Sliding Back into the Groove

Today was Crunch Day. There was no two ways about it. I’d put off those guest blogs and spots too long. So today we let nothing stand in our way and we actually did 4 of them! We’re done! Up until the appearance on Literal Addiction–for which I haven’t yet received the interview–we are done! Woot!

I settled on “Top 5’s” for the Bewitching Blog Tour. So we have:
Top 5 Reasons to Fall in Love with Ares According to Ares
Top 5 Reasons to Fall in Love with Alena According to Alena
Top 5 Villains in the OF WAR Series
Top 5 Characters in the OF WAR Series Introduce Themselves
Top 5 Reasons to Read the OF WAR Series

They’re short. Sweet. Right to the point. No futzing around.

I also managed to do a Character Interview for my spot on Kristina’s Books & More on October 4th…my birthday. I interviewed Ares in his current state, short, not sweet, right to the point😉 I gave her a whole bunch of never-before-seen excerpts from each book. So that should be good to celebrate my 47th birthday. Yes, I have a little bit of something up my sleeve for the day, just a little something.

I haven’t heard a damn thing from Coffee Beans and Love Scenes Promotions. I sent them an email today. That Blog Tour is supposed to kick off October 7th and I’m not even mentioned on their site. I can’t even find an acknowledgement of receipt for all of the stuff she requested and I sent to her on July 28th.

Hummmmm…… this is not inspiring confidence.

I told her that I hadn’t heard from her. If wanted/needed anything from me to please let me know quickly.

Other than that I have to assume every stop is going to be the same; a straight promo piece. I don’t even know where they’re going to be if they’re going to be anywhere. Kind of annoying. I’m hoping to be a ‘coming attraction’ on her site by October 1st at the latest.

All right now I’m going to settle back and take my first peek at what FAB has sent me with her edit on “Kingdoms of War”. If we take it nice and slow, don’t push, don’t expect too much, now that basically ALL of the promo stuff is over and done with, maybe we can slide back into this and go forward with better footing.

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