Born in the USA

I’ve been putting this blog off for almost a week now because I didn’t want to get all down-n-dirty and piss off a bunch of people but…fuck it.

If you can’t take those last two words you don’t belong here today. Come back some other day, I’ll be glad to see ya.

Last weekend hubby and I went shopping for clothes. He needed new dress shirts for work and, well, I need some new tops. These new tits that have suddenly grown in don’t go very well with most of my old tops. Gee, man, I never thought I’d say anything like THAT! LOL We went to Burlington Coat Factory where he got some shirts and I got a new sweater coat for the office and a new shirt. A strange thing happened as I waited outside the dressing room for hubby. A lady and her hubby (I assume) came up, she had TWO carts with kids. Looked like one set of twin boys about 4 years old, one baby not more than 4 months old and another boy maybe he was 2. The two year-old started fussing while the man was in the dressing room. She took him outside. Right out of the store. She LEFT the other 3 kids there in the carts! She just walked away from them not even looking back and I know because I watched her go all the way to the door with my mouth open.


Being a Mom, I felt it was my duty to keep an eye on these very young children. Anyone could have sauntered up, plucked out the infant, and sauntered out the door with the baby. The twin boys grew a bit rambunctious rather quickly when their mother departed. The two boys started pushing each other and then they pushed the cart with the infant. I just stood there watching. If I knew the mother or the kids I would have intervened; Hey, stop that, mom will be right back, chill out. But I didn’t. So I just stood there. If they had gotten really rowdy I would have stepped in, I know it. My hubby came out and he was ready to go but I refused to leave. Him told those young kids were totally unattended. We waited there keeping our eyes on them until their father came out of the dressing room to find them alone. When I saw that he understood the situation we left for the checkout line.

I hear of these idiots on TV and I read about them in the ‘news’ but I never saw it before for myself. I wanted to say something but I didn’t. Who knows what’s gonna get you maimed to killed these days?

We went to Kohl’s. He departed for the shoe department and I wandered around the Women’s Department (still getting used to not being in the Junior Department but I wouldn’t look very good in those clothes anyway). I looked at some of the offerings from Simply Vera and wasn’t very impressed with the cuts, cloths, or designs. I certainly wasn’t impressed with the price tags! Geez. I grew a bit peeved when every single label read; Made in China.

Something from my childhood harkened to me. I heard its call and I couldn’t deny it. Goes like this

Now c’mon, give it the whole minute! Be a sport. Watch it. It’s from 1978. I want you to see how little has changed in the last 35 years.

I wandered away from Vera Wang with that tune and those ladies in my head. I went to the Lingerie Department where I couldn’t find much of anything I actually liked never mind would pay the prices for. Sadly, I am still on the hunt for a pretty nightgown. I don’t think they exist any longer. I did manage to find a few items…way at the end of the department…that might sorta kinda qualify. I wasn’t really crazy about the price but thought it might be ok until I looked at the tag; Made in the Philippines. EVERY single item of clothing I looked at read either; Made in China, Made in Vietnam, Made in Indonesia or Made in the Philippines. There was not one single Made in America label never mind a Union Label.

It made me sad. It made me angry. I refused to buy anything from them. Hubby got his shoes. He’ll only buy shoes in those two stores…I don’t know why, no clue at all. I don’t know where they were made.

I wandered around the Shoe Department, which is usually my favorite department in any store, I looked at the boots. I LOVE boots! I ADORE boots! They had some wicked ones that I would have purchased in a heartbeat. It wasn’t the Not Made in America labels that stopped me. It was the stiletto heels. I ADORE stiletto heels! Oh I can wandered around in them all day and all night. They’re fabulous. No. It was a little chuckling voice deep in my head that asked a single word every time a pair caught my eye;


I never cared about that before. Now I’m old(er) and such things have to concern me. I mean, ya know, I might break a hip or something. Totally sucks.😉

As I get old(er), the old adage becomes true, even our friend Joe-Joe came right and SAID it while he was here a few weeks ago; We have become our parents. Or at least our version of them. Not that that’s a bad thing, in our cases it isn’t. We’re not dirt poor anymore. We each homes and cars and ‘recreational vehicles’ (motorcycles). We each make our bills every month…finally! We each have a little breathing room. Not a hell of a lot but it’s better than nothing which is exactly what we had for all of those years.

One thing my parents were always adamant about was another old and woefully forgotten adage; Buy American and AMERICANS WORK. They never bought a foreign car. Never even considered it. They never bought an appliance that was foreign made. When we on summer vacations we saw America. We stayed here and spent our money here even if it was in another state. Needed a new TV? It was ALWAYS a Zenith. Anybody even remember that company? Needed new furniture? Shop at Americana Furniture Barn or Wayside, they’re locally owned.

Maybe it’s because they were Depression Era Kids that they were always so conscious about things like that. Gods know We aren’t any longer and We haven’t been for far too long. If they were telling Us this 35 years ago and We didn’t listen and now We bitch about the state of our economy…how fucking stupid are WE?

It’s kinda Karmic Payback that we’re stuck with the morons on Capital Hill. Kinda funny in Divinely Warped way.

They don’t want people to ‘rely on subsidies’ so they cut food stamps. They pass a gigantic farm bill that mostly benefits Monsanto–the company that’s responsible for the honey bees dying off only They don’t want You to know that, you might get upset if you knew how important honey bees are that is. That money didn’t go to the Family Farmers, no not too much. Why? Because they’re on the Endangered Species List thanks to…oh yeah…Monsanto so they just didn’t get as big of a cut as maybe they should have.

They want to ‘free up’ Big Business from all of these nasty ‘regulations’.

Hummm….I see. Did you know those ‘regulations’ were put in place because Big Business tends to run amok if you don’t do something to hold it in check? That’s why we have oodles of Anti-Trust laws and No Monopoly Laws and No You Can’t Dump Your Shit in the River Laws…stuff like that. So, if Big Business acted like an intelligent being in the first place these ‘regulations’ would never have come into existence. I don’t trust Big Business so please let’s try to keep them on some type of chain. Thank you.

They want to ‘defund’ ‘Obamacare’ so they hold the entire government HOSTAGE. Yeah. Ok.

Are these adults we elected or did we vote into office a whole bunch of whiny brats pissing in the sand box? I can’t tell.

Did you know They sued Standard & Poors so that S&P can’t lower Their credit rating any more? Yeah. They did. WTF? Ya know, if you can’t pay your bills then you can’t pay your bills. Take your lumps with the rest of us. Your credit rating will go down. Tough shit. You know what else I say to that; GET A JOB YOU LAZY BASTARD!

Oh yeah. That’s right. Uncle Sam can’t get a job because he sent most of them to China, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines. Got it. That makes him either the laziest son of a bitch to ever walk the earth or the dumbest. I don’t know which. You pick. Personally I think he’s just fat and lazy. Either way, because he doesn’t have a decent job, Uncle Sam is gonna suck off the rest of Us. How nice. I think We should kick Him out of the Nest see if he flies if he crashes and burns oh well.

So play Your little games, Congresspeople, go ahead. I hope it all comes to a good old fashioned Mexican Standoff (is that racist?) and the government shuts down. I hope they all get fired. They lose their benefits. They lose their pension funds. They lose their cars. They lose their homes. It would be the best thing that could ever happen to any of them in the end.

To Us as well.

If it seems that I don’t care anymore; I don’t. But that’s only because They stopped listening to and caring about Me (and you) 40 or more years ago.

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  1. I remember a few years back myself Lisa, was in the baby girls clothing in Sears, with my daughter… and I looked down to see a newborn in a carrier, from India at one time or another …and no mom nor a dad etc in sight… I alerted them clerk then security came, and stood by the baby.. mom came down on the escalator, and just looked at me… I said maybe next time you’ll understand you don’t leave your child unattended…Not all people are like me. Some will just take off w/your baby… Use your head… I don’t care what she said in her language after that but at least she was humiliated.

  2. I see this all the time working retail. Either they leave them in the cart and walk off or just let the kids go where ever they want. Three and four year old’s on their own in toys. Those kids left to their own also seem to be the one to cause trouble. That’s probably not that shocking though. I’ll never understand it; if you’re going to have kids, watch them for fucks sake.

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