for whatever city you want when the time comes.

When the dust settles and the smoke clears I want to see TRUE Democracy Rule not this bullshit version we have now. Did you know that there are ‘civilized’ countries with, like, almost NO Government? Yeah. There are. Places like Belgium (Hi Tanja!🙂 ) or Switzerland…they vote on EVERYTHING over there and the Majority Rules on EVERYTHING. I know it’s a PITA but c’mon people you can manage to get up off your duff now and then to cast a vote, can’t you?

I’m sick of being ‘represented’ by people who DO NOT REPRESENT ME! They represent their own interests and those of their Corporate Sponsors. We’re not going to change that until; 1- they drive us so far into the ground our great-great-grandchildren won’t be able to claw their way back to the surface or 2- we DO something about it.

As always, even as helpless as you feel…the choice is yours. It’s Ours. It’s not Theirs.

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