In VERY Small Doses

Let’s see…..



Bitterly disappointing. It’s so NOT what I was momentarily giddy over when I first heard “Shots Fired on Capitol Hill”. Total bummer. Then to have the rest of the story unravel…Major Bummer. WTF?

This guy in the Land Rover
Is an ASSHOLE! I have NO idea why so many people are defending this chickenshit. None. I watched the tape again and again the whole the damn thing is HIS fault. He should be arrested at the very least and charged (at the very least) with Leaving the Scene of an Accident. Dipshit.

These people


Still SUCK!


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  1. Agree w/top, disagree w/bottom instance. I think if you or I were in their predicament we would have done everything to escape the 9 block hellride especially with a baby in the auto except I would have kept driving as I instructed the other half to call police until they too were tailing me.
    . Most bikers aren’t like this and sad to see it happen.

    • No, I’m intelligent. 1-I wouldn’t drive my Land Rover into the center of a pack of bikers 2-If I did find myself in the center of a pack of bikers, I’d drop back and let them pass 3-If I hit one of them I would stop 4-If one walks up to a bee’s nest with a baseball bat one shouldn’t be surprised when one gets stung a few hundred times

      All the Best, Lisa

  2. If you could do that I’m sure he probably did… can’t really tell speed etc

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