Starting with Good News

Yeah, let’s start with Good News and we’ll get to the craptastic stuff in another post.😛

First Up…MY BIRTHDAY! It’s Friday and I’ll be 47. Geez. I’m the first to say, while years upon years ago, a gypsy fortune-teller said I would live far into my 90s, I never thought I’d make it this far! LOL She also said I’d ‘travel over water’ and ‘be a social worker’. Everybody ‘travels over water’ at some point in their lives and I ain’t no social worker so…..

I was lucky enough to receive a few early birthday presents. Miss Nicole bought me this beautiful unicorn and faery


I have moved it from the mantle to my office where it is currently sitting beside me on my desk.🙂

My friend FAB sent me this lovely bracelet



Yeah, baby, you know Who that Wolf is for! You should have heard me squeal in the kitchen when I opened it! LOL Miss Rebecca came running in wanting to know what was wrong. LOL

Funny thing is; both of them seemed afraid I would think that their gifts were ‘cheesy’. Hummmm. I know I’m a bitch but am I THAT much of a bitch? I NEVER think ANYONE’S gift is ‘cheesy’. I’m always very flattered that someone got me something. I don’t care what it is. Well, ok, I’m not interested in a flaming bag of poop or something like that but….other than that the field is pretty wide open. I have always been a big believer in “It’s the Thought that Counts”. These two NAILED it! So thank you ladies…I ADORE my gifts!!! In fact, I’ve only taken off the bracelet for showering and sleeping.😉

Second, since my birthday is Friday…I opened up a giveaway on GoodReads. There are 3 paperbacks of “The Heart of War” up for grabs starting October 4th and running through November 4th. Not signed. Sorry. I’ll post the link here when it goes live. I also started an ad on GoodReads for “Heart”. I gave a $40.00 limit and figured I’d see how it goes. It’s better than doing it on Facebook or Google because the entire audience is ‘targeted’ to read books on GoodReads anyway. So maybe I’ll get something off of that. Maybe I won’t. Anyway you slice it this WHOLE thing comes to an END on November 4th. Yes, I know “Kingdoms” won’t be out anywhere around that time. I’m not planning on doing too much when it releases. I’m just going to go back to a few of my favorite review/blog sites and see if I can get some time, maybe do an ad on GoodReads and some place else but that will be it. I do not plan to giveaway any copies except to friends. Sorry folks, you’re going to have to buy at least one book. Speaking of, it’ll be hard covers and paperbacks hopefully in late March with ebooks near the end of June. I know ebooks are popular. I know everybody loves them but once a book hits ebook format there’s no stopping the pirates anymore. I can’t keep up with them any longer. If I had just one thin dime for every pirated download I’d be drivin’ a brand new Caddy. Most of those sites are run by rude people who know they’re screwing authors out of money and don’t give a damn. Pffffft.

After that, I’m taking the summer off. I have no idea what’s up next but I doubt we’ve seen the last of our crew just the end of this particular storyline. So we’ll see what happens.

Last but not least, October 4, 5, and 6 the “Heart of War”/”Child of War-A God is Born” combo pack will be FREE on Kindle. I’ll pop it free for October 30 and 31st to end the promo on my favorite holiday.

If you follow my Facebook Fan Page I’m sure we’ll be having some e-book giveaways over there on Friday probably mostly in the afternoon but I’ll try to sneak a few in during the day too. Planning on a few sneak peeks for “Kingdoms” too. There might even be a t-shirt or a coffee mug or something up for grabs. I’ll be on Kristina’s Books and More with a new Ares Interview and several never-before-seen excerpts from the books in the series. I’ll also be on Reading in Twilight with a new guest post the Top 5 Reasons to Read the OF WAR Series.

Right now you can catch me on:
Reading Between the Wines Bookclub with the Top 5 Reasons to Fall in Love with Ares–According to Ares.
Cloey’s Book Reviews with the Top 5 Reasons to Fall in Love with Alena–According to Alena
Pembroke Sinclair with a brand new interview.

Tomorrow (Oct. 3) you can catch me on Curling Up with a Good Book when The Top 5 Characters in the OF WAR Series Introduce Themselves.

That’s about it for Good News. I’m gonna crack a beer while I get my thoughts together on


And on

Something tells me you nice folks sympathizing with the SUV driver aren’t gonna like my opinion on that one.

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  1. love the wolf slave bracelet. where did she get it.

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