Getting Old(er)

I got a nice surprise for my birthday yesterday. Miss Nicole and her hubby Nate came over and gave me a Wii Fit! I have wanted, asked, begged, pleaded for one of these things since they came out several years ago. Needless to say, I was very happy to receive it.🙂 Thanks Nikki & Nate!

They left. We had dinner. I made tacos, the customary Birthday Dinner in this house and a little later decided to go up for a bath. Hubby asked if I wanted the Wii Fit in the living room or the bedroom. I asked him to put it in the bedroom because I don’t want people walking past the living room window to see me acting like a fool with this thing. He put it up in the bedroom. Booted it up. Then left. I futzed with it and got to the part where it was time to turn on the Fit Board…I turned it on.


I took the batteries out. I put them back in. Little blue light came on but no connection to the main unit. I pushed the little red button next to the batteries. The light blinked, it laughed at me, then…nada. I held it up to the unit and pushed the power button. Nothing. I put it back on the floor, took out the batteries, put them back in, went through the whole set up again. Nothing. I tried several times before deciding there was something wrong with the communication between the board and unit. I put it away for the night and took my bath. Hubby came up, asked how it went, I told him it didn’t. He said; “Did you sync it?” I said; “I pushed the button.” He shook his head, sighed, looked at me kindly, and then went into the bedroom. By the time I finished my bath he had it working.


I went through the whole set up again; time, height, age. I had trouble with the controller until hubby took pity on me and said; “Pooh-bah, point it at the board.” “What?” Said I still pointing the controller at the unit. “It doesn’t work that way,” said he, “the sensors are in the board, the stick under the TV, point it at that.” “Oh,” said I wondering who came up with this stuff. Then I pointed the controller at the stick and it worked much better but I still had trouble. It doesn’t work like a joystick (did I just say ‘joystick’? Does any remember ‘joysticks’???). The stupid thing worked just the opposite; raise the controller up and the pointer goes up, lower the controller and the pointer goes down. That will take some getting used to after all those years of game play. As my hubby pointed out; My ‘Y Axis’ has always been a little off anyway.😉

Then it was time to turn the board on. It worked. Woot! I stood on it. It weighed me. 146 pounds! I nearly died right there. Then it said in nice big red letters for all to see; Overweight. I nearly cried. BUT I wasn’t too damn far outside of the BMI percentage thing. I guess that was good.

It gave me a posture test and told me I lean to the right. I thought; No, I lean to the left. I know that because my left hip hurts all of the time and because my left leg is slightly shorter than my right leg so it gets all the weight. I thought that was an odd reading. But I went forward to the Balance Test. I thought I’d ace that, I may be old but I have a great sense of balance. No matter how I tried I couldn’t get the stupid little lines to line up. When they finally did for a second or two letting me know I was ‘perfectly balanced’ I knew it couldn’t be right because I was cock-eyed!


I thought this is going to be a lot harder to use than I thought! BUT it has balance training, strength training, aerobic training and even yoga training so I want to at least TRY. Besides it was a GIFT it would be damn rude of me to just shove it under the bed. Soaking wet and totally naked, I got on the board and went through the whole thing to find out that I am; Overweight, have bad posture, a terrible sense of balance and my actual Wii Fit age is 69!!! WTF???

I told it I wanted to lose 5 pounds in a month and then I put the Wii Fit away. Deep in the throes of depression I reached for a special brownie and munched on it soundly with my brow furrowed. I know I’m old and a LITTLE overweight but that was ego crushing. 69????

I posted on my Facebook page about my experience. Nikki posted back; You have the board backwards.


Oh cripe! REALLY? What morons puts the power button/flashing light in the BACK? But it was a good thing she said that because my old addled brain never would have come up with that. I would have either kept struggling to use it ‘backwards’ wondering what the hell I was doing wrong or just given up. LOL

I’ll try again tonight. Hopefully I’ll have better luck now.

Before that, the day stretches ahead. I finished going through the edits/suggestions FAB sent for “Kingdoms of War” and I think we’re actually ready to go forward. The Big Guy is talking up a blue streak again and he’s got some great idears. I even slept like a rock last night…two nights in a row…dead to the world and DREAMING. I never dream anymore. It was so nice! Good stuff! Then again, a few handfuls of special brownies before bed can really work wonders.


Mushy-Mushy! LOL

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