The Great Food Adventure-Pepe’s Pizza New Haven CT

We set off this morning for East Haven, CT where we looked at a vehicle and decided not to purchase it. Then we were off down the road a piece to


Admittedly I don’t wander far away from home very much and the last time I was in New Haven was Miss Nicole was sick and had just been diagnosed as a Type 1 Diabetic…not fun for anyone. That was 17 years ago. Yeah, I know, it’s 45 minutes away from my front door. I know if I kept going on down that highway and followed the sign


I would have reached my Ultimate Destination in another hour or so. But that wasn’t on the menu for today. Some other day. Boy that’ll be a hell of a blog! LOL

Instead of pulling straight into the city we followed the lady on the GPS and ended up in a very narrow place. We were a bit lost. We turned down a street and found it was blocked. We could go no further and we could not back up. But Someone was looking out for us because there was a parking space right next to us on a street that was absolutely jam-packed with cars. So we parked. The GPS said we were close enough to our destination to walk. So we did. But first we checked out the reason the that



Wooster Street had this little traffic jam going. It was a Farmer’s Market and things looked tasty! Too bad it was Cash n Carry Only. We didn’t have a dime on us.😦 Total bummer. We fell in love with our debit cards long ago and haven’t carried cash for years. But we took a stroll anyway.





I wanted that funny looking loaf of bread very badly, though I have no idea what kind of bread it is. I just wanted it because it looks like a funky watermelon. But…no cash. Sigh.

We walked back out of the Farmer’s Market, turned the corner, and




We reached our destination. At first I wondered how good it could be. It looks like any other pizza joint on the outside. We went in




I never saw anything like that before. The stupid thing fascinated me! LOL

We sat right down and the waitress came right over with our menus. Before we could order there was a line out the door of people waiting to get in! Yep, Someone was looking out for us. We walked through that door just in time.🙂



You see that soda bottle? It contains the BEST soda on EARTH! Yes, it does. It’s made right here in CT with REAL SUGAR. (I’ve been getting into ‘real sugar’ sodas lately and they are much better than the high fructose corn syrup sodas, yes, oh yes they are.) I should have taken a picture of the whole bottle. The company is FOXON and they’re fantastic but hard to get even here in CT. Especially the White Birch. I don’t know about where you live but in New England White Birch is a real treat. We love it. It’s wicked awesome. I had to have it when I saw it on the menu.

We ordered one Pepe’s Original Tomato Pie with Mozzarella to eat there, it’s a medium keep that in mind. We ordered one pepperoni to take home with us and boy am I glad we did!



Yes, that’s a medium.🙂

It was DA BOMB! OMG! I can’t even begin to describe just how GOOD it was. I didn’t think a pizza would be worth a 45 minute trip but it IS and I’d go further for it. I would. The crust is crispy on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside. The sauce isn’t heavy in the slightest, it isn’t overly tomatoey, it isn’t overly sweet, or acidic. It was just perfect. The cheese…YUM. Not too much and certainly not too little. It was just right. I couldn’t believe how good it was. It’s so simple; crust, tomato sauce, cheese…bake. But no one down this way makes a pizza that can compare. You never see a line outside a pizza joint in my neck of the woods. Those people waited happily and patiently just chit-chatting away out there in the early Fall sunshine.

Pepe’s doesn’t make anything else. You won’t find any pasta. No burgers. No grinders. Just pizza and beer and soda. It’s kinda like stepping back in time a little bit. Definitely Worth the Trip from Anywhere. Even if you’re FROM Italy….Go get you some. You so won’t be sorry. Gonna be hard to go back to Domino’s now! LOL Can’t wait to slide the pepperoni and left over cheese into the oven in a bit, heat it up nice and slow then settle in for movie night. YUMMMM-EEEE.

We even bought t-shirts to commemorate our trip to Pepe’s


I really need to email Adam and Guy to thank them for suggesting this place.😉

After Pepe’s we walked around Little Italy a few minutes. It’s a quaint little street this Wooster Street that I’ve heard mentioned often throughout my life. I’m glad we went. There was something tasty everywhere we looked from Italian Bakeries with cannolis…oh I love cannolis! And restaurants and night clubs but all of it was very low key and homey. Welcoming not scary.

Then we drove around New Haven a little bit looking for Yale University. By accident we stumbled up


The famous Louis Lunch with its famous line of people waiting to get in for a burger. That’s all do…burgers. We just had pizza so we didn’t go in BUT what you see there…that’s IT. That’s the place. It’s sooooo tiny I don’t know how they fit anyone in there!

We drove around some more and didn’t see a single sign for Yale University. I made hubby take TWO passes around until I realized something strange; Yale doesn’t have a ‘campus’ it IS PART of the CITY. It’s like the city grew around it or something. I didn’t realize we were IN Yale until I passed by two houses that had Greek letters on them and I thought; WTF?

Someone chuckled in my head and said; Greeks…you know…


Those are Frat Houses but they didn’t look nothing like “Animal House” or “Revenge of the Nerds”. Nope. They were cool little old stone houses. I didn’t get pictures because I realized what they were too late. Well, I realized when I saw the really cute guys sitting on a balcony under Alpha Delta and Omega (I think). Oh, they were tasty too.🙂

(All the pictures you’re about to see, which aren’t many, were taken at about 25-30mph!)





One day we will go back and pay to park and walk around. They have some of the longest coolest old buildings I’ve ever seen and I want to photograph them. There was HUGE Gothic church that I REALLY want to take my time and photograph one it was just…wicked awesome. Yeah, the New England came out in me today for some reason. I dunno.

As we passed some of the buildings by hubby turned to me and said; “Can you smell the smug yet?”

I said; “Nope, but I can smell the money.” It was hard to miss all of the Abercrombie and Fitch clothing walking by on, what I think were ‘Art’ students…not to mention their parents in the LL Beans with their Gucci bags. Must be Homecoming or Parent’s Week or something like that at Yale this weekend.

We drove around a little more. I never thought I would find anything much ‘pretty’ about a big city…not even NYC when I finally get there…but New Haven is very charming. The architecture is amazing even the ‘street art’ was cool. I would love to own one of the Brownstones and live there and walk around and explore of all the neat multicultural offerings. Strange, huh?

Wanna know something stranger? I found this really weird. There wasn’t a single franchise in the place. No McDonald’s, Burger King, Dunkin’ Donuts, Chili’s, Stop & Shop…there was one StarSchmucks right next to Yale but what do you expect? Yet on EVERY street we wandered down there was something tasty. Something that really smelled really good even if we didn’t know what it was. They were ALL family owned restaurants and markets and stores and they were everywhere. Kinda cool when you stop and think about it.

We will go back one day, hopefully soon. But tonight….


Pepperoni pizza from Pepe’s and maybe a “Harry Potter” marathon.

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