Good News

1-I got that hard cover of “Women of War” out to the winner who seemed very happy they were getting it even though it’s so damn late!

2-My giveaway pack is complete! Yep, VistaPrint showed up on my doorstep today! Woot! Check it out!


Books haven’t been signed yet. I’m leaving it up to the winner whether or not they want them ‘personalized’ since not personalizing them seems to bring more money to the owner….so sayeth “Pawn Stars”.🙂

Other than that, it’s all packed up and ready to be shipped off come November 6th. If YOU want a chance to WIN our lovely Prize Pack CLICK HERE! and follow the instructions. Contest ENDS midnight 11/4. Winner announced 3pm 11/5. Package shipped 2pm 11/6! I swear!

3-I got “Kingdoms of War” back from FAB. Gods I wish she lived closer to me! The title of her email was ‘Bend Over’. hahaha At first I thought I was in trouble and she’d caught a huge f-up of mine but no. No. She wanted to spank me for being an idiot. I know, I know; she’s not the only one! LOL She says, except for a few rough edges, the story is ‘right on track’ and it’s ‘GREAT’ (no emphasis added). She also pointed out that I probably think it’s shit and horrible because we are at that part that I really wanted to get to but I don’t want to get to. It’s going to be very rough. Literally. Rough stuff. She said I just need to ‘breathe’ and ‘center’ myself a bit.

4-I’m HOPING to do that on Sunday. Tonight I have to meet Miss Nicole’s MIL. Tomorrow hubby has off. Saturday we’re going to New Haven to look at a cheap but useable truck/suv/thing to replace the old Ranger which will never go anywhere but the junkyard ever again. With any luck at all, we’ll take the bike up to New Haven as we intend to continue our Great Food Adventure by going to Pepe’s Pizza while we’re up there. Fans of “Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives” or “Man vs. Food” may recognize that name. I’m sorts hoping to hit Pepe’s for lunch, go look at the vehicle, tool around New Haven a while and THEN hit Louie’s for dinner on the way home. That will cross off two As Seen on TV places on our Great Food Adventure List.🙂 Anyway it goes, I’m sure there will be pictures and a review of Pepe’s Pizza on Sunday. LOL.

5-I actually completed a few of my upcoming guest blogs! Woot! OK, I did three today but one was for the ad I took out in the October edition of The Romance Reviews emag and it was a rather long interview. I think somebody there might have actually READ some of my stuff. Weird, huh? I mean, as far as I know, they never actually REVIEWED it and reviews aren’t expected with the ad. I did one for the blog tour; Top 5 Reasons to Fall in Love with Alena According to Alena and one for a place I booked myself; Top 5 Reason to Fall in Love with Ares According to Ares. That one was fun😉

Now I’m out of here. I gotta get ready to meet my daughter’s MIL. That in itself is very weird. I hated meeting my own MIL, she was a royal bitch. With any luck at all the same will never be said for Nikki’s MIL. Looking forward to a nice dinner and then maybe a movie when we get home.

Tomorrow’s FRIDAY! It’s about damn time!

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